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Easy-care hairstyles: these haircuts and stylings will have you looking great in no time at all

Whether you work from home or go to the office every day, there is nothing better than an effortless haircut that takes little time. Hours of brushing and blow drying is not ideal for those who turn off their alarm clock every morning. This is where low-maintenance hairstyles and haircuts come into play. In this article, we have compiled some of them to help you simplify your routine.

Is short or long hair low maintenance?

Low maintenance hairstyles - These haircuts and stylings will have you looking good in no time at all

Both short and long hair can be high maintenance, depending on the haircut. Short haircuts like certain pixie and bob hairstyles need to be restyled every four to six weeks to maintain them and prevent them from getting too long. However, styling short hair on a daily basis is often easier than styling longer hair.

Which haircut is the easiest to maintain? The easiest haircuts to maintain are very short cuts like pixies and cuts with long layers that are easy to style and don’t require a lot of maintenance. You will still need to see your hairdresser every few months to keep your cut looking its best, but the intervals between appointments can be longer.

Are layers low maintenance? Some layered hairstyles, like short, choppy strands, are high maintenance. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance layered cut, opt for long layers that grow out seamlessly.

What hairstyle is the easiest to maintain? Hairstyles like simple braids, ponytails and chignon are the easiest to maintain and show off your natural texture.

Low-maintenance hairstyles you can’t go wrong with

Medium length curls are the easiest to maintain

Medium length curls are the easiest to maintain

As naturalistas, you may be wondering what length is best to wear your natural texture every day. A medium length cut is a safe choice for any curly hair type. When wearing your natural texture, use a styling product to shape and style your curls.

Low maintenance hairstyles – Long Shag.

With a shaggy haircut, you can effortlessly create a sexy undone look

If you find it hard to tame your luscious mane, consider it a blessing. With a shaggy haircut, you can effortlessly create a sexy undone look by effortlessly styling your long layers into loose waves.

Curly pixie looks great even without a blow dry

Easy-care hairstyles without blow-drying - Curly Pixie

Low maintenance hairstyles that are the best allow you to apply your styling products, let your mane dry quickly and carry on with your day. If you are looking for a curly haircut that is perfect without blow drying, consider a curly pixie cut.

Easy care hairstyles for moms – layering refreshes the hair

Low-maintenance hairstyles for moms - layering refreshes hair

Long hair is actually ideal for new moms because it’s easy to tie into a ponytail (and out of baby’s reach). Layers keep a long hairstyle fresh and light, making it easy to go from “I’m just keeping this stuff out of the way” to a vibrant, well-groomed look. Plus, you may notice a little more hair loss in your first few months as a mom due to hormonal changes. Layering can help create volume while your body sorts itself out.

Go for a “big haircut” if you dare.

Buzz cut can make your natural hair routine super low maintenance

Deciding to cut off most (or all) of your hair may sound pretty dramatic, but a big cut can make your natural hair routine super low maintenance and get rid of damaged strands.

Buzz cut for ladies – Get creative inspiration from the celebrities here !

Low maintenance hairstyles from 50 – The chin length bob

Easy care hairstyles from 50 - The chin-length bob

The chin-length bob gives your hair a fun, light texture and reduces maintenance, as this hairstyle looks best naturally air-dried.

Tip. Chin length hairstyles in fall are also ideal for hair care. Get inspired by more great styles for all ages here!

Medium length haircut for thin hair

A sleek medium-length hairstyle creates a chic, low-maintenance look

A sleek blonde medium length thin hairstyle is a chic, low maintenance look. If you’re looking for an easy to style, yet fashionable cut, a sleek medium length hairstyle is a great option. A minimal step makes it easy to maintain and style, but still adds a lot of dimension.

Tip: Dry your hair well before applying a straightening cream, and blow-dry it into shape with a wide flat brush. If you want a little curve at the tips, you can touch up with a large round brush.

Low-maintenance hairstyles with a deep side parting

Low maintenance hairstyles with a deep side parting go well with round faces

An easy-care cut with a deep side parting is especially flattering to people with a round face. The long but soft layers add dimension to a round face and beautifully accentuate the cheekbones. This low-maintenance cut is ideal for women who travel a lot, as you only need to visit your stylist every 3 months to keep your tips in shape.

Low-maintenance hairstyles from 60 – The asymmetrical Long Bob

Easy care hairstyles from 60 - The asymmetrical long bob

The asymmetrical long bob for older women is anything but boring if you are willing to think outside the box. Medium length hairstyles are flattering, easy to maintain and show that you have style and a little sass.

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More options to style – Put on a headband

Headbands are a quick way to disguise unruly strands

Headbands are not only one of the most stylish accessories, but also a quick and easy way to conceal unruly strands if you struggle with frizz and flyaways.

Messy chignon is always cool

The casual chignon is practical and cool

The messy chignon hairstyle is made for you if you have curly hair and bangs and are looking for a cool and low maintenance look! Keep your chignon in shape throughout the day with a few sprays of hairspray. And for special occasions, secure your chignon with a bun cuff .