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Grombre hair is more than a fashion trend: why and how you can make the transition with dignity?

You may be wondering what Grombre Hair is? Grombre (“gray “+”ombre”) is the way you let your colored hair gradually grow out and transition into natural silver hair. It is the opportunity to find confidence and show your true colors without the “need” to hide what is natural and actually beautiful. Grombre Hair allows women to feel authentic and beautiful in their skin and go gray naturally with grace and self-acceptance.

Grombre hair: what’s the best way to transition

Grombre Hair allows women to go gray with grace and self-acceptance

Transitioning to Grombre Hair can be a tricky business because it’s not a uniform process. Once the first gray hairs arrive, there’s no way to know how quickly the others will follow suit. It can take years for your mane to turn completely gray. Of course, there are exceptions, but while a disease like poliosis or extreme trauma can cause your hair to suddenly turn white, you’re more likely to come out with a streak like Rogue from X-Men than you are to have completely white hair like Storm.

So when it comes to transitioning to grombre hair, there is no one way to do it. There are many factors that you should consider. Among them are your natural hair color, your hair type, and how much of your hair is already gray. Here are some of the options you might consider.

Option 1: Color your hair to match your roots.

This approach is usually easier the lighter your hair is. Blondes usually have an easier time coloring their hair, in part because they don’t have to bleach it first, as is often the case with brown or black manes, before coloring it.

Regardless of hair color, however, coloring hair that has already been dyed can be particularly difficult because the color must be removed before the gray colorant is applied. With a little patience, however, any hair color can be dyed gray – you just need the right colorist.

First, though, ask yourself this: are you considering this route because you’re tired of the maintenance that comes with covering your gray hair, and you think this is kind of a one-time option? If so, you should keep in mind that caring for gray colored hair does come with a certain amount of effort.

For example, lighter shades of gray hair dye fade faster than darker shades, so you’ll have to spend more time and money maintaining your look. How often you should dye yourе hair depends on how it reacts to the dye. If you wash your mane less often (using silver, blue or purple shampoo), limit heat styling and use a heat protectant, the color won’t fade too quickly.

Steel gray hair color is a trend among women over 50, get inspired by some looks here !

Option 2: Add lowlights or highlights

This option is similar to the one above, but not as complicated. It allows you to keep your pre-grey color longer, creating a softer contrast between your pigmented and greying hair. If your hairline is completely gray, you can consult your colorist for an ombre effect. This will soften the transition between your hairline and pigmented hair.

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Option 3: Cut your hair short

If you have a clear line of demarcation, cutting off all hair below that line is by far the easiest way to transition to gray hair. Look for pictures of pixie haircuts or try pinning your hair up to get an idea of how it will look short.

Option 4: Let the gray hair grow out.

Of course, you may not be ready for a cut like this, especially if you’re used to long hair. Letting your new natural color grow out is another easy way to go gray. However, this can be frustrating depending on how fast your hair grows. You may also not like it when your once dark mane slowly turns a light, silvery gray.

However, if your parting line is particularly pronounced, there is an easy way to conceal it. By playing with different hairstyles as your hair grows, you can find different styles that better conceal your parting line when you’re feeling self-conscious, or help you show off your silver when you’re feeling self-conscious.

Things to know: the rise of the “grombre hair” movement.

The “grombre” trend started on Instagram in 2016. It defines itself as a worldwide movement of women who prefer natural, undyed hair and want to live fully beyond imposed beauty standards. Now the “Grombre Hair” movement is even more than that. It is considered a lifestyle. Its followers believe that we should rethink what we put our energy, time and attention into.

The goal of the community is also to show that there are many other things in the world that are really important and can make us much happier than conforming to the expectations and desires of others.