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Ex-“Monrose” star Mandy Capristo – the hair is off!

“I did it” – with these three words Mandy Capristo commented on a TikTok video posted on Instagram. What exactly the singer was about, fans quickly learned: Mandy has had her chest-length mane significantly shortened and now looks quite changed.

Normally we know the ex-"Monrose"-Sängerin with at least a chest-length Mähne, sometimes smooth geföhnt with center parting, but also like perfectly onduliert or moon-än pinned up. Now Mandy Capristo has had the courage to let her hair down – she immediately presented the new hairstyle to her almost 700,000 followers, who were mostly thrilled.

Mandy Capristo goes for a classic hairstyle

Mandy’s choice fell on a real hairstyle classic, the long bob. The good thing about the cut: The hairstyle change does not look so radical. So if you have (had) hair as long as the singer’s, you don’t have to part with too much length; the trendy hairstyle ends somewhere between the shoulder and the collarbone. Another big advantage is that the hair is just long enough to be tied back in a braid, but at the same time much easier to care for than an XXL mane. Superstar Jennifer Lopez also likes to use the style again and again:

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 2019 – also the U.S. singer separates again and again from Längen and trägt like here a ondulierten Long Bob Photo: Getty Images

Mandy Capristo like J.Lo rely on gentle waves, slightly stepped through around the forehead, which conjures up even more volume on the head.

Mandy Capristo – new life in Italy

The years with "Monrose" in the spotlight – für Mandy Capristo a time that pushed her to her limits in every way. In 2015, she went für some time to Los Angeles to come to rest: "I wanted to do normal things again, not have to make myself up in case photographers shot me down. I didn’t wear makeup, drank alcohol for the first time – at 25 I made up for everything I hadn’t before", the singer told Tikbow in an interview. Today, the now 31-year-old, who found her happiness in Italy, advocates for more awareness of mental illnesses, for which she launched the mental health platform "Felice".