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Festival hairstyles to copy: With these cool and simple looks you are guaranteed to attract all eyes!

Concerts, parties, long nights and beautiful moments with friends – in the summer we can enjoy a lot of cool open-air events. The festival season is a great way to escape from everyday life and just have fun. While music festivals and concerts are primarily about the music, these are ideal to experiment with our looks and get bold. The tickets are already booked and the matching outfit is also ready? Great! But what about your hair? Whether it’s with glitter, eye-catching accessories, boho braids or casual beach waves, festival hairstyles will complete your look perfectly and are guaranteed to put you in a good mood! Are you ready to try something new? To make sure you catch everyone’s eyes this year, we’ve compiled the coolest and easiest festival hairstyles for every hair length. Have fun reading and styling them!

What makes the perfect festival hairstyle?

simple festival hairstyles 2022 bubble braids trend hairstyle summer

From bright hair colors to playful braids and fun hair accessories, festival hairstyles are a fun and great way to go crazy and try something bold. But in order for you to enjoy the time to the fullest, the look must not only be unique, but also practical. After all, you’ll be spending all day in the sun and dancing the night away. That’s why it’s important to choose a style that will also last. To give your hair more stand and volume, pack dry shampoo in your handbag. Also think about the appropriate summer protection for the hair and use a hairspray with UV protection. Or how about a hair scarf or a hat? These accessories are very trendy and also protect the scalp and the top hair from the strong rays of the sun.

Baby braids as a hairstyle trend in summer 2022

Mini Braids hairstyle trend summer 2022 festival hairstyles long hair

Whether ethnic patterns or platform shoes as a sandal trend 2022 – the 90s and 00s are back and celebrate a big comeback this year. So it’s no surprise that retro hairstyles are back in vogue and socially acceptable. Braided hairstyles are too elaborate and complicated for them and you are looking for cool festival hairstyles that are easy to style? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Quickly done, super cute and a real eye-catcher – baby braids are THE hairstyle trend in summer 2022. Numerous celebrities, including Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, have already adopted the look and show us how cool the mini braids actually are.

simple festival hairstyles long hair trend hairstyles summer 2022

As the name suggests, baby braids are small braids that are super easy to braid and gently hug the face. And the best part? Absolutely any woman can recreate the braided hairstyle and the styling takes less than 10 minutes. What’s more, baby braids work with absolutely any hair length. Whether festival hairstyles for long or short hair – the hair trend always looks great! And this is how quickly you can achieve the look:

  • Take a small strand at the front top of the head and divide it into three equal parts.
  • Then braid a classic braid by repeatedly placing the outer strand over the middle one.
  • Fix it with a thin hair tie and your festival look is ready!

Braiding boxer braids for a cool summer look

Festival hairstyles braided quick braid hairstyles long hair

Super practical, really chic and really cool – boxer braids are probably THE classic festival hairstyles for long hair. Once known as a sports hairstyle, the look is experiencing a real hype and thus belong to the most beautiful braided hairstyles for summer 2022. In addition, the boxer braids can be adapted to absolutely any hair length and even work as festival hairstyles for thin hair. However, you should make sure that you braid the braids rather loosely and not too tightly.

Bubble Braids trend hairstyles summer 2022 hairstyles for festivals long hair

Romantic and playful braided hairstyles are great, but unfortunately not everyone’s cup of tea. And if boxer braids are too complicated for you, the trendy bubble braids are the perfect alternative. The trend hairstyle looks like a real work of art, but in reality requires very little effort. Simply tie the hair into two ponytails and tie the hair along the ponytail with several hair ties. Pull the hair sections slightly apart and you’re done – sounds like the perfect 2022 festival hairstyle to us, right?

Half-up hairstyles in summer 2022

Half up hairstyles medium length hair simple fesitval hairstyles 2022

Especially in the summer heat, half-up hairstyles are an extremely practical way to keep our hair out of our faces . Whether into a loose chignon or braided and twisted – the looks are super versatile and are always a real eye-catcher. Different hair accessories, such as hair clips or for example mini butterflies, exude cool boho vibes and round off the festival hairstyles perfectly. Depending on the length of your hair, you can try out the most different variations – pretty much anything you like is allowed.

Festival hairstyles with glitter

Festival hairstyles glitter trend hairstyles summer 2022

You love to experiment with your look and attract attention! Festival hairstyles with glitter literally make your hair shine and put you in a good mood! No matter what look you choose, glitter will turn even the simplest hairstyle into a real eye-catcher!

Hair accessories for an exciting summer look

Hair accessories trends 2022 festival hairstyles glitter

Hair accessories are also a great option to spice up festival hairstyles. In doing so, give thanks to hair clips, hair rings, hair scarves or just about anything you feel like! Or how about spicing up your classic ponytail with loose rhinestones? Such a cool look will literally make your hair speak and make you stand out from the crowd.

Tinsel hair as a hairstyle trend 2022

Festival hairstyles with glitter tinsel hair hairstyle trend summer 2022

Slightly shimmering, sparkling and really glamorous – tinsel hair as a hairstyle trend is a subtle and equally chic alternative to festival hairstyles with glitter. As the name suggests, tiny strands of tinsel in a variety of colors are incorporated into the hair. The result is a cool look that is fun and immediately catches the eye.

The undercut for women as festival hairstyles for short hair

Fesitval hairstyles short hair undercut hairstyle women 2022

You lack ideas for festival hairstyles for short hair? How about a sassy undercut hairstyle for women? Admittedly – the look does require some courage, but it is definitely a real eye-catcher. Whether a pixie or bob with an undercut – the short hairstyle is one of the biggest hairstyle trends in summer 2022 and ideal for those who are not afraid of radical changes. The undercut becomes even more exciting when you combine the hairstyle with a bold hair color or an individual pattern. There are no limits to your imagination and it is the perfect way to emphasize your individuality.

Bright hair colors

Festival hairstyles with bangs hair trends summer 2022

Festival hairstyles are ideal to go all out and get pretty crazy. For an eye-catching appearance, it doesn’t always have to be complicated braids. Bright hair colors are on trend and will make your hair shine. So bring some color into your life using semi-permanent hair colors that usually wash out after 1-3 hair washes. Think pastel pink, sky blue, purple or green – the sky is the limit! Or why not get even bolder and combine several shades together?

The most beautiful festival hairstyles 2022 to re-style

Festival hairstyles short hair beach waves hairstyle trend 2022

The Pixie Cut in bright shades immediately catches the eye

Pixie cut trend hairstyle 2022 festival hairstyles short hair

Space buns are another classic among festival hairstyles for long hair

Space Buns do it yourself festival hairstyles medium long hair

Half-up hairstyle in combination with bright colors creates a colorful summer look

Hair color trends summer 2022 festival hairstyles medium length hair

Pigtails hairstyle is also making a comeback and is perfect for a simple festival look

Pigtails hairstyle do it yourself festival hairstyles long hair4

Hair accessories turn even the simplest hairstyle into a real eye-catcher

Festival hairstyles short hair summer hair trends 2022