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Hairstyle Pixie Cut – Styling tips for the elegant short haircut

The Pixie Cut is a classic and is once again one of the absolute trend hairstyles in 2021. And rightly so, because the trendy haircut is not only feminine and elegant, but also very easy to style. Tikbow reveals who the trend hairstyle suits and how it is best cared for.

What is a Pixie Cut?

Fresh, modern, versatile – the Pixie Cut has been one of the most popular short hairstyles for decades and makes a real statement. In the past, short hair was considered a sign of self-confidence and strength among women. Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy made the pixie popular in the 1950s, and it is still copied millions of times today. The reason? The Pixie Cut is not only a bold look that requires a certain self-confidence on the part of the wearer, but also looks feminine and elegant – not for nothing does "pixie" mean as much as elf in English. So the look is not only a confident statement, but at the same time emphasizes the delicate, feminine features of the wearer.

Michelle Williams with Pixie Cut
Actress Michelle Williams goes for a pixie cut with a longer top coat.Photo: Getty Images

The sides and the nape of the neck are characteristically cut very short and compact, while the top hair can be longer. The nape of the neck is either shaved out or stepped, depending on whether you prefer a soft or a hard transition. The top coat can also be kept longer or shorter, depending on taste. Those who like it more sweet, wear the strands longer, so that they fall easily into the face, who is on an edgy look, let the hair cut shorter, this goes then already in the direction of undercut. The Pixie can also be combined wonderfully with bangs – so the hairstyle is a real all-rounder!

Who does the Pixie Cut suit?

Due to its styling versatility, the Pixie Cut is suitable for almost all face shapes and hair structures. Especially women with thin or straight hair benefit from the cut – the hair looks fresh and full, in addition, step cuts or bangs can individually emphasize the facial features. Thin hair has another advantage with the Pixie Cut: The hairstyle does not need to be trimmed as often as thick hair. But the cut is also suitable for thicker hair, where the hair structure can be refined and the hair can be thinned out a bit.

Zendaya with long Pixie Cut
With her narrow, striking face Zendaya has the perfect prerequisites for the Pixie Cut – but other face shapes are also suitable for the trend hairstyle.Photo: Getty Images

The trend hairstyle looks best on women with narrow, prominent facial features, which are emphasized by the short cut. However, depending on the length and graduation, the look can also perfectly accentuate oval or heart-shaped faces. Only women with a very round face should play it safe and go for a layered bob instead of a pixie. It’s best to discuss the details with a professional, who is guaranteed to know where the advantages lie and how they should be emphasized.

How is the hairstyle maintained?

It is a fallacy that short hair needs less care. Rather the opposite is true, because a pixie cut should be recut for the ideal length every three to four weeks. So if you consider yourself a hairdresser’s lazy type, this trendy hairstyle is not a good idea. There is also a lot to consider when choosing a shampoo. Ideally, you should choose a product with natural ingredients that are gentle on the scalp and do not dry it out.

As with other hairstyles, washing out is followed by intensive care, because a Pixie Cut also requires proper top care with a treatment, conditioner or conditioner. After washing, the hair is then dabbed semi-dry with a towel, brushed into shape, and blow-dried. Advantage: The whole process takes a maximum of five minutes and is therefore much faster than with long hair. The Pixie Cut is therefore high-maintenance in terms of hairdresser visits, but you can save a few minutes in everyday life.

Styling tips for the Pixie Cut

When it comes to styling, the Pixie Cut is one thing above all: uncomplicated. If you want an elegant look that’s easy to style, you’re well advised to go for the hairstyle classic. After washing, simply add some styling product to the hair and the look is finished! Hairspray is less recommended for this, as it gums up the short hair and takes away volume. Better is salt water spray, which gives structure to the hair and immediately enhances the simple look. Also matte paste, which is worked into the tips, provides für a great out-of-bed look. If you want to style your pixie a little more extravagantly, you can accentuate the look with a curling iron or curling iron, or wear your hair in the trendy sleek style.

Important: Brush the hair extensively in the evening to remove all styling products as much as possible. Otherwise, the hair can break off or dry out overnight. To protect the scalp, a natural wood brush with rounded nubs is particularly suitable.

Let the Pixie Cut grow out

Tired of the Pixie Cut? Then the Little Bob is a wonderful transitional hairstyle: The already longer top hair can simply be allowed to grow further, the short neck and side sections can then grow back in peace. Nevertheless, in the transitional period, you should not completely forgo a visit to the hairdresser – it is better to have a few centimeters trimmed regularly so that the cut is not completely lost. The expert will then make sure that the transitional hairstyle also looks neat and tidy.