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Hairstyle for narrow face and big nose: what hair length and haircuts can conceal them?

The right hairstyle can flatter the face and conceal unflattering facial features. But finding the right haircut can prove to be quite a challenge. In today’s post, we take a closer look at hairstyles for a narrow face and big nose, and explain which haircuts look particularly good.

Long bob hairstyle for narrow face and big nose

waves and curls hairstyles for long face

Not only makeup can conceal certain facial features. A matching hairstyle can also work wonders. For example, the classic trick for narrow face is to cut a long fringe and form big waves. Medium-length haircuts are especially ideal for this purpose: the lob (long bob), which reaches straight to the shoulders, is perfect. Waves also achieve an optical illusion and draw attention to the cheekbones and mouth.

short bob with bangs for long face

Fringed, slightly stepped cuts are ideal for drawing attention away from the center of the face (nose and cheeks). A long fringe falling on the eyebrows can achieve similar effect and make the face look wider.

Short fringed hairstyles for long face and big nose.

Shag hairstyles for small face styling

Fringed step cuts can also flatter the face. The short hairstyles that look especially good are shorter in the front and in the back – longer. Thus, the face visually looks wider and the nose looks smaller. As for the hair color, you should choose highlights or highlights. Different shades of color give the hairstyle more fullness and depth, which is especially advantageous for a narrow face. The short hairstyle looks relaxed, casual and charming.

Fringed step cuts for a long face

Hairstyles for narrow face big nose fringed chin length step cuts

With or without bangs – this question is left to personal taste. Actually, the fringed, stepped highlights draw the eye, so the bangs in this case play a secondary role. With chin-length hair, it should also be shorter than usual and not cover the eyebrows. Properly styled with salt spray, the highlights in front will hug the face and emphasize the eyes.

Stepped cuts for short hair that conceal a big nose.

Pixie cut steps long face big nose

However, you can let individual highlights fall over the forehead, so that this area is concealed. Thus, the face is visually shortened and spread. This hairstyle is perfect for fine hair, because it conjures up more volume and at the same time emphasizes the center of the face for more fullness.

Hairstyle for narrow face: Wolf Cut for long hair

Wolf Cut for long face and hide big nose

A wolf cut is ideal for spreading a narrow face and concealing a big nose. The bangs visually take away several inches of the forehead and the waves loosen up the facial features. If they start at eye level, then the gaze automatically falls on the eyes. To make the hairstyle look even more voluminous, you can additionally toupee the hairline. Otherwise, the styling is very simple.

Shoulder-length hairstyles with side parting and curtain bangs

Hairstyles for narrow face big nose medium length bob

You do not necessarily have to have waves and curls to visually spread your narrow face and conceal the nose.  Even straight shoulder-length hair can achieve a similar effect with the right cut and styling. The lob that comes with the shoulder line quickly conjures up more fullness. Side parting also looks advantageous.

Hairstyles long face and big nose from 50

By the way, a lob looks good even without bangs, if the highlights are graduated in the front. If the first step sits at the level of the cheekbones, they are subtly emphasized and the face looks wider. Additional volume in the hairline gives the hairstyle more structure and depth.

Hairstyles for women with glasses

hairstyles with glasses for big nose choose

By the way, shoulder-length straight hair is best suited for gray blending. The attractive hair color automatically attracts attention and distracts from the nose. This is especially important if you wear glasses. Because glasses bring out the nose and the middle part of the face better. So if you can wear contact lenses, you should avoid glasses. Otherwise, you should go for inconspicuous, thin frames.

Hairstyle for narrow face and thin hair

With thin hair, creativity is required. It is best to opt for a medium-length haircut with subtle waves that start at the level of the nose or mouth. The curls give the hairstyle a playful look, the hair looks simply magical. It can be styled and varied in any way. With or without bangs, with curtain bangs or side parting – you can choose what you like most.

Haircuts for long face and big nose: this is what you should consider when styling!

long face and big nose conceal useful tips

Whether you’ve chosen a short haircut, medium length or long hair, there are a few things you should keep in mind when styling. Too much volume in the hairline can make your face look even longer.  Too many steps can have a similar effect.