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Flattering short hairstyles for round face: the right haircut will make you look slimmer!

Short hairstyles for round faces are cut above the shoulders and make the face look more flattering and slender. Whether it’s a bob or a pixie, these haircuts exude universal appeal and effortless chic. Are you just looking for ideas for a new cut? Then the following flattering short hairstyles for round face are worth a look.

What short hairstyles for round face? General tips

Choppy bob with fringed bangs for round face

What cuts and styles are suitable for the ladies with round face? Here are a few tips for the perfect short hairstyle:

  • To better show off your facial features, you should choose a rather shorter cut. A pixie cut or a chin-length bob can make your face look narrower and slimmer, whereas a shoulder-length cut will only accentuate the roundness.
  • Choose a length and cut that only hugs your best features and that you are confident in wearing.
  • A blunter cut will usually make the face and neck look longer and give a slimmer appearance.
  • Consider a short hairstyle with bangs to flatter your round face.
  • Choose a length and cut that fits your personality and daily routine. For example, if you exercise a lot or like to put your hair up, a bob may not be the right choice for you.
  • Look at pictures online for inspiration, and look for models who have a similar hair texture and face shape to you.
  • If you’re not happy with your hairdresser, find out about stylists in your area and find one who knows about short hair and has worked with women with similar facial features.
  • Ask your stylist about the care of the hairstyle you have chosen.

Flattering short hairstyles for round face: you can try these haircuts

Scandi bob hairstyle for round face

Looking for ideas for your next haircut visit? Get inspired by the following ideas and find the haircut that best flatters your round face.

Classic bob with bangs

Classic bob with bangs is a flattering hairstyle

A short bob with straight bangs is a great choice for a short hairstyle if you have a round face. The haircut is elegant and timeless and will take the roundness away from the face if it goes beyond the chin. To keep this short haircut for round face in perfect shape, you need to get it cut every 5-6 weeks.

Properly style a short curly cut

Curly bob is the best hairstyle for round faces

Short hairstyles for round faces look even more beautiful when you add messy waves in warm, ash-brown shades. The soft and effortless styling and the cut across the chin balance the overall look and create a slimmer look.

Short Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

Neck length choppy bob in modern blonde tone

A neck-length choppy bob for fine hair is one of those flattering short hairstyles for round faces that impress with a softer, textured style! It looks even more beautiful when it shines with subtle baby lights. This short hairstyle looks even better with slightly wavy hair.

Short bob with curtain bangs makes round faces look narrower

Chin length bob with curtain bang makes the face look narrower

A chin-length bob with curtain bangs can instantly transform your face shape. The bob can conceal a double chin, while the tiered layers that hug the face will balance out your facial features. Curtain bangs are also a great idea and can slim round face shapes.

Sleek bob for straight hair

Conceal chubby cheeks with sleek bob hairstyle

If you are briefly looking for a short haircut for chubby faces, a sleek long bob usually pops up as a low-maintenance hairstyle. It works best on straight to thin hair, which can best show off the angles of this hairstyle. However, there are many adjustments depending on the texture and density of the hair.

Chin length curly bob for chubby faces.

Curls for flattering short hairstyles for round face

It’s hard to find short hairstyles for chubby faces and double chins. However, a chin-length curly bob is a great option for women with chubby cheeks , who are naturally blessed with beautiful curls. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it helps to visually distribute the weight.

Short shag with bangs – modern short hairstyles for round face.

Shag hairstyle for women with chubby face and straight hair

If you are looking for short hairstyles for fuller faces, you can try a short tiered shag. The heavily layered cut flatters the round face and makes it look narrower. It goes best with straight hair.

Cropped Pixie Cut

Cropped Pixie is a good short hairstyle for round face

Round faces can also look visually narrower with a cropped pixie. The sassy hairstyle flatters the face by adding volume to the top of the head and creating a balanced look. To express your individuality, you can spice up the short haircut with a cool color.

Short hairstyles for round face: long pixie with bangs.

Long Pixie with steps and side bangs

A long pixie with side swept bangs is one of the cuts that are suitable for women with rounder faces. The short, angular shape and side sweep of this haircut complement the curves of the face. For a flattering look, choose a side-swept fringe. It makes the face look narrower and emphasizes the facial features.

Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Bangs

Asymmetrical Pixie with side bangs for round face

For a bold look, cut your hair in an asymmetrical pixie with long bangs. A modern, asymmetrical cut is ideal for round faces. Its dramatic differences in length on the sides slim down the face. Cut off the back part to remove excess volume and make styling easier.