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French braid: Easy, beginner instructions for the French braid for any occasion.

Are you still looking for the right Oktoberfest hairstyle? It doesn’t always have to be something particularly original and complicated to look good. Even a simple French braid, also known as a peasant braid, looks stunning and suitable for pretty much any occasion. But beginners probably aren’t quite sure how exactly to braid it. We have a step-by-step guide for you, so you can braid and present the most beautiful peasant braid. And here you have the choice between one braid or two side ones.

Peasant braid braiding for beginners

Braiding a farmer's braid - instructions for beginners to do it yourself

Whether you are a beginner or not, you know that the hair should first be well brushed. By the way, freshly washed hair is a little more difficult to style. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it a day before the event, but of course, this is up to you. You can also work a smoothing styling product into the hair.

Expert tip for ladies with straight hair: If you wave or curl the hair a little with a curling iron (don’t forget heat protection!) before braiding the farmer’s braid, it will not only help with the braiding itself (the waves will make it bend better into the braid). Subsequently, not so many or even no hair ends stand out.

Braid peasant braid - cross strands of hair and pick up new strands

Braiding peasant braid – instructions:

  • Take a strand from the section of hair above the forehead. This should create the shape of a triangle. Now divide this strand into three strands of the same size. Try to keep them separated from each other as in the picture: The left strand in the left hand, the right in the right hand and the middle between the thumb and middle finger of the right hand.
  • To begin, you can braid the peasant braid as you would a regular braid. You place the left strand over the middle strand and the left strand over the formerly right strand that has just become the middle strand. The new middle strand of hair is now between the thumb and middle finger of your left hand.

Braiding peasant braid from the top of the head to the nape of the neck

  • After the first crossing, start adding a new small strand each time. So before you put the right strand back over the middle one, pick up a little bit of the open hair right next to the strand. Do this on both sides and again and again.
  • Once you’ve picked up all the hair and you’re holding just a ponytail below the braid, so to speak, continue braiding normally without picking up any strands (logical, since there are none left to pick up). Once you have reached the bottom, tie the braid with a hair tie.
  • To make the braid look less severe and also more voluminous, you can carefully pull it apart a little at the sides. But do not overdo it, so as not to pull out short strands, which then stick out. You should only loosen the French braid a little.

Loosen the finished braid for more volume

If you want, you can fix the finished hairstyle with hairspray and hair accessories are also suitable to make the French braid even more interesting – bows, ribbons and barrettes, for example. Match the accessories to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a dirndl, use accessories in the same or similar color. If the traditional dress has lace accents, the hair accessories can also include lace. Or how about weaving a lace ribbon into the braid as well?

Vary the braid

Make two side braids in French style yourself - Boxer Braids

As mentioned earlier, instead of one big, middle braid at the back of your head, you can also choose two side braids to make the look even cuter. But not only that. This braiding technique can be used to create a wide variety of hairstyles.

Variations of the French braid - Like a wreath for an updo hairstyle

For example, the braid can run from one side diagonally to the other, or above the forehead and over the head like a wreath (also perfect if you are looking for light Wiesn hairstyles). If you like it asymmetrical, you can also braid only one side of the hair into a farmer’s braid. Let it run to the back while leaving the rest of the hair open.

Bangs braided to the side with a long braid

You can wrap the free hanging part of the braid inside to get an interesting updo and you can also conjure up a chignon in no time. Or how about not French braiding the loose braid, but instead choose the herringbone braid and create an interesting combo? In this case, tie the braid already at the nape, then create the herringbone braid and tie it at the end as well.

French braids for long and short hair

Braid your own peasant braid for any occasion

Shape the braided pigtail into a chignon or pin it up

Let the farmer’s braid run along the side for a wreath as an updo

Make your own hair wreath with the French braiding technique

Would you like to braid the peasant braid for short hair? Here are a few more ideas for braided hairstyles.