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Fall hairstyles 2017/ 2018 and current trends for hair colors and haircuts

Herbstfrisuren 2017/ 2018 -trends-mode-aktuell

It is not only in fashion that new trends are defined and reinvented every season. Hair styles are also constantly transforming. The current hair trends for fall are full of contrasts, they break the stereotypes and give a strong attitude. Hair is voluminous or extra sleek, natural or artfully braided, colored in bright colors or in mild nuances, falling loosely or tied up high. Whether it’s long hair, hair colors or hairstyles, these fall hairstyles 2017/ 2018 are on trend.

Fall hairstyles 2017/ 2018 – Natural hair length.

Herbstfrisuren 2017/ 2018 -trends-natürliche-haarlänge

What hair length is trendy this fall and also next year? This question is certainly asked by many women. On the catwalk and Instagram, a natural hair length is preferred. Most often, the hair is worn medium or chin length, but happy to wear longer if the hair looks healthy, full and shiny. Just the natural and casual look is absolutely in. An it hairstyle is the clavi cut, which is actually a variation of the well known long bob.

Natural hair texture – curls and waves

Herbstfrisuren 2017/ 2018 -trends-natürliche-wellen

In connection with the natural hair length is also a natural hair structure. The hair should not look too “made” and styled, but fall unconstrained and loose. This effect is made possible by the proper use of special for the hair type hair styling and care products. Ladies with naturally curly hair can really benefit from this natural beauty trend, because just natural waves and curls that embrace the face, conjure up the trendy light and airy effect.

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Fall hairstyles 2017/ 2018 – Extra volume and airiness.


A trend in autumn hairstyles is extreme volume inspired by the past eras. Depending on whether it is about the retro volume of the 60s, 80s or 90s, the effect can be achieved based on the natural hair structure. For example, in the case of natural curls, the hair is blow-dried airy, overhead. Alternatively, different hair styling techniques are used.

Retro volume


The extreme volume in the style of the 60s is achieved with the help of large curlers or a wide curling iron. Then you need to tousle the hair and fix it with hairspray. Crimped hair is a trend that we know from the 90s and is celebrating a comeback. For this, the hair should be straightened beforehand and styled with a special crepe iron.

Autumn hairstyles 2017/ 2018 – Sleek Look


Most autumn hairstyles 2017/ 2018 convince with their simplicity. The current hairstyles are not elaborate at all and they can be done by any woman even at home. So it is with the elegant Sleek Look. Here, the hair is combed back and fixed with a little hairspray. Here it is important not to use too many hair styling products.

Wet Look


A variation of the trendy Sleek Look and also the opposite of the extreme volume is the Wet Look. Here, the hair is also combed back, but previously gelled or treated with hair wax. Here, an extra glow and a “wet” appearance is conjured.

Autumn hairstyles 2017/ 2018 – ponytail variations.


As already mentioned, the autumn hairstyles 2017/ 2018 are not complex and emphasis is placed on a natural appearance. So it is with the timeless classic hairstyle – the ponytail. All variations of it are currently very topical and at the same time you can really vary endlessly. Loosely tied, worn on one side, straight or parted in the middle, all variations of the ponytail are in demand.


The ponytail is probably the simplest, most practical and uncomplicated hairstyle that every woman knows. There is hardly any other hairstyling that is so multifaceted and appropriate both for sports and for the party. Moreover, it is a good solution when you have a bad hair day. Although the hairstyle itself is simple, you should pay attention to the details. When tying up the hair, it is recommended to cover the hair tie with a strand of hair and thus hide it.

Double Buns


Instead of tying two braids on both sides, you can style casual double buns. These are a kind of dutts that are tied on the right and left side. We know this hairstyle from the 90s from Gwen Stefani and Björk. For this purpose, the practical chignon cushions can also be used, but it is better to go for a small size, so that the hairstyle finally appears aesthetically pleasing. It is also not necessary to tie the whole hair, but only a part of it on the top of the head – double-bun half-up. The two buns can sit both at the level of the neck and at the very top of the head.

Fall hairstyles 2017/ 2018 – braids of any type.


Herringbone, baby, school and peasant braids doesn’t matter, braided hairstyles of any kind are in trend! Playful braids in every shape and size, in all imaginable widths are as trendy as never before. Especially in hot temperatures and when working out, braids are very practical. Those who do not yet know how to braid, finally have to learn.

Bows in the hair


Who thinks that hair bows are something for little girls or old-fashioned, is mistaken. Different artistic designs complement the current autumn hairstyles 2017/ 2018, which Chanel, Monique, Erdem and other fashion houses have recently presented. A bow into the hair becomes a pretty detail and enhances any plain hairstyling. With open or tied hair, the beautiful accessory always sits perfectly when coordinated with the outfit.

Artful hair bands variations


With artistic hairbands, which are more reminiscent of real pieces of jewelry, designers have decorated the models’ autumn hairstyles. A special impression is made by the unusual opulent version by Chanel. It is based on a knitted headband and lavishly decorated with beads, sequins and rhinestones.

Flowers in the hair and flower wreaths


Flowers and flower wreaths are mostly associated with spring and summer. However, this hot trend remains very current even in autumn and reminds us of the nostalgia after Indian summer. Undeniably, real or artificial flowers enhance any plain hairstyle. “Unmade” or loosely tied hair with flower accents are definitely something for fans of the romantic boho look.

Fall hairstyles 2017/ 2018 decorated with hair jewelry and artistic hairpins.


Opulent hair bands and hoops, hair clips and pins are a special highlight in the autumn hairstyles this year. Thereby it is meant exactly the opposite of the guiding principle “less is more”. More glitter, gold and silver, more pearls and crystals is the motto of the trendy hair jewelry. Finally, the hairstyle becomes a real work of art.

Fall hairstyles 2017/ 2018 – strands of hair with rainbow effect.


If a large part of the stylists goes for a natural look, others do exactly the opposite. This year Versace presents how to combine natural hair color, whether brown or blonde, with a bright color. The result is a modern, rebellious interpretation of today’s hippies.

Rainbow colors

Herbstfrisuren 2017/ 2018 -trends-haarfarbe-regenbogenfarben

Rainbow colors have become a permanent trend in hair. In this case, several or only one hair color is applied to light, or blond hair. The motley effect is achieved by hairstylists using either freehand or foil techniques and goes on many variations: Ombrè, Dip-Dye, Opal and etc.