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French short hairstyles for women: These are the hair trends for summer 2022 that will spice up your look!

Short haircuts require commitment like maintaining the haircut style every few months. Nevertheless, opting for a short haircut is becoming more and more popular lately and this is evident from the hairstyle trends for summer 2022. Think of dainty bobs, effortless pixies and the like. Below, we have compiled the best French short hairstyles. These haircuts will instantly spice up your look and you will look fresh and very good.

French short hairstyles – Crop Cut

Crop French Cut - Hairstyle Trends 2022

The crop cut represents the classic French style. This short hairstyle is perfect for straight or curly hair.

Crop French hairstyle for women - hair trends summer 2022

If you have straight hair, you can use different styling products to add texture. For curly hair, use a cream or mousse that will define your curls.

Idea for French Bob – modern and chic

French Bob - the latest hair trends summer 2022

French bob is a form of short haircut, cut to chin length and combined with bangs at the brow line. This French haircut has been modernized with a blunt cut, heavy texture and wavy hair. And there are many variations of the cut that you can choose to suit your face shape. Besides, this French hairstyle suits so many hair types and is super easy to style and maintain. You can also wear short bangs to give this cut a youthful look.

Wavy blunt bob with bangs - French short hairstyles 2022

It creates the illusion of thicker density and a healthier look with this modern short hairstyle. If you are craving for a drastic change in your current style, opt for this stylish and edgy haircut.

Wavy bob - modern hairstyles - summer 2022

French short hairstyles – cheekbones accentuating haircut.

French Bob - the most beautiful and best short haircuts 2022

Nothing goes better with red lips and a cafe than a micro bob that accentuates your cheekbones. It’s a daring look, but if you combine your bob with gossamer fringe, you’re sure to impress everyone. Make an appointment with your hairstylist right away to try something new. If you’re not afraid of shorter hair, this adventurous look is just what you need to make your hair gorgeous.

Micro bob - French look summer 2022

Blunt bob for a French look

Modern Bob Cut without bangs for French Look

Not sure if bangs are right for you? This relaxed, wavy bob is proof that you can still give off the French girl look with or without bangs.

French hairstyles for women - latest trends

The short haircut is dainty, French and absolutely eye-catching. The blunt bob is perfect for girls with naturally wavy hair or for those with straight hair.

French Cut Pixie

French Pixie Cut - the best short hairstyles for summer

French hairstyles are not limited to bobs. A well-executed pixie can play the Parisian role just as well when air-dried for that relaxed effect.

Real eye-catcher - French hairstyle - Pixie Cut

Pixie with long bangs – French Cut

French haircut - Pixie with long bangs

Long bangs can look good if you have the right look, attitude, and confidence – like this attractive, side-swept pixie that pushes the boundaries. You’ll love it.

French hairstyles are all the rage – bowl cut for women.

French look is extravagant and stylish - Bowl Cut

You may be thinking to yourself that you would never wear a bowl cut. But before you skim this, take a look at how outrageously chic it looks. You don’t have to be a star to wear it.

French short hairstyles: shoulder length French bob

Lob trends - French short haircuts for women

Not ready for a short chin length? Try a lob (long bob). If dull hair is too boring for you, ask your stylist for an A-symmetrical bob that is longer in the front and gradually gets shorter in the back.

Long bob - trendy French short haircuts in summer

Add a touch of edginess to your shoulder-length haircut with tousled layers and stringy bangs. The lob is a real head-turner!

Sleek French bob for summer 2022

Straight French bob as a trend - the best haircut ideas

The wavy bob is very popular for summer 2022 and the beauty of this versatile cut is that it looks just as chic when worn sleek and smooth.

Choppy French short hairstyles for the ladies.

French hairstyles for women - hair trends 2022 - Choppy Bob

You can make your chin-length choppy bob look fresh and modern with a short choppy fringe.

Asymmetrical bob for short hair

Asymmetrical bob - French short hairstyles trends

The asymmetrical bob is a classic French beauty. To get smooth and sleek hair, invest in a mousse for strong hold, a straightening iron and an anti-frizz hairspray.

Curly hair as a trend

Curly French hairstyles - modern ideas

This is another trend that is currently prevalent in Paris: long, sweeping bangs that are slightly cut in with a lace cut. This is another look that is perfect for all hair lengths and textures, especially curly or wavy hair. In fact, there is only one rule when it comes to bangs: under no circumstances should you feel that they need to be blow-dried straight.