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Grey blending: 5 ways to conceal or brighten up gray hair

We all know that time: it’s been four weeks since you left the hair salon for your root touch-up, and the gray roots have already grown back. It’s frustrating to be at the hair salon every four weeks, especially if you’re trying to hide your gray hair. But what if there was a look that gave you more time between appointments and didn’t have a clear boundary when the gray roots grew out? We’ll tell you more about the gray blending trend and show you the best ways to conceal your gray roots without having to constantly re-color.

Dimensional hair color is ideal to pass the time between two hair appointments

Dimensional hair color with blonde and brown highlights.

Dimensional hair color has been trending for a long time. It is designed to give a natural look to the colored hair by combining multiple shades. All sorts of looks can be created with this coloring technique. Highlights and lowlights, which are usually incorporated with foil, also help to blend the natural hair color while providing full coverage color. With something as simple as cleverly placed foil highlights, you can effortlessly conceal your gray hair and prolong your re-coloring at the hair salon by quite a bit.

Conceal gray hair

gray hair color before after

There are so many hair colors out there, but not every option available is necessarily right for your hair type. When it comes to gray hair, there’s the full coverage hair color and the grey blending option. Whether you are one of those people who need to constantly cover their gray roots, or one of those people who simply want a low-maintenance hairstyle – the following ideas might help you choose.

Cover gray hair with hair color

conceal gray roots with highlights

If you don’t want anyone to know that you already have gray hair, you can have your gray hairline colored regularly at the hairdresser or covered with temporary root touch-up products. Adding highlights, however, will help blur the harsh line when your gray roots start to grow out. This way, you won’t feel like you can see your few silver hairs as quickly because they will blend in with the highlights.

Grey blending: blend gray hair with highlights and lowlights

Ash blond hair with hHighlights and Lowlights

Now let’s talk about the amazing benefits of grey blending. This look is easier to maintain than a full color because it helps to blend the gray, so you don’t have to go to the hairdresser every four weeks. It looks more natural and makes most women feel more confident. Basically, highlights connect to the new gray hair and make it look like it’s a part of the hairstyle.

conceal gray roots with light and dark highlights

Using shades that are darker than your natural hair color, called lowlights, gives the hair depth and vibrancy. In contrast, highlights use colors that are lighter than your natural shade, which in turn makes your hair appear lighter.

dye highlights into hair with gray hair

Both lowlights and highlights contribute to a multicolored look that can conceal unwanted colors or gray hair. A mix of light and dark tones can distract from the growing roots and provide an all-around natural look. A smart hairdresser will know if you need light or dark highlights for your gray hair.

Tint gray hair and conceal the roots with glossing

Tint gray hair with hair glossing

Another way to conceal your gray roots is with a hair gloss treatment! A gloss can be described like a conditioning intensive tint and works like a semi-permanent coloration. The color fades gradually over a period of four to eight weeks, depending on the manufacturer. You can go to the hairdresser every time there is a special occasion and want a touch-up, or you can have the treatment done every eight weeks.

Hair glossing for short blonde hair

Have you noticed that gray hair has a different, coarser texture? That’s because the cells that produce your hair color have done their job, and your hair follicles are producing less moisturizing oils. A glossing treatment will moisturize and make your hair softer and shinier.  The tint will not fully penetrate the hair strand and can hide up to 75% of gray hair.

Let gray hair grow out – Easy transition with Grey Blending

conceal gray hair with ash blonde and highlights

Growing out gray hair is usually not the most elegant process. Either you decide to dye your dark hair that you’ve dyed for years blonde, or you just let it grow out on its own. What if we told you that there is an easier way?

cover gray hair with ash blond

Depending on how much gray you already have, it can be as simple as adding a few highlights to the gray areas and having the tips dyed ash blonde. For those who have dark hair, this transition may not be as easy and they may need several sessions, but for most people it is definitely doable.

Growing out your hairline is not a one-time process, but with additional gray highlights and consistent maintenance, you’ll be there in no time.

Grey blending in a salt-and-pepper look

combine white hair with black highlights

If you love striking contrasts, you can also spice up gray hair with very dark highlights. The interplay of black or silver highlights throughout the hair creates the stunning salt-and-pepper look. Another hair trend that makes a real statement!