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Grey Blending 2022: The chic summer hair trend to showcase your gray hair and make it shine!

Whether we are 30, 40 or 50 years old, finding the right hairstyle that highlights our style and flatters our facial features is unfortunately not an easy task. A new and modern hair color is probably the easiest way to give our look a refreshing touch. And as far as this summer’s trending hair colors are concerned, we can say that gray hair is back and hipper than ever! While some women would prefer to immediately conceal the first gray highlights, others welcome the change and wear their silver mane with pride. Do you want to set the scene for your gray mane or do you want a cool hairstyle update? Then you are in good hands with Grey Blending 2022! What exactly is behind it, as well as the most beautiful inspirations for your next visit to the hairdresser, can be found in our article right now!

Grey Blending 2022: What exactly is behind the hairstyle trend?

gray hair with highlights haircuts for women over 50

Grey hair: some love it, some hate it. But lately, a third camp is emerging that represents the happy medium. And these are those who opt for Grey Blending 2022. Silver hair was all the rage last year and is now making a big comeback for the summer. No wonder – after all, gray highlights are just part of life and hit each of us at some point. Instead of over-dyeing our hair, we wear it with pride. Grey blending, then, could be the confidence boost you need to finally accept your grays.

fringed bob with highlights grey blending what is this

The hairstyle trend isn’t just reserved for women with already gray hair, though. Younger gals who like to try out new and bold looks can also add great accents to their hair with Grey Blending. This involves mixing gray highlights in different shades with balayage and subtle lowlights and highlights. The result? A multidimensional and extremely natural look that literally makes your mane shine.

grey hair balayage grey blending trend 2022

Depending on whether you want to highlight your gray hair or cover it up a bit, different shades are used. But no matter what effect you want to achieve, one thing is certain: grey blending is back in full swing in 2022 and it’s hard to imagine our heads without it.

Grey Blending hairstyle trend summer 2022 how to grow out gray hair

And the best part? The silver highlights look really great with absolutely any hair length! Whether fringy hairstyles for women over 50 or a cool short hairstyle – Grey Blending 2022 always works!

The hairstyle trend is ideal for growing out gray hair

Grey Blending hairstyle trend summer 2022 gray hair with highlights

Natural colors are on the rise this year and more and more stars are wearing their silver mane with pride. Do you also want to embrace change and grow out your gray hair ? Then you are in good hands with Grey Blending 2022.

Grey Blending Trend Summer 2022 gray hair with highlights

The different highlights provide a more natural look and also the contrast is no longer so harsh. The smooth transition not only looks extremely cool and modern, but also frames your face in a unique way. And the best part? The trend hairstyle is very easy to maintain and you don’t have to constantly re-dye your hair.

Grey Blending for blonde hair

what is grey blending trend grey hair with highlights

As mentioned above, Grey Blending 2022 is ideal for all fashion girls who like to experiment with their looks and attract attention. In order for the silver shades to come into their own, you’ll probably need to blonde your hair first. Especially with blonde hair, the hair trend looks really stunning. Moreover, the result looks much more natural if the base is already blonde.

The hairstyle trend also works with darker hair

fringed hairstyles women over 50 Grey Blending Trend 2022

Grey Blending 2022 would only be something for blondes or women with already gray heads? Far from it! Even on brown hair, the silver highlights look really cool and provide a lively and modern touch. If your natural tone is a bit darker, the highlights come out even better and are definitely a real eye-catcher.

What is the best way to care for your gray highlights?

Balayage for gray hair what is Grey Blendind hairstyle trend summer 2022

As with any other hair color, adequate hair care is an absolute must with Grey Blending 2022. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is naturally gray or has been dyed gray. Women with brown hair should preferably use a blue or purple shampoo.

grey hair with highlights grey blending hairstyle trend summer 2022

To keep your silver mane looking beautifully vibrant and shiny, treat yourself to a moisturizing hair treatment at least once a week. It’s best to choose natural-based hair care products that don’t contain sulfates or parabens. And last but not least – have your gray highlights refreshed every 10-12 weeks. This is the only way Grey Blending 2022 will really come into its own.

Grey Blending 2022: This is how cool the summer hair trend looks!

how to grow out gray hair Grey Blending hairstyle trend summer 2022

Grey highlights on dark hair for a multidimensional look.

are gray hair trend 2022 what is Grey Blending

Short hair looks much more lively due to the silver highlights

short bob with highlights Grey Blending hair trend summer 2022

Grey blending is on trend in 2022 and provides a natural look

Grey Blending what is that are gray hair trend 2022