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Hair color trends for fall/winter 2022: These 10 hair tones will conquer the beauty space in the coming months

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your hair change between seasons, especially if it’s a brand new shade. If you’re looking for fall and winter hair colors to try in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. From hair shades for brunettes to blonde tones, we’ve rounded up the coolest hair color trends for fall/winter 2022, and once you see them, these seasons may become your favorite. Are you ready to give your hairstyle a long overdue upgrade and look at pictures of the hottest looks?

Current hair color trends for fall/winter 2022: honey highlights

Hair color trends for autumn-winter 2022 - honey highlights are current and chic

A current trend is honey highlights, which are created from buttery gold tones. If you opt for this look, keep the thicker, lighter strands closer to the face and closer to the hairline for a dramatic look. Honey tones that flow through the hair provide a warm, beautiful glow in the colder months and are a chic way to add lightness to your hair color.

New hair tones for the cold season – orange blonde.

Modern colors for hair - orange blonde is hot for fall/winter 2022

Get ready for orange blonde to be everywhere. This hair color has very warm and rich tones, but it is also not overly emphasized. You observe warmer blonde tones with less noticeable color differences between the roots and the tips. It’s okay to look sun-bleached, but this look combined with the dryness of winter just doesn’t go together. It’s best to reduce the blonde tips and lighten the dark root areas. The end result is a pumpkin-like hue reminiscent of the season’s favorite latte.

The mixed blonde hair color is fully in

Blended blonde - hair color trends for the cold season

This is a trend that lighter hair types can embrace in 2022. But the great thing about this technique is that it works on both light and dark hair, as well as all hair types. Choose subtle highlights to frame the face and chunky strands in the rest of your hair, or ask your hairdresser about the balayage technique to lighten your ends.

Already a light blonde? You can still join the trend by creating depth with lowlights. Ask your hairstylist to add some lowlights to create depth, and consider root shading as well.

Modern Platinum Ice Blonde for Winter

Trendy platinum ice blonde for winter

Whether you’re walking in a winter wonderland or living in a warm place and dreaming of a fresh blanket of snow, this icy, cool hue is perfect for your winter hair color. To get a snow hair color, your hairdresser will need to bleach your mane to achieve the lightest shade. Even though bleaching always results in some damage, various products can help reduce the look and feel of the damage. Also, invest in a purple tint product to maintain your shade between hair appointments. A purple formula tones brassy hair for a perfect, cool shade.

Current hair color trends: the auburn color is chic

Modern hair colors for autumn-winter 2022 - auburn

Auburn hair color is one of the most popular shades for winter 2022. If you find the auburn too intense, you can ask your hairdresser to gently blend this tone with your brunette roots using a balayage technique. If you also want to refresh your brunette color, warm tones are key this season. Browns, mochas and auburns add soft but noticeable dimension to the hair. They are flattering to all brunettes and skin types.

Ask your hairstylist to add strategic highlights in certain areas. This contours the face and adds texture, shine and a radiant hair color. It’s a great alternative to balayage. Keep your hair color vibrant with conditioning shampoo and conditioner.

Cool chocolate cherry hair color for fall.

Chocolate cherry color is the best, red hair color for fall

Chocolate-covered cherries are two treats that go well together – and so does hair with a chocolate cherry color . This masterful blend of rich chocolate brown and deep cherry red will be the center of attention at all celebrations.

Radiant reds for the bold ladies

Bright red tones for your hair - current hair color trends

Radiant and deep reds are one of the biggest hair color trends of winter 2022. While some are opting for warmer shades of blonde, many women are taking the plunge into radiant reds this winter. Moods are depressed in winter due to the lack of sunlight, so ladies feel like they need something nice to put them in a good mood. That’s why a bright red hair color is the right choice.

Mushroom brown is one of the hair color trends this season

Hair color trends - mushroom brown is fully in

If you prefer your brunette shade to look ashy and cool rather than warm and chocolatey, you can’t go wrong with this brown hair. The ashy brunette color has grayish undertones, so ladies will find this shade particularly flattering.

Sassy dark blue for short and long hair.

Chic hair colors for fall - dark blue as one of the hair color trends

If you want to try an icy hue for winter without going all platinum, this dark blue shade is a great choice.

Jet black hair suits ladies of all ages

Hair color trends - find the best color for your hair: jet black

A rich, jet black hair exhibits a mirror-like shine and that is very classy. If your hairdresser styles black hair properly, it will be glamorous and chic. Choose dark hair if you have light eyes: Black hair makes a great statement if you have light eyes and it really makes them pop. Only dye dark if you intend to keep the look for a while because for removal you need to be patient.