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Gelly bob hairstyle: we present the hair trend, which is actually not so new (+ instructions & pictures)

An interesting hair styling trend is spotted more and more often among celebrities and influencers. It is the so-called Gelly Bob hairstyle. What at first sounds like something really complicated, is actually not a big science, provided that you already bring the bob. If not, the first thing you need to do is pay a visit to the hairdresser. What exactly the styling is all about and how you can easily style them yourself, we will explain in today’s article. After that, you can still get inspired by a few pictures.

Gelly bob hairstyle – what is it?

Gelly bob hairstyle - what is it and how is it styled

No matter if you already have a trendy bob hairstyle or are still considering getting this wonderful haircut – with the Gelly Bob Hairstyle, you basically get an interesting and trendy styling option that is suitable for a variety of occasions. If you’ve heard of the wet look before, then you’ll already get an idea of what the gelly bob is all about – the hair is styled backwards with gel, creating an elegant yet casual look.

The bob hairstyle itself can have any length in this case. Both the classic and the lob are suitable, as well as all intermediate variants. However, the tips are cut straight, so blunt.

Gelly bob hairstyle - styling hair with gel in wet look

The advantages:

  • Greasy hair can be concealed in the best way. So if you don’t have time or feel like washing your hair, even though you can already see a greasy roots, this is your solution to get through a day.
  • Some people want something different, but don’t dare to make a drastic change with a new hair color and/or a new haircut. The Gelly Bob hairstyle is sufficiently type-changing to make it the perfect temporary alternative.
  • Since summer has already more or less started, this point should not be underestimated: You hate it when you sweat and constantly have hair stuck to your forehead, but always ponytail or pinned away you find boring? The wet look perfectly prevents this.

Instructions on how to style the hair yourself

Blow dry hair back or create a parting

Would you like to do the Gelly Bob hairstyle yourself? No problem, you don’t need to be a professional to do it, you just need to have a few certain styling products and tools. We will now explain how you can style the look in a few steps for your next party.

Gelly Bob Hairstyle – Instructions:

  • Hair gel
  • Hairspray
  • Comb and hair dryer
  • Water in a spray bottle

Style straight, curly and wavy hair in a casual elegant way

Prepare your hair by combing it well. Then, spray them with the water until they are well damp, continuing to comb. While combing the damp hair, place the side sections behind the ears and the front straight back towards the back of the head. The way the hair is now lying, blow dry it. Be careful not to change the position of the hair too much, which is why it is best to set a low hair dryer strength.

Now brush hair gel over the hair, keeping the directions you just set. You can help here again with the comb. Thus, the wet look is already finished. You only need to fix the gel hairstyle with hairspray to make it last.

Tip: Ponies are no obstacle if you want to try the hairstyle idea. In fact, with the help of the gel, you can also comb it back and then fix it with hairspray.

What type can wear the styling?

The styling is suitable for any face shape

The bob hairstyles are known to suit every type, regardless of the face shape. So it’s no surprise that gel styling is also suitable for any shape. In addition, there is also the fact that you do not have to worry about the hair structure. Because just as the look looks interesting on straight hair, it does the same on curly or slightly wavy hair.

If you’re worried about how such tight-fitting hair would look on your thin and fine hair, we can reassure you: Even in this case, you may reach for the gel, because the fine hair is concealed in a certain way, as it is combed back.

The length of the hair does not matter in terms of appearance, but you should keep in mind that the shorter the hair is, the longer the styling will last – simply because long hair is heavier.

Gelly Bob Hairstyle Pictures

Gelly bob hairstyle to the back with hairdryer, hair gel and hairspray

Take a look at some more cool inspirations below that will surely convince you to give it a try. Whether you wear it with a sporty and elegant outfit, with a blazer and a suit or with a feminine floral dress – the hairstyling is so versatile that you can’t help but fall in love!

The bob hairstyle with gel is perfect for party styling

Simply styled even for beginners

Gelly bob hairstyle without bangs styling or concealing

Elegant bob hairstyle of Selena Gomez

Gelly bob hairstyle shoulder length by Selena Gomez

Gelly bob is also possible with parting

Sleek look goes with any outfit from elegant to sporty to feminine

Suitable for any hair length

Gelly bob hairstyle for the lob with blunt cut.

Spice up short hairstyles with Gaargel

Gelly bob hairstyle is suitable for any hair length

The gel hairstyle fits every face shape

Instructions on how to do the wet look for men and women

Gelly hair possible with straight, curly and wavy hair textures

Any hair texture can be combined with the gel hairstyle

The sleeky wet look of Bella Hadid

Gelly bob hairstyle of Bella Hadid with side parting