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Fringed bob from 50: Try these bob variations for a fresh and youthful look!

No matter how old we are, finding a timeless and flattering hairstyle that highlights our facial features and suits our taste is not an easy task. Especially as we age, many women think that they have to settle for a boring and stale look. Yet, there is no age limit for style and there are an incredible number of upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 that feel super fresh and youthful. Hairstyle trends aside, a classic bob will probably never go out of style and is our absolute #1 short hairstyle of all time! Have you been in the mood for a little hairstyle update lately? Then a fringed bob from 50 might be just what you need right now! So go for it! Read on to find the most beautiful bob hairstyles that will instantly make you look younger.

What are the advantages of a fringed bob from 50?

Of course, the perfect hairstyle is always type-dependent and those who have already found it for themselves can consider themselves really lucky. From a certain age, we are no longer concerned with following the latest hairstyle trends, but with feeling comfortable in our skin. Our haircut should match our style and preferably make us look a few years younger. And that’s exactly what a 50+ fringed bob delivers to us. The layered hairstyle is quite a versatile haircut that can be styled quite differently and can be easily adapted to any face shape and hair texture. Unlike a blunt haircut, the fringed bob from 50 feels wonderfully light and lively, creating a fresh look. Moreover, adding layers brings more volume and movement to the hair, making the fringed bob over 50 the perfect haircut for all women who struggle with a thin and lifeless head of hair. We think these are reasons enough to give the short hairstyle a chance, don’t you?

Fringed bob from 50: these bob hairstyles will make you look younger

Fringy bob from 50 short hairstyles for older women

The older we get, the more lifeless and thinner our hair becomes. And this is where a fringed bob from 50 comes into play. The layered cut not only looks super modern and chic, but also cheats a few years away in no time. When it comes to styling, the tiered bob is also a real all-rounder and looks really great both straight and polished, as well as curly. Sounds like a real win-win situation to us! So make a quick call to the hair salon and find your new favorite look below.

The French Bob for older women

fringed bob from 50 with bangs haircuts for thin hair

French women are known all over the world for their sense of style and we are not surprised that hairstyle trends for 2023 are also influenced by them. Chic, classy and girly – we love the French bob! Here, the hair is slightly shorter than in the classic bob and ends approximately at chin level. The 50+ fringed bob looks especially charming with a fringed fringe that ends above the eyebrows. The short hairstyle is characterized by an effortless undone look and the hair may not look perfect. Perfect, therefore, for those who do not have the desire or time for elaborate styling. But the biggest advantage of the French bob is that it suits absolutely every woman and can adapt to any face shape.

Stepped curly bob

Haircuts that make younger fringed bob from 50

While blunt haircuts look rather strict and staid, a fringed bob looks super feminine and fresh. Gentle beach waves make the haircut a compelling look for women over 50 who want a youthful and modern look. The curls add bounce and movement to the hair and provide an extra dose of volume and fullness. To achieve a soft, sun-kissed look that exudes class, add some highlights or opt for a new hair color. For example, ash brown hair as well as caramel highlights are totally in at the moment and literally make the fringed bob from 50 shine.

The fringed lob for women over 50

Wispy bangs trend hairstyle 2023 fringed bob with bangs

Looking for ideas for upbeat hairstyles for women over 50? Or you currently have long hair and are not ready for a drastic change? Then look no further, because we have the ultimate look for you! Neither too short, nor too long, but somewhere in between – the fringed lob is the ultimate hairstyle for those who just want a subtle hairstyle update. The short hairstyle gives us the best of both worlds and can be styled in a variety of ways. The lob has been an absolute favorite among celebrities and fashion influencers of all ages for years because of its versatility, and it always looks great. Especially with fringed wispy bangs, the hairstyle provides a wonderfully light finish and is a great eye-catcher.

Pixie Bob for women over 50

Pixie bob for women over 50 peppy hairstyles for women over 50

Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we can’t experiment with our look. Taking fashion risks can be really fun and make us feel more youthful and full of energy. Not quite a pixie cut, but not quite a classic fringed bob either – the pixie bob is THE trendy hairstyle of the moment! The hybrid look has all the sass of a super-short hairstyle, but with a little more softness like the bob. Here, the top hairs are slightly to extremely layered, but end roughly between the mouth and chin, making for a feathery and feminine look. When it comes to styling, the Pixie Bob isn’t that elaborate either. For the undone look, let the hair air dry and then apply a little hair wax. And if you prefer to wear your hair straight, you can style the Pixie Bob with a straightening iron in less than 5 minutes.

Fringed bob from 50: The stacked bob is back

hair color trends 2023 stacked bob trend hairstyle peppy hairstyles women over 50

And here’s a fringed bob from 50 for all women who want to bring your thin and lifeless hair back to life! Combined with fringes, the Stacked Bob adds dynamism and fullness in no time and instantly makes us look 10 years younger. The best way to freshen up your look over 50 is to get a trendy haircut and complement it with a cool hair color. To enhance the volume effect, spice up the stacked bob with a few highlights. The haircut is a great eye-catcher and is also one of the easiest haircuts to maintain. What’s not to love about it?

The Shaggy Bob

Fringy bob from 50 with bangs haircuts that make younger

Cheeky, youthful and easy to maintain – not for nothing are shaggy hairstyles very trendy! We all know and love the shag cut from the 70s, but this year we feel like experimenting. Why not combine two hairstyles to get a modern and extremely fresh look? The shaggy bob looks simply fantastic and is an excellent variation of the fringed bob from 50. The step cut makes our hair look thicker and fuller and adds a rocking touch.

Fringed bob from 50: The most beautiful bob variations at a glance

Hair colors that make younger fringed bob from 50 trend hairstyles 2023

The shaggy bob as one of the most flattering hairstyles for women over 50

Hairstyles that make younger pictures shaggy bob women from 50

Highlights bring more movement into the hair

fringy bob from 50 which bangs hairstyles make younger

Fringy bob from 50 for more volume and fullness

asymmetrical fringy bob from 50 which hair colors make younger

The peppy hairstyle makes you look younger immediately

fringed bob from 50 short hair styling peppy hairstyles older women

The Stacked Bob is back on trend

Stacked bob trend hairstyles 2022 fringed upbeat hairstyles for women over 50

Even with gray hair, the fringed bob provides a youthful look

Short hairstyles for gray hair fringed bob from 50