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Hair colors 2023: These trends for ladies will dominate this year in hair

Almost every lady likes to be up to date when it comes to trends and especially at the beginning of the year, most naturally ask themselves what can be expected in terms of fashion, makeup and hairstyling for the new year. A new hair color is often part of the resolutions, so now the question arises, which hair colors will be trendy in 2023. We offer you a glimpse into the expected shades, combos and techniques.

Platinum matched to the type

Platinum blonde reinterpreted thanks to Kardashian with warm accents

Not so long ago it was considered a sin that everyone regrets, but today the shade is making a comeback: platinum is without question one of the most sought-after hair color trends 2023, but in a somewhat modified form or in individualized variations. If you want, you can of course choose the classic cool and particularly easy-care white blonde, but if that’s too bland and boring for you, you can also add a warm undertone – Kim Kardashian shows us how!

This freedom in terms of shades for different blonde tones makes the look accessible and optimal for absolutely every skin type, and therefore significantly more versatile. What hair colors are still on trend?

Dark chocolate hair with warm undertone

Hair colors 2023 - Trendy chocolate brown with or without highlights

Vigorously dark, but not as cool as black – you can achieve this with a beautiful chocolate brown that will make your hair shine and look healthy. If a monochromatic look is a bit too monotonous for you, you can play with various subtle highlights. However, don’t overdo it to let the rich brown remain in the foreground and play the leading role.

Hair color trends 2023 - Chocolate brown with light highlights for light effects

Rose blonde or strawberry blonde as contrast for even more pizzazz

Hair colors 2023 - Strawberry blond or rose blond as a highlight in chocolate brown

If you like the contrast in ombré, you can make this work for you in chocolate brown by incorporating a subtle yet striking strawberry blonde or another rose blonde into the tips. How stark the difference should be in the end, you decide for yourself and depends, among other things, on your hair length.

Do you already know the beautiful strawberry brown ?

Honey wheat blond – beige undertone for hair colors 2023

Honey wheat blonde by Bella Hadid with beige undertone

If you want to give the dreary winter a touch of sun, opt for a natural-looking honey wheat blonde/sand beige. Not only does it make you shine, but it also provides a perfect base for brighter highlights, so you can use the balayage technique, for example, to get a versatile look and eye-catcher. By the way, this trend for hair colors 2023 makes you look a few years younger and is perfect for women of all ages. By the way, the trend color is currently led by Bella Hadid.

Vampire red as an undertone for a brunette look

Hair color trends 2023 - Dark vampire red with purple undertone

Fire red was yesterday, today we want a more subdued red – a new trend for hair colors 2023, which continues the long trend phase of red this year. The tone is darker with a hint of purple, so it leans more towards brunette than redhead. You can style this timeless shade in a variety of ways to look elegant and understated or striking and dominant, as you wish.

Red with purple undertone in a subtle ombré

Hair colors 2023 – Brown ruby red

Ruby red for luminous hair like a jewel as a trend color

If you still like it a bit more in the direction of red, you can also opt for a warm brown-red. The one or other shimmer through skillfully placed highlights makes the hair sparkle like a ruby and look particularly noble. So for all fans of red, this still means “trend alert”. A color that is definitely worth the effort in terms of the rather difficult care.

Current Hair Color Trends – Cool Black-Gray

Cool black with gray or platinum blonde highlights

If you’re drawn to the cooler darker shades, but still don’t want it to be raven black, a softer black-grey is an option as part of the trendy hair colors 2023, which is a bit reminiscent of Salt and Pepper, but contains less gray. Instead of gray, platinum blonde can also be incorporated for highlights to create a soft look with a sparkling sheen. Which highlight color is ultimately optimal is decided primarily by your skin type. However, if you usually don’t have a matching skin tone for black hair, you can balance it out with these very highlights.

Hair colors 2023 - Dark salt and pepper with more black than gray

Mushroom Brunette – A smoky gray with brown undertones

Mushroom Brunette as a trend color and alternative to ash blonde

Achieve the sun-kissed look without honey blonde, golden blonde and co.? No problem at all with the Mushroom Brunette! Although the new hair color trend seems rather cool at first glance, it does radiate a touch of warmth, perfect for adapting to the wintry atmosphere while not looking too dreary. Because the highlights give the look the final touch and necessary pizzazz. You can choose between a more subtle balayage and a more contrasting transition with ombré.

Hair colors 2023 - Mushroom Ombré in gray with brown undertone

Hair color trends 2023 for women – apricot red/blond

Hair colors 2023 for blonde to red - apricot for a delicate, feminine look

Kind of blonde, but also red – this interesting apricot shade is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye, because even though it doesn’t look particularly fancy at first, it still captivates everyone. At will, sometimes the red part can prevail, sometimes the blond part, to be adapted to your skin type. In any case, this trend among hair colors 2023 is perfect if you are looking for the golden mean between red and blonde.

Apricot color with more or less red for every skin type

Red tones remain on trend

Hair colors 2023 - trends for women in red, blond and brunette