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Hair color mistakes that make older: These shades no longer look advantageous after 50!

Not only a favorable haircut can work wonders and accentuate the facial features. The right hair color can also flatter the complexion. And vice versa – a “wrong” shade makes you look older. These are the most common hair color mistakes that you should really avoid from 50.

Hair color mistakes from 50: Be careful, these nuances emphasize wrinkles!

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Just yesterday, the popular shade looked quite good on me. Only today, however, I notice that it brings out the wrinkles. And somehow it doesn’t really suit my complexion anymore. But can that be, or am I imagining it? It’s true: what still flatters us at 40, packs on a few more years at 50. Therefore, every color choice should really be thought through.

Very dark shades make you look older after 50

Hair color makes older like change

A dark hair color emphasizes even small wrinkles and makes facial features look harder. Age spots are also more noticeable. All the more: dark hair colors are anything but easy to care for. The hairline must be colored every two – three weeks, otherwise the difference between gray hair and hair color will be too much noticeable.

What you can do instead: You do not have to give up your favorite shade. But you can opt for highlights or highlights. They can reduce the negative effect of too dark hair color and make the face shine.

Ashy hair colors make the skin look pale

Whether blonde or brown, the ashy undertone can conceal redness and looks great on women with a warm skin tone. However, skin tone can change with age. Thus, ash blonde may suddenly make you look paler and unflatteringly enhance facial features. The bottom line is that you look older.

Copper tones should be properly cared for

hair color makes older change tips

Copper tones and other auburn shades can look really great – as long as you take proper care of your hair. Hair colors with a red tinge can quickly look orange or red if not cared for properly. This will make your mane look unkempt and dull. You can prevent this by using a purple shampoo. It can successfully neutralize the yellow hue in your hair color.

Hair color mistake from 50: Choose too light blonde nuance.

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Too dark hair colors make you look older. But too light blonde nuances can also have a similar effect. Because a hair color should ultimately achieve contrasts and compliment the skin tone. If the hair is colored too light, the face can quickly look tired. Add color accents that go well with the undertone in the complexion. A good trick: naturally blonde women should stick to their natural color.

Too many highlights make you look tired

Highlights can flatter the face or just make it look older. But you should not overdo it with them. Because too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect and quickly make you look tired and unkempt. All the more: the color of the highlights should also be matched to the face. Usually, colors with a cool undertone are chosen for the highlights until the age of 40. But from 40, it is better to choose warm shades. They will make the face shine.

Choose too striking hair color

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Neon yellow, orange, or pink: Even in old age, you can experiment with bold colors. Finding the right shade, however, is no easy task. While the so-called cotton colors (pastel shades of pink, yellow and blue) look good even at 50 and 60, some strong shades can emphasize exactly what you want to conceal. Even more so: to get the desired color, hair often needs to be bleached and this can further damage it.

Hair color mistakes from 50: gray hair.

gray hair grey blending coloring technique

Gray hair can look dull. To prevent this, you can spice up the hair with highlights. Grey blending is the name of the method. The highlights add color and flatter the complexion. Darker shades give more color depth. In addition, the coloring technique allows you to grow out your hair gently. They are not dyed at the hairline. By the way, Grey Blending is perfect for those who are currently coloring in an ashy shade and want to make the transition to gray hair. The goal of Grey Blending is to make the hair look as natural as possible.

The wrong coloring technique and care

The wrong coloring technique, especially if you are unpracticed at home coloring your hair, can lead to surprising results. The desired shade suddenly looks completely different from the picture or the coverage is not sufficient. These are all problems that an experienced colorist can fix. So it’s best not to save at the wrong end, because the experts can also give useful tips regarding the care of the hair color.

Among the wrong care are the following “sins”: Styling the hair wet to bangs, not using hair oil (from 50 hair oils are an absolute must, along with masks), changing care products too often. From 50, you should already reach for specific, vitamin-rich care products.