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Hairstyle for dress with a strap – 25 ideas and examples

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -seitlicher-pferdeschwanz-haarschmuck-abiball

If you are going to wear a dress with a strap for a special occasion like a wedding or prom, then you also need a matching hairstyle to complete your outfit beautifully. Open hair can hide the richly adorned strap, so it would be better if you choose a hairstyle that can emphasize this detail and bring it to the forefront. Check out the great ideas in our image gallery and pick the perfect hairstyle for dress with one strap!

Hairstyle for dress with one strap – side ponytail or braid.

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger messy-seitlicher-pferdeschwanz-kleider-zopf

A side ponytail does look classic, sophisticated and elegant and is very easy to style. If you are blessed with really nice, thick hair, then a slicked ponytail would be perfect for you. If your hair is thinner, then the good curling iron comes into play to give it more shape and volume. Tie your hair into a low ponytail and drape it over the free shoulder side.

Hairstyle for dress with one strap – Messy chignon

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -tiefer-dutt-flechtfrisur-Blake-Lively

Messy chignon is a simple updo that can be restyled in a few minutes, although it seems to be very complicated. Tie your hair into a low ponytail. Then twirl it in with a twisting motion, wrap it around the hair tie and pin it directly to the ansaty with bobby pins. The trick with messy chignon: oneyelne strands are carefully pulled out of the chignon.

Hairstyle for dress with one strap – side pinned curls.

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger seitlich-gesteckte-gelockte-haare

Do you prefer to wear your hair loose, you can consider this variant: side pinned curls. This hairstyle would complement your dress without covering the strap. Use a curling iron to curl the hair. Then put the big curls on the side.

Hair bun and messy bun

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -abiball-hochsteckfrisur-haartolle-messy-dutt-volumen

Faux hawk hairstyle with side braids

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -rita-ora-faux-hawk-seitenzoepfe-zuhair-murad-couture

Side braid with tousled top part

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -zopf-seitlich-getragen-mohawk-toupierter-oberkopf

Side pinned hair with braided tops

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger seitlich-gesteckt-flechtfrisur-locken

side pinned hair


also suitable for medium length hair