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Hair color trends 2023: These are the most beautiful colors we’ll all be wearing next year!

The year is slowly coming to an end and just before New Year’s Eve, many of us are due for one last hair appointment. We don’t know about you, but with the turn of the year, we somehow feel drawn to major changes and experimentation. And what is the best possible way to give our look a refreshing update? With a new and trendy hair color, of course! Fashion trends are always evolving and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all the newness. Are you ready to leave the past 12 months behind and try something new? Then you’ve come to the right place! To make sure you don’t look like everyone else and stand out from the crowd, we’ve looked around for you and compiled the most beautiful hair color trends for 2023. So take a look into the future with us and find your new favorite look in our article.

Grayish blonde as one of the biggest hair color trends 2022

Hair color trends 2022 gray blonde hair color for women over 50

For beauty chameleons who change their hairstyle with the turn of the year, it’s about that time! For the upcoming season, we’re looking to get a little bolder and step out of our comfort zone – at least when it comes to our hair. While warm blonde tones were the order of the day in 2022, cooler shades are just now returning to our radar. Girls, next year it’s going to be pretty cool, because gray blonde is already being celebrated as one of the biggest hair color trends for 2023.

gray blond hair color trend 2022 spice up gray hair with highlights

The combination of light blonde and gray highlights looks surprisingly elegant and delicate, creating a fresh look. However, we must warn you – unfortunately, gray blonde is not entirely low-maintenance. In order for the hair to retain its beautiful icy shine, proper care is the key. To avoid a yellow tint and to show off the cool blonde to its best advantage, you should use silver shampoo every 2 weeks.

Dark red hair is back

Dark red hair care tips hair color trends 2023

Copper red has certainly been the breakout color trend in recent months. However, hair color trends for 2023 look much more natural and soft, and dark red hair is currently making a huge comeback. Rich and dark shades are always a good choice in winter and literally make our skin glow.

are red hair trendy hair color trends 2023

Especially in combination with the trendy Wednesday Bangs, dark red hair creates a modern and extremely cool grunge look. The shade not only looks super classy, but is also significantly easy to care for and looks great even with a darker, grown out hairline. Perfect, then, for those who want a change but don’t feel like constantly re-coloring.

Hair Color Trends 2023: Chocolate Brunette for a sophisticated look

Hair color trends 2023 Chocolate Brunette hairstyle trend pictures

Who says blondes always have more fun? When it comes to hair color trends for 2023, all brunettes also get their money’s worth, because Chocolate Brunette is the new favorite of all fashionistas! Responsible for this are numerous It girls, such as Hailey Bieber and Irina Shayk, who recently said goodbye to their blonde hair and discovered soft brown shades for themselves. Chocolate Brunette is a very dark brown shade that almost looks like black at first glance. The rich, chocolate color provides a more natural look and gives our mane more dimension and depth. The hair color also flatters any skin tone and sets off your light eyes to their best advantage.

Warm caramel highlights

Chocolate Brunette Hairstyle Trend Pictures Hair Color Trends 2023

Craving a hairstyle update, but a complete color change is too much for you? No problem. Hair color trends for 2023 have something for you too, and that is warm caramel highlights. The hairstyle trend not only sounds super delicious, but also looks very classy and elegant.

Brown hair with highlights caramel highlights hair color trends 2023

The soft strands of hair in different shades of brown bring more movement and dimension to the hair and provide a subtle, refreshing update. Highlights in bronze or copper are particularly popular, enhancing brown hair in an instant and making it shine. Whether you have short or long hair, caramel highlights work with absolutely any hair length and are always a great eye-catcher.

Glossy Black Hair

Hair Color Trends 2022 Glossy Black Hair Hairstyle Trend Pictures

How about going to the dark side for a change? This coming season, we’re making our black hair shine, because Glossy Black is undoubtedly one of the most important hair color trends for 2023. The Snow White look is back, and the shade comes with a bluish, cool tint.

Glossy Black Hair Hair Color Trends 2022 black hair care tips

However, even with black, proper care is key and after a few washes our hair quickly looks washed out and dull. To avoid this and to make Glossy Black look perfect, use glossing or shine shampoos regularly. Gloss spray, on the other hand, helps perfectly with daily styling and ensures that your black hair retains its shine. And here’s a little tip – so that your skin doesn’t look too pale, pay attention to highlights when applying makeup. For example, if you always want to wear a bold lipstick in red, now is the perfect time.

Peach Blonde is on trend

Peach Blonde Hair Color Trend 2023 blonde tones hairstyle trends spring summer 23

And what would hair color trends for 2023 be without at least one pop of color? The popular strawberry blonde we all know and love is getting plenty of competition, though, because this coming season we’ll all be wearing Peach Blonde! In this case, blonde hair merges with soft peach nuances between pink and orange and the result is a stunning look that definitely makes us stand out from the crowd. The trendy color Peach Blonde exudes an effortless elegance and makes us dream of the sunny spring and summer days right now.

Hair Color Trends 2023 Peach Blonde Hairstyle Trend Spring Summer 23