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Golden Copper Hair: This is why the hair color copper golden blonde is so popular in the summer!

When it comes to hair, we women are constantly looking for variety. Be it a new haircut, having the bangs cut or spicing up the hair color, we like to play with the look of our hair. In doing so, it pays to keep up with the trends and opt for hairstyles and colors that are currently in vogue. Copper hair is also totally on trend this year and is at least worth considering. Among the most beautiful shades is the copper golden blonde, which enchants with its natural radiance. What makes this hair color so special and who it suits, we reveal below.

What does the hair color golden copper blond look like?

Lange Haare in Kupfer Goldblond

Copper golden blonde is a natural-looking hair color that is taken to the next level. While in the past choosing a new hair color was simply between brown, blonde, red and black, current hair color trends have made room for shades. This has given rise to hair colors like Strawberry Blonde, Mushroom Blonde and Copper Gold Blonde, which are all the rage right now.

Natürlich helles Kupferrot mit leuchtenden Reflexen

Copper Gold Blonde (or still known as Golden Copper Hair) is a pale copper-red hair color that looks very natural and creates gorgeous luminous reflections with its golden notes. Similar to strawberry blonde hair, golden copper blonde hair blends red and blonde tones to create a shimmering, refractive effect that instantly warms up the complexion and draws attention.

Who does Golden Copper Hair suit?

Wie sieht Kupfergoldblond aus

We firmly believe that you should try any hair color you like! However, when it comes to the warm, strawberry blonde tones of golden copper hair color, lighter skin types with a naturally light hair color will do best. If you still want to go with the trend, ask your colorist if they can modify the warmer colors a bit to better match your undertone.

Nuancen von Kupfer Goldblond an Haut Unterton anpassen

Depending on your skin’s undertone, the colorist can determine which shade of copper would best bring your complexion to life. While warm reds and blondes work well with warm undertones, neutral shades are better for cool undertones. Regardless of your starting hair color or undertone, your colorist can tailor the look to your specific needs to create a multi-faceted approach to the on-trend look.

Goldene Kupferhaare mit Locken

First, find an inspiration image (you can easily use our image gallery for this) and then discuss with your hairdresser if and how this color can be adapted to your skin type. Likewise, remember: if you want to add golden highlights to your hair, you will need to bleach it. The darker your initial hair color is, the more sessions it will take to get the desired shade of copper.

Dyeing hair copper gold blond yourself

Kupfergoldblond Haare färben Spätsommer Herbst

Dyeing hair yourself has become very popular since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. Whether you are satisfied with the result or not depends on many factors. Basically, if the new hair color is not too different from the original hair color, then you can dye your hair yourself.

Leichte Wellen auf Kupfergoldblond Haare

If you are coloring your hair for the first time, then it is much easier to get copper golden blonde. However, if your hair has already been dyed darker or blonder, then it may take you a little longer to get the color you want and visiting an experienced colorist would be highly recommended.

Copper gold blonde hair care: Here’s how!

Haare Kupfer Goldblond färben im Sommer

Like all other red tones, copper golden blonde hair also requires appropriate care. Below we reveal how to get the most out of your golden copper red hair color, so pay attention!

Kupfergoldblond auf dunkle Haare

1. as always, use products specifically designed for colored hair. The system of nourishing shampoo and conditioner for colored hair is essential. Then, once or twice a week, replace the conditioner with a nourishing hair mask to give your hair the extra love it deserves.

Kupfer Goldblond Balayage Haarfarben Trend

2. Avoid heat when washing and conditioning your hair. It’s not just about the products you use. Give your strands some love by reducing the temperature in the shower. After all, too hot water can strip your hair of essential oils, making it feel dry and look dull. Instead, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Kupfer Goldblond auf Hellblond färben

3. You should also avoid heat when styling, if possible. Golden copper blonde hair looks so pretty when combined with natural curls or waves. Use an air-dry product like cream or spray and let the hair air dry. Your new hair color will thank you.

Copper golden blond – the ideal hair color for late summer and autumn

Kupfer Goldblond und Rose Haarfarbe mit Babylights

Especially in late summer and the beginning of autumn, the copper golden blonde is the ideal hair color. The golden blonde nuances reflect the sun’s rays and create beautiful light reflections. If you want to spice up the trendy hair color a bit more, you can consider combining it with rose gold.