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Fed up with bangs? 8 styling tips for transitional length.

Since hair only grows about a centimeter per month on average, it can take months, even years, for the bangs to grow out completely – depending on how long the hairstyle around them is. In the meantime, the brow fringe hangs in front of your eyes and can’t be tucked behind your ears (yet). But luckily, there are plenty of tricks and hairstyles to style away the unloved bangs, or to skillfully showcase the strands as they grow out!

Conceal bangs with center parting

Some trend hairstyles are particularly grateful when a woman wants to let the bangs grow out, including the center parting. This can be optimally combined with a fringe that grows out: If the fringe has already reached the eyebrows or even rises above them, it can easily be parted. A little hairspray at the tips keeps the bangs at the ends, round brushes and hairdryers make the look particularly beautiful. This fringe is called übrigens Curtain Bangs and looks especially lässig with light beach waves.

Bangs with side parting

Not a fan of the center parting? With a side parting, the lengthening bangs work at least as well. The forehead fringe is simply parted from the crown of the forehead to the side and, if necessary, fixed with clips. So the fringe can simply grow out in length until it eventually disappears.

Cut steps

If the bangs have already arrived at cheekbone length, they can be slowly integrated into a step cut – also one of the most popular hairstyles for women. So that the cut gets volume and does not look too messy, you should definitely let the hairdresser here!

Hairstyles with curls

Curls conceal the bangs wonderfully. Simply integrate the outgrown hair around the face into the large or small waves and knead them into curls. Thanks to bangs, the brow line looks much more voluminous.

Undone look

Fans des Undone looks haben es mit ihrem unerwünschten Pony richtig leicht. Der wird einfach in das Haupthaar gestrubbelt. Bei diesem Look kommt es schließlich nicht darauf an, dass das Haar irgendwie ordentlich liegt – im Gegenteil, am besten sehen die Haare mit ordentlich Volumen und Salz-Spray aus.

Wear braided hairstyle

Braided hairstyles are a wonderful option when growing out bangs. Braided tightly along the hairline or from the roots to the back, the hairstyles wonderfully conceal the bangs getting longer.

Wear bangs as strands

If the bangs have grown beyond the chin line, they can be super staged by transforming them into a hairstyle that we already know from the 90s and 00s: Ponytail and two thick strands left and right, the styling is done! By the way, it also works well in the braided version – the trend hairstyle is then called Braided Tendrils.


If nothing else goes, always goes bandana!  The scarf is not for nothing one of the big trends this season. It conceals both a grown-out or unwashed neckline and bangs. The fringe on the forehead can be hidden under it and the band creates a stylish hairstyle in no time at all.