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Haircut in U-shape for fall 2022: The ultra-modern U-Shape Cut is the secret for more volume!

The U-shaped haircut isn’t exactly new and has been making the rounds for some time now. But in recent months, it’s become all the rage on social media as several TikTok users showed off their new, fuller-looking hairstyle. Hairstylists confirm that this subtle shaping technique is an easy way to make hair look instantly thicker and is a popular hairstyle. Thick hair, like glowing skin, is at the top of many people’s wish list, which is why the U-shaped haircut is on the rise again. It suits many hair types and is extremely versatile. Here’s everything you need to know about the U haircut – including what it is and what to look out for at the hairdresser.

Hairstyle trend for fall 2022: what is the U-shaped haircut?

Hairstyle trend for fall 2022 - What is the haircut in U-shape?

The U-shaped haircut is just that – a layered hairstyle that creates a soft U-shape from the back. The hair has been stepped to relieve pressure on the sides and the base line of the hair. The result is a flattering, curved shape that is full of movement and fullness. If you want a fuller finish, the U-shaped haircut may be just what you need.

What hair types and hair lengths are suitable for the U-shape cut?

Which hair types and hair length are suitable for the U-Shape Cut?

You can use this technique on all hair types and textures. If you have thick hair, you can use many layers from the middle to the tips to reduce weight and increase bounce. This hairstyle is great for fine hair, as the haircut with longer layers provides more movement and thickness.

As for length, the U-shape works well with both long and short hair. With long hair, this shape softens over the shoulders and curves inward at the collarbone. Shorter hair also looks great with a round outline.

Get your hair cut in a U-shape

Haircut in U-shape cut

Feeling inspired? When you go to the hairdresser to ask for this haircut, mention that you want to keep the length and add a slight facial framing – just enough to add fullness and take away some of the heaviness. Also, when you go to your stylist, bring a couple of pictures of the U-cut you want to get to show them. Good pictures are the surest way to get the exact shape you want.

Once you have a U-shape cut, it’s pretty easy to maintain. Your hair should maintain the shape as it grows out, but regular trims will keep the look fresh.

Styling a U-Shape Cut the Right Way

How to style a U-Shape Cut correctly

The great thing about this haircut (besides the instant volume) is that it’s extremely low maintenance. Unstyled, natural hair may not look quite as lush as a fresh blow-out, but the layers and shape will keep your hair looking full. Because of the separated layers, this hairstyle automatically gives bounce when air-dried or blow-dried.

U-shape hairstyle for medium length hair - current hairstyle trends

When styling a U-cut at home, use a round brush and a blow dryer and make sure you pay attention to the angles framing the face at the front for a full look. Use a round brush to create extra volume and some mousse to give the hair hold so it lasts longer.

Modern U-shape cuts for long and short hair.

Modern U-Shape Cuts for long and short hair

We find these variants of the hairstyle super cool and trendy.

Disheveled haircut in U-shape – trend hairstyles 2022.

Disheveled haircut in U-shape - trend hairstyles 2022

Hairstylists agree that this haircut goes best with naturally moving and wavy hair. If your hair is naturally straight, create waves with your best hair straightener by twisting it in the hair length.

Haircut in U-shape for long hair

Haircut in U-shape for long hair

Show off your length in this longer version of a U-shape cut. If you like a U-shaped hairstyle, you should definitely opt for this haircut. It consists of finely cut layers that not only look great, but are also easy to maintain. The hair on the back takes a U shape, along with the hair length that is very long. This haircut perfectly suits women with thin hair.

U-shape cut for curly hair

U-shape cut for curly hair

The long layers relieve the pressure on the ends and bring out the natural texture and movement of the hair. For a looser, fuller finish, run a coarse-tooth comb through your hair.

U-shaped haircut for fine hair

U-shape haircut for fine hair

The U-shaped haircut is a great way to make fine hair appear thicker. To show off the gradation and layers (which add a lot of volume to this look), ask your stylist for superfine highlights or balayage smudges.

U-shape hairstyle for medium length hair

U-cut for medium length hair - hairstyle trends 2022

The U-shape cut is not only reserved for long hair, but also works very well with short hair and medium length hairstyles. If your hair is naturally thick, ask your stylist for many U-shaped layers from the mid-lengths to the tips to reduce the weight.

U-shaped shag cut

U Shape Shag Cut

If you change your hairstyle and opt for a shag cut , ask your hairstylist to create a U-shape. The softer shape adds movement to the hair and goes well with short, shaggy layers.