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Face Framing Layers: these layered hairstyles flatter any face shape and suit women of all ages

Whether you have short, medium-length or long hair – steps are the feature that best accentuates your face. Step cuts conjure up volume and can cleverly conceal various flaws. Successfully cut highlights are also great for emphasizing certain facial features. If you’re currently looking for a new, flattering haircut, then you should ask your hairdresser about Face Framing Layers.

Face framing layers: what distinguishes the hairstyle?

Face framing layers for long hair

Steps, steps, steps! In this hairstyle, the hair around the face is cut in steps, and this is done to emphasize or conceal certain facial features. Thus, the hairstyle does not have a single, fixed shape, but it is very versatile and fits every hairstyle desire. Bob hairstyles as well as long and medium length cuts can benefit from Face Framing Layers!

Face framing layers for long blonde hair

Unlike the classic layered cut, the layers in this hairstyle can only affect the front part of the hair. Thus, you are often mistaken for a long fringe. In contrast, layers are slightly longer and usually extend between the cheekbones and the chin. However, you can vary the length to create a flattering look.

However, face framing layers can also be combined with bangs. This is a well-suited hairstyle combo especially for ladies with high foreheads and a narrow face.

A flattering layered cut for every face shape

Choppy cut with bangs flatters the angular face

Whether round, narrow or angular, every face shape has its advantages and disadvantages. However, with the right cut, a person’s most beautiful facial features can be brought out and blemishes can be concealed. At this point, face framing layers are a well-suited choice, as they can be customized to fit the particular face shape and present it in a better light. All you need is a skilled hairstylist who has experience with layered cuts and can turn the strands of hair around the face into a pretty “frame”.

Face framing hairstyles for ladies over 50 and 60 make younger.

Shaggy hairstyle with fused-framed steps

This haircutting technique knows no age and is super suitable even for the older ladies. Unlike the blunt cut, the layers bring more movement to the hair and make even a thinning mane look voluminous and great.

If short hairstyles from 60 are not really your thing, then you can opt for a layered, medium length cut. It can rejuvenate you just as well as a sassy short haircut and is also much easier to maintain. With a slight fringe to it, you can also cheat away those little wrinkles on your forehead.

To enhance the effect, you can combine your new haircut with highlights. These can frame a face just as well and have become the trademark of US actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

The most beautiful hairstyles with face framing steps

Long Layers

Step cut for long hair emphasizing face

When long hair is stepped in the front, you provide movement to the hair and the face comes out better as a result. Without these light steps, the hair would fall heavy and lifeless.

Stepped bob with bangs and framing layers

Face framing layered cut for shoulder length hair with bangs

For a medium length or long bob, the steps can create more dimension and conjure up a sassy look. This variation of the classic cut is all the rage right now and is still known as a choppy bob.

Stepped and wavy – a beautiful styling variant of the hairstyle.

Face framing layers medium length with curtain bangs

As far as a hairstyle is concerned, waves and steps always go hand in hand! This gorgeous combination adds extra volume to the hair and creates a beautiful frame for the face. A tip: opt for steps that end right at the chin to make the best use of face framing layers.

Medium length with Curtain Bangs

The medium length shag cut is on trend this fall

Multiple steps that frame the face, as well as a stylish curtain bangs, can transform a mid-length cut into a volume wonder. This variation of the hairstyle is still known as the shag cut and is very trendy this year.

Face framing layers with straight bangs for round face.

Steps that frame a round face

For ladies with a round face, this medium length layered cut is perfect! The steps can help make the face look more elongated and therefore slimmer. Also check out these beautiful hairstyles for round faces if you are just looking for a new haircut for this face shape.

Face framing layers and highlights for a younger look from 50.

Layered cut for older ladies who want to look younger

A good layered cut can flatter and make ladies look younger after a certain age. Face framing layers give dimension to medium length hair and the use of highlights around the face complete the look perfectly.

Medium length layered cut for straight hair.

A layered cut that perfectly flatters women over 50

If your hair is straight and thin, then this medium length step cut with bangs is a good choice for Face Framing Layers. Lowlights can be used to add more dimension to the hair color, making the modern cut stand out even more.