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Gelly bob hairstyle is THE coolest and low-maintenance hair trend for summer 2021!

Blunt Bob, French Bob, Micro Bob or the trendy Flippy Lob – there is probably no other haircut that has so many and cool variations. The bob is a timeless classic with many facets and has been one of the most important hairstyle trends and favorite hairstyles of all fashionistas for years. Especially in the summer, when we want to keep our hair out of our face, the bob has proven to be super practical. The short haircut is always reinvented and this will not change in 2021. Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, a brand new trend has caught our attention. Ever heard of the gelly bob hairstyle? If not, then it’s time to change that! Super easy to style and yet really cool and casual – the trendy hairstyle has conquered the fashion world and for good reason! Would you like to give your bob a whole new and modern touch? Then find out here what all the hype is about and how to style the Gelly Bob hairstyle!

What exactly is the Gelly Bob hairstyle?

Kurzhaarfrisuren Trends 2021 Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

All the fashion influencers on Instagram and Co. are now wearing the Gelly Bob hairstyle and the look has caused an absolute trend alert! The haircut is actually nothing more than a classic blunt bob, cut bluntly on one length and without steps. But this is nothing new, you would say now guaranteed. And somehow you’re right, but not quite. Because as the name suggests, hair gel comes into play in the Gelly Bob hairstyle. So when styling the hair, the hair is combed back with it to get a super cool and casual wet look.

Wet Hair Look Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

Numerous stars and models such as Anine Bing, Gigi Hadid, etc. are currently demonstrating how cool the Gelly Bob hairstyle actually is. The styling takes just 5 minutes and since we do not use a straightener or curling iron in the process, it is perfectly suitable for the summer heat! It doesn’t matter if you have thin, fine or curly hair – the trend hairstyle simply suits every woman and looks really gorgeous on every hair type!

Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder Frisurentrends Sommer 2021

However, the advantages of the trend hairstyle do not end here: The Gelly Bob hairstyle is suitable for all morning grouches, as well as for those who do not want to wash their hair every day! Or you would give your mane a little break from all the styling tools, especially in the summer? In that case, you too would be perfectly fine with the Gelly Bob!

Kim Kardashian Frisuren Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

All the Gelly Bob pictures we’ve spotted on social media are clear proof that the look is one of the absolute trend hairstyles of 2021. Whether casual for the beach or even a little fancier for an official occasion – the chic hairstyle simply always goes and can be worn for any occasion.

How is the Gelly Bob hairstyle styled?

Haarschnitte kurze Haare Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

As already mentioned, little effort is required for the Gelly Bob hairstyle. 5 minutes of time and some hair gel – that’s pretty much all you need for the ultra-cool look. Perfectly combed hair is absolutely not the goal here and we would rather give our mane an undone touch. Still not sure how to style the Gelly Bob? Then follow our quick tutorial:

  • Give your hair a quick comb-through and blow-dry in the morning as usual.
  • If you have very fine hair, first use some volumizing powder or texture spray to provide more grip and volume.
  • Now spread a little hair gel on your hands and run it through your hair from front to back.
  • Before the gel sets, you can lightly tousle the hair to create a slight undone look.
  • And voilà – within no time and without much effort you have the perfect Gelly Bob hairstyle!

Gelly Bob Hairstyle Pictures: The most beautiful looks to style after

Bob Frisuren Trends Sommer Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

With the Gelly Bob, you’ll have a super chic and elegant look in no time at all

Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder Kurzhaarfrisuren Trends 2021

The trend hairstyle radiates a special elegance

Kurzhaarfrisuren 2021 Gelly Bob Frisur Trend Sommer

The casual haircut is undoubtedly one of the most popular trend hairstyles 2021

Frisurentrends Sommer 2021 Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

The trend hairstyle was seen everywhere on the catwalks

kurze Haare stylen Ideen Gelly Bob Frisur Trend

The stars are also obsessed with the Gelly Bob hairstyle

Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder Trendfrisuren 2021 kurze Haare

The uncomplicated look is best for those days when you are in a hurry

Jessica Alba kurze Haare Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

Bella Hadid has always been a trendsetter and shows us how cool the hairstyle can look

Trendfrisuren 2021 Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

Without a doubt, the hairstyle will be extremely trendy in the summer

Wet Look Hair Trendfrisuren 2021 Gelly Bob Frisur Trend

Or how about combining the Gelly Bob with a side parting for a change?

Sommer Frisurentrends kurze Haare Gelly Bob Frisur Bilder

Casual yet super chic – we love the new trend hairstyle for 2021!

Wet Hair Frisurentrend Sommer Gelly Bob Frisur