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Feathered Haircut Trend 2022: This is the hairstyle that will instantly spice up your look and make you a star!

In the fashion and beauty field, what’s old is always new. A hairstyle trend that made waves decades ago is often revisited years later. When it comes to vintage trends that are experiencing a modern revival, it’s safe to say that 70s fashion is back in a big way. Of course, the 70s hairstyle is also making a big comeback and the feathered hairstyle is back in style. Whether you prefer short, long or medium length hair, the iconic 70s look with “feathers” is fresh and fun. Luckily, you don’t need a whole can of hairspray for it like you used to. Before you head to the hairdresser to get Feathered Haircut, read this article to learn what this look is and how to maintain it at home.

What is a Feathered Haircut?

Feathered Haircut - hairstyles from the 70s

Feathered haircut is a unisex haircut that resembles the layering of bird feathers and was one of the trademarks of the 1970s and 1980s. This hairstyle became famous thanks to actress Farrah Fawcett (“Three Angels for Charlie”). For a feathered haircut, the hair is usually cut with a razor comb and brushed away from the face to add texture to the look.

Feathered Haircut Trend 2022 - This is the hairstyle that will instantly spice up your look and make you a star

The ’70s haircut, inspired by the decade’s hair icons, is all about layering the entire head to add natural volume and texture to the mane. If you’ve tried long layers in the past and weren’t impressed with your flat approach, consider this hairstyle that won’t weigh you down.

Feathered haircut makes a comeback

The feathered, short and long hair of the 70s is soft and has a light, airy look.

Style feathered bangs

70s hairstyle becomes popular and current again

A feathered fringe brings the same airy, layered look to the front of your face. This fringe is usually fuller than the stranded fringe and can be styled in a variety of ways. The hottest look right now is the ’70s fringe, which features a center parting and soft volume that sweeps away from the face.

Feathered Pixie Cut - modern haircuts 2022

Feathered ponies look great with short, medium and long hair.

Create a 70s look

Feathered hairstyle - hot trend in summer 2022

The typical feathered cut of the 70s was usually worn just above the shoulders. Modern feathered hairstyles can be worn at any length and can be customized to fit your desired level of grooming.

Feathered haircut - new hairstyle trends 2022

  • Long Feathered Haircut

If you want long feathered hair, make sure your hairstylist agrees with you before they start snipping at your strands. You can still create feathery layers in your mane without taking off much length. For an even more dramatic take on the trend, you can even try hair extensions with feathers.

Feathered Bob with side bangs - peppy hairstyles for younger and older women 2022

  • Short Feathered Haircut

For those who want their short hair feathered, there are also several options. You can ask your hairdresser for short, shaggy strands. For the ultimate 70s look, you can go for a feathered fringe with a curtain or a full, straight fringe. However you go about it, a feathered haircut can add drama to an otherwise low-key bob!

Feathered haircut for short, long and medium length hair

  • Medium Length Feathered Haircut

This hairstyle falls somewhere between long and short. The same principles apply, but your hairstylist will need to add strategic layers to create volume in all the right places.

How do you style your sassy Feathered Haircut?

Try modern feathered pixie cut - trends 2022

Once your feathered layers are in place, you can start creating a modern and upbeat hairstyle. Remember to aim for a bouncy, windswept texture and a slight curl away from your face.

Feathered haircut for fine hair - sassy haircuts 2022

1. prepare your strands.

Start by treating your freshly washed and towel-dried hair with a heat protectant spray. If you have fine hair that struggles to get volume, you can also prep your hair with a few sprays of volume spray. A light spray will provide flexible volume from roots to ends.

Style feathered bangs - trend hairstyle 2022

2. dry your hair a little

Dry your hair a little with the lowest heat setting. Move the nozzle back and forth without pulling your hair too much. If you have fine hair, you should dry it to 80%. If you have thicker hair, aim for 50%.

Style your Feathered Haircut - tips

3. add a texture spray.

Next, add some texture to your strands with a texture spray for a tousled, sassy look. Add height to the crown and sides of your face.

Haircuts from the 70's are modern again today

4. use a curling iron

Once you’ve added volume, pick up a curling iron or curler and create waves in your hair. For the 70s look with feathers, you should focus on the tips of your strands and give them each a little twist away from your face.

Feathered Haircut - trendy haircuts for long hair 2022

5. take a hairspray to finish.

Complete your feathered hairstyle with a few sprays of a long-lasting hairspray. A hairspray will ensure that your hairstyle lasts for hours without looking stiff and sitting on your head like a helmet.

Feathered Bob style - modern hairstyles 2022