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Grey Blending: All about the 2021 trend that cleverly conceals gray hair!

Are you tired of root touch-ups? We couldn’t agree more. The pandemic has changed the way we think about gray hair. Actress Andie MacDowell even proudly showed off her uncolored gray hair on the red carpet of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Other well-known celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker let their silver strands shine in a more subtle way, promoting a trend that professionals have christened Grey Blending. We reveal what makes the hair trend and how it works.

What is Grey Blending?

Jennifer Aniston conceals gray hair with highlights

Let’s start with the basics: what do these two terms mean? The literal translation would be "gray blending". It is a new technique that combines balayage and highlights so that the gray tones blend naturally with the base color.

Grey blending balayage technique to conceal gray hair

The gray hair is concealed with colors similar to the natural shade of the hair to create a smoother transition. The gray will still be present, but in the background. When the roots start to grow out, there will then be no harsh color separation. So the good news is that if you forgo full coloring, you can extend the time between hair appointments.

Grey Blending Balayage

Conceal gray roots with Grey Blending Balayage

Like classic balayage, this technique uses strategically placed highlights throughout the hair to create depth, making your hair appear multi-dimensional. The difference is that the shades of the highlights are deliberately chosen to cover or highlight gray tones. This can be achieved through the degree of bleaching. The bleach can raise the color of the hair strands to different light levels, highlighting your chosen hair color and making it look vibrant. Therefore, the correct bleach level is used for the highlight color you and your stylist choose. For example, ash gray, platinum and cool blonde tones can transform grays into a masterpiece.

Some lowlights (dark highlights) provide even more color depth

Silver and dark highlights to conceal gray hair.

Gray blending on blond hair

long hair from 50 with silver highlights

Women with naturally blonde hair are luckier here. The result is more natural if the base or highlights are blonde, as gray hairs are better camouflaged under the lighter tones. Grey blending is also good on ash blonde hair.

Gray Blending on brown hair

hide gray hair with highlights on dark hair

Contrary to what you may think, the gray blending technique is also suitable for brunettes. Silver highlights look especially good on ash brown hair, as both have a cool base without reddish tones, so the effect looks completely natural.

Grey highlights on brown hair.

On the other hand, those with warm brown hair may need to resort to a tint to tone down the copper. But don’t worry: your hairdresser will know what to do. To maintain your new hair color, you should then use a purple or blue shampoo regularly.

Another option is block highlights

conceal gray hair with dark and light highlights

Chunky highlights in silver or icy blonde can help natural grays shine instead of hiding them. This trend is especially good for those who have patchy gray hair in certain areas, such as the front or above the nape of the neck, or even a thick line at the crown. Split hair highlights can be used to highlight these areas and maybe even create a good balance with lowlights. The light strands can beautifully frame the face and make it look fresher.

blonde block strands in the front frame the face nicely

How do Grey Blending Highlights stay beautiful longer?

conceal gray hair with silver highlights

The idea of resorting to Grey Blending to conceal your gray hair in style is to stop being a slave to dyes and colorations, but you should know that both the gray highlights and the gray hair itself need special care.

  • You should refresh the highlights every 2 to 3 months at the hairdresser to make them shine and keep the smoky look.
  • Occasionally, you should perform an intensive treatment (deep hydration) to keep your hair healthy.
  • In your hair routine, avoid products with sulfates or parabens and use natural products as much as possible so that your hair dries out as little as possible and keeps its color longer.
  • Use hair products with sunscreen in the summer.
  • Avoid excessive styling with heat.

Conceal gray hair with highlights and lowlights.