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Everyone loves the cool Scandi Bob! So easy you style the trend hairstyle 2023

You don’t have time for a long hairstyle, but you always want to look cool? Then this new trend hairstyle is just right for you. It’s about a stylish variant of the bob haircut, which is worn up and down by Scandinavian women. What exactly is the Scandi Bob and how to style it properly, we reveal in the article!

What distinguishes the Scandi Bob?

Scandi bob blonde style with side parting

If you dream of an uncomplicated and low-maintenance hairstyle in the new year, then you’re right on target with the Scandi Bob. It’s about a much cooler version of the classic bob that’s simple, effortless and very chic – pretty much everything you associate with Scandinavian style. Cut just below the chin line, this bob frames the face and accentuates the features. And what’s the secret to perfecting this look? A unique side parting that adds volume and creates a very special look. The cut can be both blunt and slightly tiered – the main thing is that the hair is not cut shaggy.

The most important advantages of the trendy haircut

Trend hairstyle Scandi Bob withi highlights styling

The Scandinavian bob is a trend that we love completely. It is particularly easy to maintain and works well with different hair types. Although the classic version is styled more with straight hair, women with wavy or curly hair can also wear a Scandi Bob.

Here are the advantages that the trendy hairstyle has to offer:

  • Suitable for all face types
  • Can be worn with or without bangs
  • Very easy to style
  • Frames the face and slims it visually
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures: straight, curly and wavy.

How to style the bob hairstyle 2023 yourself

Trend hairstyles 2023 medium length with side parting

This bob is very easy to maintain and is perfect for every season. Due to the not strictly defined parting, the hair looks very relaxed and natural. When styling, it is important to give volume to the hair, and when blow-drying, a large brush is enough. When drying the area around the parting, you should direct the blow dryer in the opposite direction to achieve the desired effect.

As another advantage of the hairstyle, you can emphasize the length, because the hair is still long enough to be styled into a low ponytail or a chignon if needed.

How to style Scandi Bob with waves

For an even more beautiful effect you can:

  • Make a more or less deep side parting.
  • Use a round hairbrush for more volume
  • Tuck the hair behind the ears or pin hair clips discreetly
  • Define the front strands of hair with highlights
  • Tie the hair in a deep chignon at the back of the head

Styling a Scandi Bob: hairstyle inspiration

Scandinavian bob as hairstyle trend 2023 for medium length hair

Straight hair with a deep side parting

Scandinavian bob suits women with round face

Style Scandinavian bob with waves

Scandinavian bob for wavy hair medium length

Bob variation for curly hair

Scandi Bob for curly hair

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