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Gray short hairstyles 2022 from 60: These modern hairstyles put short gray hair in scene and make younger!

If you have finally decided to let your gray hair grow instead of dyeing it, then a new short hairstyle is the best choice for the transition. We show you some beautiful ideas for gray short hairstyles 2022, which are currently in trend and can even conjure you a few years younger. Pick a new, modern cut for yourself!

Gray short hairstyles 2022: what haircuts are suitable for ladies over 60?

Short gray hair from 60 as in 2022 wear hairstyles ideas

Need an idea for a modern haircut 2022 that will showcase your gray mane? No problem! We’ll show you several gray short hairstyles that you can try during your next visit to the hairdresser. Whether it’s a low-maintenance pixie or an elegant tiered bob, there’s a suitable short haircut for every hair type in the following collection.

Airy Bob: modern and full of volume

Long Airy Bob for gray hair 60+ with bangs

The airy bob is one of the hottest hairstyles of the moment and can also flatter ladies over 60 wonderfully. This hairstyle is all about volume, because that’s what gives the cut its “airy” look. For the perfect Airy Bob, the hair should be a bit thicker, but with the right tools and styling technique, you can conjure up the look even with fine hair. The cut itself should have a slight transition between the layers, so that you can achieve the slightly curved effect at the ends of the hair. For styling, you will then need a round brush and blow dryer and finally a fixing spray.

Gray short hairstyles for natural curls: the Short Curly Bob.

Grey short hairstyles with natural curls chin length

Consider short curls if you want to show off your natural color and texture. This short hairstyle will make your face shine and add volume to your hair. Don’t forget to treat your silver hair with a curl cream to make your curls extra bouncy and airy!

French bob with curtain bangs for fine hair

Bob hairstyle with curtain bangs for natural gray hair

Textured, blunt and French bobs are easy to style and add volume and fullness to the hair. These types of bobs are perfect for older women.

For finer hair, a French bob with curtain bangs is recommended. This bob has long steps that are worn with less volume, so your hair will appear thicker because you can’t see through it. The trendy curtain bangs add softness to this chic hairstyle and are a great option for narrow face shapes. Simply blow dry the hair with a large round brush or with your hands guiding the hair down. Short hairstyles for fine gray hair make women look stylish and youthful.

Tiered and wavy: Choppy bob from 60

Choppy bob stepped for gray hair from 60

A medium length layered cut like the Choppy Bob on wavy hair is a trendy and easy to maintain hairstyle. If you have natural waves, ask your stylist for short to medium length layers to accentuate the curls and let the hair air dry. Women with straight hair can achieve this hairstyle with a curling iron in a random arrangement. If you choose this hairstyle for short gray hair over 60, you will look trendy and stylish.

Pixie bob as one of the most beautiful trend hairstyles for older ladies

Pixie bob trend hairstyle 2022 older ladies

Neither a Pixie nor a Bob, this hairstyle is the best combination of the two timeless cuts. In the Pixie Bob, the hair is cut short, with the top hair falling a little longer and reaching the ears or sometimes even the chin. The modern haircut combines wonderfully with a fringe and stands out as one of the most beautiful transitional hairstyles.

Discover more ideas for a Pixie Bob for women over 50 and 60 here !

A Long Pixie styled with extra volume

Gray short hairstyles from 60 styling in 2022 modern

A slightly longer Pixie is the ideal choice for short gray hair that you want to style for different occasions. The longer top hair offers numerous styling options, so every woman is free to experiment until she finds the best look for her hair. Among celebrities, Pixie haircuts are especially popular, which are blow-dried backwards to style a pretty, curved quiff. This hairstyle requires a little more practice, but if you master the technique, you can achieve the look in a few minutes.

Gray short hairstyles from 60: Shaggy Pixie Cut.

Shaggy Pixie short for older ladies

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time styling your hair, then a shag cut is just the right choice for your new haircut. Shaggy hairstyles look messy and disheveled, but at the same time they are modern and make you look younger. Instead of the classic shag cut for medium length hair, you can try a shaggy pixie if you want to wear your natural hair color from now on. After such a change, you will surely feel liberated.

What are you waiting for? Choose a modern short haircut and make a bold statement!