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Hair Frosting is the coolest hairstyle trend 2022 that everyone is obsessed with! What’s it all about?

Bob for gray hair, tinsel hair, bangs hairstyles etc. – in terms of hairstyling this year is guaranteed not to be boring! Although it’s only February, we can already look forward to lots of exciting trends that we would love to try out right away. And with spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to add a new and refreshing touch to our look. The best possible way to achieve this, if we’re happy with our haircut? With a new hair color or some highlights of course! Okay, we’ve all heard of balayage and ombrè. But have you heard of hair frosting? If not, then you’ve already missed out! The hairstyle trend has already conquered the hearts of all fashionistas and it is impossible to imagine our heads without it. What exactly is behind it, we reveal to you in the following article!

What exactly is Hair Frosting?

what is Hair Frosting hairstyle trend hairstyles spring 2022

Balayage is old news and Hair Frosting is the latest 2022 hairstyle trend you should know about. The cool look was coined by Stuart Marsch, award-winning color director at "Taylor Taylor London". The vibrant coloring technique involves coloring individual strands of hair a cool shade of blonde, while leaving the rest of the darker hair untouched. This creates an incredibly chic contrast that gives our mane a vibrant and refreshing touch.

Hailey Bieber Hairstyles Hair Frosting Hairstyle Trend 2022

Hair Frosting as a trend hairstyle reminds us a little of Salt and Pepper Hair, which already caused plenty of furor in the fashion world last year. The icy tone of the cool highlights immediately catches the eye and the contrast is a real eye-catcher. Similar to the frost that settles on the trees during the cold winter months, the different nuances in Hair Frosting blend together in a unique way – hence the name.

Hair Color Trends Spring 2022 Hair Frosting Balayage Difference

Since Hair Frosting only colors individual strands, the overall hair color looks much softer and more natural. The color contrast also provides an extra portion of volume and makes our mane appear visually fuller and thicker.

Hair Frosting what is it Hailey Bieber Hairstyles 2022

No wonder, then, that several stars have already fallen for the trend. For example, Hailey Bieber’s latest hairstyle is a perfect example of how cool and chic Hair Frosting looks. Pop diva Jennifer Lopez as well as actress Halle Berry have also freshened up your hair to match the start of spring and brought it to life.

What is the difference between Hair Frosting and Balayage?

Bangs hairstyles thin hair Hair Frosting hairstyle trend 2022

Balayage is undoubtedly the biggest hairstyle trend of the last decade and each of us has tried the vibrant look at least once. Balayage means "sweep" and it involves using a brush to "sweep" different hair colors into the hair. With balayage, you can set great accents not only with blond, but also with nuances such as red or brown.

Hair Frosting what is that Hair Color Trends Spring 2022

Instead of the warmer tones that are used in balayage, hair frosting relies more on cooler blonde tones to achieve a stronger contrast. The colored highlights blend in gently with our natural hair color and this creates a really soft, multi-dimensional look.

Who can wear the hairstyle trend?

Jennifer Lopez hairstyles 2022 Hair Frosting hairstyle trend 2022

And here comes the good news! Hair Frosting is super versatile and works perfectly with all textures and hair colors. To achieve the most natural look, just make sure that the lighter shade combines well with the base shade, but still stands out from it.

dark hair with blonde strands Hair Frosting Balayage Difference

If you are a brunette, you might want to bleach the highlights first and lighten them a bit. In this case, it is important to moisturize your hair abundantly for the first few weeks after your haircut.

Hair Frosting Balayage Difference Hair Color Trends 2022

Whether in an elegant sleek look or rather more casual with light waves – Hair Frosting as a hairstyle trend just always looks beautiful and literally makes our mane shine. So, the look is perfect for those who want a change without having to take a big step for it.

Hair Frosting Hairstyle Trend 2022 Hair Colors Trends Spring 22