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Haircut 2022: The new hairstyle trends for younger and older ladies you should try this year!

A new and modern haircut is the perfect change and it can significantly upgrade your look. Keeping up with the different hair trends can be a challenge, and choosing the right hairstyle can be difficult. We’ve rounded up the most popular hairstyles for women of all ages, so you can spruce up your mane. Find out which is the right haircut for you in 2022 below!

Trendy haircut 2022: short hairstyles

Sassy pixie cut is a must in 2022

Sassy Pixie Cut is a must have in 2022

The Pixie haircut, which is very short and tapered with the sides and nape neatly trimmed, is a great choice for 2022, creating an extremely modern and stylish look that suits all hair types, whether straight, wavy, curly or frizzy.

Cheeky haircut 2022 - Pixie Cut is in vogue

Many celebrities have opted for a pixie cut, which shows off their best facial features and lightly frames the forehead.

Hairstyles for older woman with and without glasses - Pixie Cut 2022

A neat, long pixie accompanied by side swept bangs is nothing but the best compliment to oval face shapes.

Short French Bob Cut is on trend

Short Bob Cut is in trend - hairstyles 2022

The short French bob is a modern and relaxed version of the bob haircut. This is the perfect short haircut 2022 for women who love sophistication and elegance. The short bob is a short hairstyle cut at the nape of the neck with longer sides and the hair is slightly lower than the ear.

Short French Bob Cut is in trend - sassy hairstyles 2022

Ladies can wear the sassy hairstyle with or without bangs.

Extravagant Bowl Cut

Extravagant Bowl Cut as one of the newest hairstyles

Bowl cut is characterized by the fact that it has straight strands from the bangs to the nape of the neck. The versatility of short hair and its nuances bring out different models that give people even more style and a unique look. Choose your peppy haircut and have fun with a new look.

Modern haircut 2022 for ladies with medium length hair

Textured layers

Medium length haircut with layers for fine hair

You can add a lot more texture to fine, natural hair with layers, layers and more layers – if you focus on the middle of the hair to the tips, you won’t lose too much volume.

Long Bob Cut – Praise

Long bob hairstyles - try hairstyle trends 2022

There’s a reason why fashion editors around the world love the long bob – also known as the lob. It’s super sophisticated, chic, easy to maintain and flatters any face shape because the haircut ends a few inches below the chin. Unlike a bob, there’s no risk of making your face look wide or angular.

Lob Cut - current haircuts 2022 for younger and older women at any age.

The trendiest way to style a bob is with a center parting and a little more volume at the roots. Keep your hair smooth and straight – this look is meant to be chic, but understated.

Haircut 2022: try the latest A-Line Cut.

A-Line Cut for women of any age - new trends

With an A-line haircut, the hair is short at the back and it gradually gets longer towards the front. This creates an interesting shape that makes the hair look full of movement. It is a very stylish and upbeat hairstyle for women of all ages that fits most face shapes and is incredibly flattering. It also suits all hair types, but with straight hair the angles of the haircut are more visible, while with curly hair it looks softer and smoother. The most popular way to wear the A-Line Cut is a bob or lob haircut, but you can leave the hair longer in the front for a fashionable and modern approach.

Latest long hairstyles 2022

Haircut 2022: long hair with bangs.

Haircut 2022 for younger and older women - long hair with bangs

Long hair looks fantastic when combined with bangs. The contrast gives you the face-framing effect of short hair, while keeping the rest of your mane intact. Bangs are an easy way to change up your look, and there are endless options to flatter your facial features. A soft, center-parted fringe – also called a “curtain fringe” – works wonderfully with thick, wavy hair. Stringy or chunky bangs, on the other hand, are great if you have fine hair. If you’re feeling brave, you can experiment with a blunt or choppy fringe.

The shag is making a comeback

The Shag Cut makes a comeback - Hairstyles 2022

The retro rock ‘n’ roll style of the 70s is back in style this year. The iconic haircut of that decade was the shag. For a modern look, wear this style with long hair instead of the classic short or medium length hair. To make it fit your face shape, have your stylist cut a fringe. A long, side-cut fringe balances out the volume of the rest of your haircut and draws the eye diagonally downward, making it perfect for angular faces.

The modern Shag Cut - new hairstyle trends

Add subtle highlights and highlights to complement the natural movement in the long shag cut.

Long, straight hair

Latest hairstyles - long straight hair

The ultimate easy hairstyle is long, straight hair. Frizzy hair and split ends have no place here, otherwise this hairstyle will quickly look messy and unkempt. Long hair can be very dense. Therefore, use a product that strengthens the hair roots so that your hair does not look weighed down and too flat. Ask your stylist to add subtle highlights as well, so your hair doesn’t look like one block of color. A great advantage of long, straight hair is that it’s the perfect canvas for your makeup, as it won’t distract from your face.