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Hair off! Chrissy Teigen shows off with new hairstyle

Celebrities often change haircuts and colors on a weekly basis. Chrissy Teigen is no exception and now presented herself on Instagram in a new look, which is so very different from her almost waist-length beachwaves.

In a short clip the model showed herself a few days ago with a straight short bob. "Because it has looked so süß with Kourtney Kardashian", she writes to it. The reality star presented herself just a few days before Chrissy Teigen also with a new hairstyle. While Kardashian, however, opted for a wavy long bob, Teigen relies on the shorter variant. A fake, as she now admitted.

"It feels so good to finally own up to it", Teigen wrote on another Instagram post. Hairstylist Irinel de León conjured up her a wavy bob parted to the side.

Here’s how to style Chrissy Teigen’s hairstyle.

Über four million views collected Chrissy Teigens with her hairstyle post within a few days. Her short bob is blunt and cut horizontally in one line, reaching just above the chin. The effect? The cut visually shortens the face shape by the straight edge and the renunciation of steps, makes it softer and gives even fine hair more fullness and volume.

The styling is low-effort. The wavy look can be achieved either by using hair mousse, which is massaged into towel-dried hair, or by styling waves with a hair iron or curling iron. Hairspray to fix, done.