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Hair colors that look particularly good on women over 70 and correspond to the current trends 2022

Turning 70 is an important milestone for you and for your hair! How you wear your hair color in this next phase of life says a lot about you and how you want to approach your twilight years. Winter hair colors that look especially good on women over 70 are fun, modern shades that suit the cool, cozy weather. This fresh hair transformation is sure to give you a youthful glow.

What hair colors look particularly good on women over 70?

Choose the right hair color that suits you best

Hair color is a commitment that needs to be cared for. Copper, for example, is very high-maintenance. It is usually applied in one go and forms a hard line as the hair grows out.

Balayage is a great low maintenance alternative as it lasts 3-6 months. The result is a dimensional and softer blend that allows for natural growth.

Spice up your look with these stunning shades. Check out the pictures and get inspired by these trendy winter hair colors for 70+ year old women!

Keep gray hair vibrant with warm or cool highlights

Add warm or cool highlights to the graying hair

Even if you’re finally gray, it doesn’t have to be the end. And no, adding a few highlights is not cheating. It’s just as authentic and clever as a good support bra or a little BB cream. Not all gray is the same. For some, gray comes in bright silver, platinum or white and they get showered with compliments. For others, it’s a steely gray hue that draws warmth from the skin and accentuates a sallow, ashy, pastel or tired complexion. A few radiant highlights can make the color extra pop.

Playful orange hair

Orange hair color suits women over 70 especially well

If you’ve never experimented with a shockingly bold color, the 70s might be the perfect time. This bright shade of orange is especially fun with a rounded bob cut.

The shade of your orange should largely depend on the undertones of your skin. You should always compliment your skin. If you have golden skin with warm undertones, you should go for orange. Too fair or sallow skin will make this orange look sour.

Dark chocolate hair colors that suit women over 70 especially well.

Hair colors that look especially good on women over 70 - choose dark chocolate

Not everyone is ready to go all gray, and that’s more than okay. Dark chocolate might be the perfect color for you. If your hair is naturally dark, this winter color would suit you especially well and do little to no damage to your hair. This color is bold and tends to be fairly low maintenance.

The rich chocolate brown goes perfectly with warm skin with green undertones. It also goes great with fair skin with pink undertones.

Opt for an all-over color or ask your stylist for a few highlights to add a little dimension. However, less is more when it comes to your age.

Pastel pink hair colors are ideal for mature women

The pink hair color is trendy and looks especially good on women over 70

Pastel colors are fun at any age! A pretty cotton candy pink hair color is on trend and looks great on women over 70 who want to convey playfulness.

This color works very well for women who have fair skin with perfect pink undertones. If the color is not even and perfect, but white strands shimmer through the hair, it looks natural and dimensional. Also, this type of balayage effect grows out with ease.

Hair colors that look especially good on women over 70: Snow White

The classic white hair color is fashionable for women over 70

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful white hair, you should embrace it. Even among young people, white hair is absolutely on trend. Short white hair is perfectly fine, but long white hair has a stunning aesthetic effect that you should definitely try.

With this hair, moisture is key. Have it trimmed regularly to avoid hair breakage. Use a deep conditioner instead of your regular conditioner when you wash your hair, and you’ll see super soft results.

Get “Brond” and look all modern

Honey brown hair for women over 70 for a modern look

A sun-kissed “bronde” or a blonde-brown mix will make you look blonde while keeping your base color brown. Like many of the newer blonde styles, Brond looks good on almost any skin tone and hair texture. The blonde-brown highlights and lowlights can be subtle or complex, depending on the number of shades used and the techniques employed. A colorist uses foil highlights or painted-on balayage – or a combination of base color, highlights and darker lowlights. The less contrast, the more natural the effect.

Anthracite hair looks particularly good on women over 70

Dark gray hair color for women over 70 look especially good

Black hair and other very dark hair tones often turn into a beautiful anthracite, sometimes even with white highlights. We recommend that you wear this color and even let it grow long to show off the salt-and-pepper effect.

However, make sure if you have long hair to take proper care of it. Even with shorter lengths, aging hair is very brittle, so it’s important to keep it moisturized and avoid over styling.