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Garçon Cut is the new favorite hairstyle of the stars! Here’s everything you need to know about the chic short hairstyle!

Snip, snip, hair off! Contrary to popular belief that short hair is monotonous and boring, the 2022 trend hairstyles prove just the opposite. Whether soft curve bob, pixie cut for gray hair or buzz cut for the very brave – short hairstyles are more popular than ever this season and we can no longer imagine our heads without them. This does not surprise us – after all, a short mane has always been a sign of courage and self-confidence. If you have also been playing for some time with the thought of giving yourself a new hairstyle, you should take the step right now finally. May we introduce to you THE trend hairstyle of the hour and the new favorite of all fashionistas? Beautifully bold and yet incredibly feminine: we love the Garçon Cut! But what is this hairstyle trend all about and how is it styled? What are you waiting for? Call the hair salon quickly and read on!

Garçon Cut is THE trend hairstyle in spring 2022

short hair styling Garçon Cut hairstyle trend 2022

How could you not love the 2022 cross hairstyles? They are practical, easy to maintain and just look really great. A modern and chic haircut can really show off our face.

Garçon cut for women short hairstyles 2022

Are you also tired of your long mane? Then you should definitely try the Garçon Cut as a trend hairstyle to consider. Although the style was already invented in the 20s, the actress and singer Siggy only made it really famous in the 60s. Thus, the Garçon Cut advanced as a hairstyle trend and celebrates a great comeback this year. 

What makes the trend hairstyle 2022?

Garçon Cut for women short hairstyles trends 2022

Sassy, cool and yet very feminine – that’s how the Garçon Cut describe in a few words. Here, the hair on the sides and top of the head is usually cut shorter, while the top and neck hair remain quite a bit longer. To create the illusion of more volume and fullness, the hair is cut from the back of the head to the front. For the perfect flattering bangs hairstyle for fine hair, we best combine the Garçon Cut with a side fringe that gently hugs the face and softens the facial features. 

Trend colors spring 2022 Garçon Cut hairstyle trend women

Despite the short length is the Garçon Cut actually a very versatile cut and the styling possibilities are almost endless. The look looks particularly feminine and playful when the ends of the hair are slightly frayed. However, if you like it a bit more severe, you can have the Garçon Cut cut accurately and perfectly into shape. To give the haircut a modern touch, complement the hairstyle with a few highlights in trendy colors, such as pastel pink. 

Who can wear the Garçon Cut?

Short hairstyles for thin hair garçon cut trend hairstyle 2022

And here’s the good news! The Garçon Cut can be styled in a wide variety of ways and thus looks just perfect on absolutely every woman. Especially women with thin hair or oval face shapes will love the trend hairstyle. While the lush neck hair provides a lot of volume, the plump top hair visually stretches the face and makes it appear slimmer and longer. 

So versatile can be styled the trend hairstyle for short hair

Haircut for fine hair Garçon Cut Trend Hairstyle Spring 2022

Short hair is boring and monotonous? But we see it differently! In terms of styling is the Garçon Cut is a real all-rounder and you have endless styling options to choose from. Sometimes smooth and accurate, sometimes slightly disheveled and casual – pretty much anything you like is allowed.

Garçon Cut styling short hairstyles trends spring 2022

For an elegant look for the office or a formal dinner, you can style the Garçon Cut with a straightening iron. For a shiny finish, apply some shine spray or hair wax at the end. To get the so-called sleek look, comb the hair from back to front with a fine hammer and help yourself with hair gel. 

Short Hairstyles Trends 2022 Garçon Cut Trend Hairstyle Spring

No long blow-drying, no overpriced products – the Garçon Cut is extremely easy to maintain and perfect for those who prefer to stay in bed a little longer in the morning. Our absolute favorite? The Garçon Cut in the trendy undone look. Simply tousle your hair with a little wax and voilà – you’re good to go. The result is a very modern look that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye. And the most beautiful thing? The Garçon cut works for both straight and curly hair and always looks really nice. 

Short hairstyles for curly hair Garçon Cut trend hairstyle spring 2022

So the Garçon Cut is the ultimate short hairstyle for all fashion girls who like to experiment with their hair. Admittedly – cutting your hair so short does take some courage, but you would definitely not regret it. Short hairstyles 2022 look simply amazing and are a great way to showcase our facial features in the best possible way.

Short hairstyles trends 2022 garçon cut for women pictures