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Hair Contouring is the inconspicuous but effective face shaping trend that will dominate in 2022

If you follow the thousands of trends that pop up on social media, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #haircontour. With more than half a million mentions on Instagram, hair contouring is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason.

Instead of just using a few contrasting colors, contouring plays with shadow and light to highlight certain facial features. To find out if this look is right for you, here’s everything you need to know about arguably the biggest trend of 2022.

What is Hair Contouring?

How to maintain the hair contouring

Hair Contouring is a facial shaping technique that has taken 2022 by storm and will be the talk of the town for a long time to come. It is inspired by the already well-known makeup contouring. The goal is to highlight certain facial features using light and shadow effects in the hair.

It is not a radical change of color, but a very precise technique that subtly creates an elegant change through balayage. The colorist creates an optical illusion by visually changing the shape and proportions of the face. He applies the colors strand by strand, with the contrast between light and shadow determining the hues.

Hair contouring is the face shaping trend in 2022

As with other hairdressing treatments, hair color is a determining factor in the selection of complementary tones. Typically, most contouring is a shade or two lighter than your current hair color, but darker colors are often used as well. Your stylist will also take into account your skin tone and eye color to find the right shades to highlight your facial features. It also depends on what style you are looking for – corporate, business, high fashion, casual.

The shape of the face is crucial in hair contouring.

Hair contouring is inspired by makeup contouring

Hair contouring usually mimics the effect of balayage with even more softness and movement. The key is to place the color strategically to draw attention to the details, with the main details being the cheekbones, eyes and lips. One of the most important factors to consider is the shape of the face.

Square face: with this type of face, your colorist will probably want to tone down the angles and elongate the shape a bit with the contouring technique. To do this, he will need to apply dark shades to the hair closest to the face, highlighting the outer area.

Round face: similar to the square face shape, here your colorist will use the contouring technique to elongate and emphasize your facial features. Light tones will be much lighter and dark tones will be deeper. This will create a more dramatic final effect.

The shape of the face is crucial in hair contouring

Rectangular face: for these faces, dark tones should be used on the hairline as well as on the lower part of the head (nape). You can lighten thin strands at ear level and blend the color more towards the edges to create a balanced, oval effect.

With which hair colors does contouring work best

Heart-shaped face: for heart-shaped faces, contouring is quite simple. You’ll need to decide whether your colorist should use the sombré technique (using very little light in favor of natural shading) or the ombré technique (using a much stronger gradient from a darker to a more saturated and lighter shade). This will soften the shape of the jawline.

How is the contour hair fashion different from the lightening of certain parts?

What technique is used to contour the hair

Hair contouring involves placing balayage highlights and color in specific areas. They are introduced to add width to narrow face shapes and elongate round and angular faces. It’s all about strategically highlighting your favorite features and slightly enhancing your complexion. It has nothing to do with adding harsh, colored highlights to your hair that don’t take your face shape into account at all. Contouring is much more adaptable to your natural beauty compared to other coloring techniques.

General questions about hair contouring

Hair Contouring usually imitates the effect of Balayage

What hair colors does contouring work best with?
The best thing about hair contouring is that it is suitable for every hair type and color. Blonde, black, brown-red, thin or thick – the contouring is tailored to them individually. The greater the contrast between the tones, the more extreme and powerful the contouring.

How does the contouring hair fashion differ from lightening

What technique is used for hair contouring?
According to colorists, hair contouring is not tied to a specific coloring technique. It can be achieved by freehand application, coloring, foiling or a combination of these techniques.

How can the contouring be maintained?
Maintenance is similar to any other colored hair. The difference is that contouring is a quick service compared to other treatments, such as a full hair lightening, which can take hours. The other good news is that the care in this case is not even complicated, as the overall effect is rather subtle and hair contouring grows out well.