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Fall 2022 hairstyle trend: The Brachel Haircut is the new trend hairstyle that everyone is obsessed with!

Elegant bob, a cheeky shag or playful highlights for gray hair – when it comes to hairstyles, it will be anything but boring this winter. In addition to some classics, chic hybrid hairstyles, such as the mixie or pixie cut, are also very popular and have become indispensable in our minds. The fashion world knows no breaks and it was only a matter of time before a whole new look caught our attention. And to keep you one step ahead of the rest, we are constantly doing our best to keep you up to date regarding the latest trends. Beautifully airy, light and with a touch of retro chic – the Brachel Haircut is celebrated as THE trend hairstyle for fall and winter and has already taken the hearts of all fashionistas by storm. What makes the haircut and how is it styled? All this and the most beautiful inspirations for your next visit to the hairdresser can be found right now in our article!

What exactly is the Brachel Haircut?

Brachel Haircut hairstyle trend autumn winter 2022 which firsures for thin hair

We all know and love it – the Rachel Cut, which was inspired by actress and fashion icon Jennifer Aniston in the 90s. The iconic hairstyle from the series “Friends” has become a cult character and the timeless classic will probably never go out of fashion. But for the upcoming season, the chic hairstyle has received a small upgrade and comes across even more modern and beautiful. What makes the trend hairstyle Brachel Haircut so special, you may ask? Well, it’s a cool hybrid look that combines the famous Rachel Cut with Bridgitte Bardott’s airy bangs – hence the name.

Bangs hairstyles for thin hair Brachel Haircut trend hairstyle winter 2022

What makes the Brachel Cut so unique is the 60s fringe, which gently frames the face and sets off our cheekbones perfectly. The rest of the hair remains shoulder-length and is very much paced, which in turn instantly adds fullness and dimension. This trendy hairstyle gives us the best of both worlds, and the combination of the bangs and the many steps immediately makes our mane look much more voluminous and lively.

Brachel Cut trend hairstyle winter long hair with bangs pictures

The braid cut exudes cool retro vibes and gives our look a good amount of oomph – what’s not to love? So if you have thin hair and want to make it look a little thicker, the Brachel Cut is your best bet as a fall trend hairstyle! And the best part? No matter if you have short or long hair – absolutely every woman can wear the Brachel Haircut and the result is always a great retro look that makes you stand out from the crowd.

How to style the trend hairstyle?

what hairstyles make younger Brachel Haircut trend hairstyle autumn winter 2022

With the airy bangs and the strong step cut, the Brachel Cut makes our facial features look much softer and the hairstyle is perfect to cheat away a few years. But to make the haircut really stand out, you should invest some time in styling it. To get that gorgeous voluminous look, it’s best to blow dry your hair with a round brush after washing. Alternatively, you can use a hot air brush to shape the brachel cut.

hairstyle trend autumn winter 2022 what is brachel haircut trend hairstyle

However, constant styling with heat can take a toll on our hair and make it brittle. To avoid this and give your hair even more shine, don’t forget to use heat protection and apply some shine spray. Finally, fix everything with plenty of hairspray and voilà – you’ve already rocked the Brachel Cut!

thin hair make look thicker Brachel Haircut hairstyle trend winter 2022