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Gray short hairstyles 2021 from 60: 20 snappy hairstyles that put gray hair in the spotlight!

For women over 60 with gray hair, there are a variety of short hairstyles that are easy to maintain and look youthful. The right hairstyle gives confidence and ensures that the hair is easy to style. The shade of gray you choose can also add a whole new dimension to your hair! Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of gray short hairstyles 2021 for women over 60!

Short hairstyles 2021 for gray hair – What you should pay attention to

What are the most important aspects that a 60-year-old woman with gray hair needs to know before deciding on a new cut? The first thing you need to know is what the cut or hairstyle has to do with your lifestyle and maintenance. You will not like your gray short hairstyle if it looks old-fashioned or the hair length bothers you.

The second point is to decide which short hairstyle 2021 best suits your face shape. It must balance your facial proportions and flatter your facial features.

short stacked bob for gray curly hair 60+ with glasses

The third important factor is to learn how to style the short hairstyle for gray hair. You should know how to create the look from the hair salon at home, and what tools and products you need.

To maintain your beautiful gray hair color, use a silver shampoo for naturally gray hair regularly. It will help protect your hair from yellow tint and keep your hair texture smooth.

Gray short hairstyle with long bangs

gray modern short hairstyle with long bangs from 60

A silver pixie is a very sophisticated short hairstyle for older women. It usually features multiple, precisely cut steps and is often shorter in the back and longer around the face. To make the look even cooler, opt for extra long bangs. A gray pixie allows women over 60 to showcase their natural hair color in style. Find out how to do your makeup with gray hair in this article.

gray short hairstyle peppy over 60

Such a bold and modern haircut will only succeed if you are confident enough to opt for this Long Pixie Cut with Bangs! The long bangs that frame the face make this short hairstyle even more fancy.

Two-toned look with a short nape

snappy gray short hairstyle with longer hair in front

With a great two-tone look, you can make your Pixie even more attractive. Here, for example, the hair at the nape and the tips of the bangs have been dyed black. This way, the silver-gray hair will stand out even more.

The two-tone hair also goes well with the lady’s glasses

gray short hairstyle from 50 with glasses

Asymmetrical short hairstyles 2021 are in vogue

short hairstyles gray modern from 60

A gray short haircut for women over 70 is very versatile, easy to maintain and offers many styling options to choose from. Ask your stylist for an asymmetrical pixie, where one side is longer than the other. This makes your face appear longer and adds movement and fullness to your hair. This cut is not only trendy but also adds a youthful glow.

nimble short hairstyle for gray hair from 70

Silver-gray Pixie Bob with Shadow Roots

short hairstyle gray pixie bob for women over 60

Shadow roots is one of the latest hair color trends and it looks perfect even on short hair. The dark contrast between the roots and the rest of the hair adds volume and makes the face shine fresh. To make the transition to gray perfect and seamless, it’s best to opt for a light ash brown.

mushroom head hairstyle

cool gray short hairstyle for straight hair in steel gray

This pixie is perfect for women with straight hair who don’t have much time for hairstyling. The side-worn bangs have a decidedly boyish look, but the subtle highlights and polished look add a touch of femininity. The neutral ash brown color flatters any complexion.

Short hairstyles 2021 with undercut

short hairstyle gray for women over 60 with glasses

Are you over 60 and wear glasses? There are two main things to consider when choosing your short hairstyle: the glasses you wear and your lifestyle. Sometimes certain hairstyles around the face don’t go well with glasses frames. The lady in the picture above has her hair color perfectly matched to her glasses color. When it comes to lifestyle, one of the most important questions to answer is: "Do I have time for elaborate hairstyling?". A short hairstyle in undercut style with longer, graduated top hair is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain at all.

Fringed Pixie with Full Bangs

modern hairstyle for short gray hair

With a short haircut, the most important thing is how the steps are distributed in the hair and where volume is desired. Women with round faces may need a little more height at the top of the head, which is easily achieved with an undercut and choppy steps at the top.

Short Stacked Bob

chin length bob with silver gray hair from 60

A short, layered bob hairstyle for gray, thick hair is super low maintenance because the hair falls into place immediately after drying. With the stacked bob, precisely cut, graduated lengths of hair create a round, fuller shape at the back of the head. The hairstyle looks best with a side parting and a slanted fringe.

Hair is longer in front

short white bob slightly layered over 60

Short bob for fine gray hair

short hairstyle for gray thin hair

If you have fine, thin hair, you can have your hair cut even shorter in the back. This way, the hair will get even more bounce and will never look flat.

Choppy bob for wavy hair

short hairstyle from 60 - choppy bob in gray silver

Give a choppy bob for graying hair a chance if you want a versatile trend and a playful look. It looks great whether styled straight or curly. The layered hair always adds a touch of ease to a chin-length bob and flatters most face shapes.

Gray short hairstyles 2021 for curly hair

short hairstyle for gray curls

Ringlet curls are super cute and fun at any age! It’s a blessing to have beautiful, naturally curly hair. Curls especially benefit from a short layered cut, giving them more oomph. A side-swept fringe is an ideal match.

Shaggy short hairstyle with curtain bangs for fine hair

shaggy short hairstyle for fine gray hair

Shaggy hairstyles are enjoying a real comeback in 2021 and are perfect for fine hair. Typical for the shag are the fringed, unevenly cut steps and the curtain bangs that make the face look visually narrower.

The modern shag hairstyle is beautifully casual and cool at the same time!

shaggy short hairstyle for gray hair with bangs

The shag cut proves that short hairstyles 2021 for women over 60 can look youthful and full of life. Wear your hair in a tousled look to add to the casual charm of this retro hairstyle.