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Hair color trends 2022 in spring/summer: these are the colors we will all be wearing in the coming months!

For beauty chameleons who change their looks with the seasons, it’s almost time again. With spring just around the corner, many of us are also craving a little change. We’ve already updated our closets and got acquainted with the coolest 2022 shoe trends. But what about our hairstyle? While in fall and winter rather darker and saturated shades have dominated the fashion scene, our hair is allowed to shine a bit more in the warmer season. The next visit to the hairdresser is just around the corner and you are looking for your next favorite look? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether elegant blonde tones, playful highlights or fiery red – the hair color trends 2022 in spring / summer are more versatile than ever before and have something for every taste!

Hair color trends 2022: Nectar Blonde is THE hairstyle trend in spring.

Blonde tones spring summer Nectar Blonde hair color trend 2022

With the first rays of sunshine, our desire for a new, bright hair color also increases. And this is where Nectar Blonde comes into play as hair color trend 2022. Bright and radiant blonde tones are celebrating a very big comeback in spring 2022 and we can no longer imagine life without them. Nectar Blonde is a creamy, gorgeous blonde shade that gives us the perfect balance between naturalness and brightness. It looks chic, glamorous and delightfully sophisticated. To get the trendy look, the hair is first colored in a darker golden blonde and only then complemented by finer platinum accents. Nectar Blonde as a hairstyle trend looks really cool on its own. But for the highlights to really come into their own, you should focus on more volume when styling.

Mahogany Blonde hair color trend 2022

Mahogany Blonde Hair Color Trend 2022 Spring Blonde Tones Images

Should it be blond? Or rather red? Why not a mixture of both? Super playful, romantic and chic – Mahogany Blonde has also earned a permanent place on our list of the coolest hair color trends 2022 in spring and summer. The shade is slightly lighter than copper red, but also slightly darker than the classic "strawberry blonde" – so the perfect choice for those who like bright and vibrant hair colors. We owe the trend to "Euphoria"-star Sydney Sweenie, who gave your light blonde mane a little update a few weeks ago. Through the harmonious blend of cool and warm tones, Mahogany Blonde as a trend hair color looks super natural and radiates a special elegance.

Vanilla blonde is THE hair color trend 2022

Hair Color Trends 2022 Spring Summer Scandi Blonde Hairstyle Trend

Scandinavians are considered to be particularly beautiful and elegant all over the world and are admired for their classy style. However, besides their impeccable outfits, they are also famous for their blonde hair. Simple, timeless and simply perfect – vanilla blonde is definitely one of the most beautiful hair color trends 2022 in spring, which we would love to try immediately. The hair color is also still known as Scandi Blonde and will adorn our heads this year. The shade reminds us of the typical platinum blonde, but looks a bit creamier and warmer. Logically, the hairstyle trend works best on women with a cool skin undertone or a pale complexion. The rule is – the lighter the skin, the lighter should also be vanilla blonde.

Scandinavian blonde hairstyle trend hair colors trends 2022 spring summer

Granted – vanilla blonde looks simply gorgeous. But to get the clean look, you need to blond your hair first, depending on the initial color. For very dark hair, even more than one session is necessary. And as you know, bleaching puts an enormous strain on our hair. So, in order for your mane to keep its shine, you should rely on an intensive, rich hair care.

Expensive Brunette: The perfect hair color trend 2022 for a natural look.

Expensive Brunette Hair Color Trends 2022 Spring Summer

In recent months, we’ve seen many blonde celebs like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber swap their blonde for an incredibly pretty brown shade. Are you a brunette looking for a subtle change? Or you want to add more warmth and dimension to your blonde hair? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Super natural, elegant and classy – Expensive Brunette is for us one of the most beautiful hair color trends 2022 in spring and summer. The hairstyle trend is about a great mix of different shades of brown, which are adapted to the specific needs. The possibilities to achieve the cool look are really huge. Whether coffee, copper, honey blonde, caramel or even ashy nuances – with Expensive Brunette as hair color, there are absolutely no limits to your imagination.

Red hair continues to stay with us

Apricot Ginger hair trend hair color trends 2022 spring

For redheads, the hair color trends 2022 spring also have a lot to offer. While last year a fiery red was on our list, this season we prefer to go for radiant copper tones. Delightfully vibrant and refreshing – Apricot Ginger is the new favorite color of all fashion girls.

Hair color trends 2022 spring summer apricot ginger hair trend

The Apricot Ginger hairstyle trend is a great mix of strawberry blonde and copper red, which looks simply fantastic. The shade literally makes our mane shine and also looks perfect on all skin types.

Hair color trends 2022 for brunettes: mocha brown

Mocha hair color trends 2022 spring summer

Just like blonde, brown hair is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Want to dye your hair dark this season? Then you’re all set with mocha brown as a hair color trend in 2022! As the name suggests, the rich shade reminds us of our black coffee in the morning.

Hair color trends 2022 for dark hair mocha hairstyle trend

So, the hairstyle trend is a very dark brown nuance that almost looks like black. For mocha brown to really come into its own, a rich moisturizer is an absolute must. For a glossy finish, use toning shampoos with coloring pigments every 10 days.

Colored highlights make our hair glow

colored highlights dark hair hair colors trends 2022 spring

Hair color trends 2022 in spring inevitably invite you to experiment. Do you love trying out new and bold looks? How about adding some colorful highlights to your hair? Whether it’s blue, purple, pink or a mix of several shades – gaudy strands of hair are very much in vogue this season and always put you in a good mood. Also in terms of styling options, the sky is the limit. Sometimes hidden, sometimes just the ends of the hair or in the trendy two-tone look – anything you like is allowed and really great statement hairstyles can be created.

Dye hair pink Hair Color Trends 2022 Spring Summer