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Dye hair pink: These are 30 of the best shades of pink (for every skin type).

Pastel hair is everywhere now – from the celebrities in your social media feeds to the woman you met on the street this morning. The hair color trend that is enjoying the most popularity and making a statement is definitely pink! Do you think that only trendsetters can wear this daring hair color? Quite the opposite. Any woman can dye her hair pink – it’s just a matter of finding the right shade of pink that flatters her complexion. There are countless shades of pink – from romantic pastel pink to bright pink to muted old pink. Read on to discover 30 pink hair ideas, broken down by the best shades of pink for every skin tone.

Dye hair pink: Choosing the best shade of pink for your skin type

Haare rosa färben - welche Rosa-Nuance zu welchem Typ?

Do you want to dye your hair pink? Check out our collection of ideas to get inspired for the perfect shade of pink, based on your skin type.

What hair color suits a fair skin type? Here are 10 pretty shades of pink that will flatter your fair complexion.

1. pastel pink hair

Pastellrosa Haare mit Perlglanz für helle Hauttypen

There’s no denying that pretty pastels have been on our trend radar for a while now, and if you have fair skin, pastel pink hair might be the perfect way for you to get in on this trend! This soft pink hue won’t contrast with your fair skin tone, but will add just the right amount of warmth to your complexion.

2. pink blonde hair

warm blonde haare mit rosa strähnchen

Want to take a slow approach to pink hair color? Then you should choose a slightly peachy shade. Rosé blonde hair color is the perfect combination of pink and peach tones. Both look particularly harmonious on naturally blonde hair and look great on a fair skin type.

Rose blonde Haare - Rosa mit Pfirsich-Unterton

3. purple and pink highlights on ash blonde hair.

mittelblonde Haare mit Rosa und Lila Strähnchen mit Silberschimmer

Peach colors are not to your taste? You may want to add a touch of purple to the mix. Silver and lilac tones will beautifully highlight and show off the cool undertone of your fair skin.

Lila pinke Haare für helle Hauttypen

4. pink balayage

Rosa Balayage auf braunem Haar

If you prefer a low-maintenance hair color but still want to try the pink hair trend, then we recommend the balayage look. These freehand painted highlights make it easy to extend the time between touch-ups, as your hairline remains untreated. This creates a natural looking color gradient from brown or blonde to pink.

5. cotton candy pink hair

Zuckerwatte rosa Haare und Blau Zweifarbig

Remember the fairs you visited as a kid and the pink clouds of cotton candy? Cotton candy pink hair looks just as cute as its namesake tastes! This beautiful shade of pink is the perfect way for women with fair skin to wear a vibrant hairstyle without creating a harsh contrast to their complexion. When combined with sky blue as two-tone hair, the look looks even cooler.

6. two-tone hair – pink and gray/platinum blonde

pastell rosa grau Haare im Ombre Look

Two-tone hair is totally on trend right now. We can’t think of anything better than combining two hair color trends in one: Pastel pink and platinum blonde. For this look, you can either color your hair vertically or horizontally – in both cases, the result will be stunning. In addition to icy platinum blonde, silver gray also goes great with pastel pink.

7. Confetti Pink Hair

Confetti Pink lange Haare mit bunten Highlights

Do you consider yourself a moody person? Then a confetti pink mane might be exactly the hair look you’ve been looking for. With a pink base hair color and thin strands of green, yellow, purple and blue in the tips, this trendy color looks like a confetti shooter just went off.

8. Icy Pink

Platinblonde Haare rosa tönen Eisblond

If you have fair skin with a cool undertone, we can recommend icy pink as a hair color. This pale pink shade is a mix of platinum blonde with a pink tint. If you want, you can ask your colorist to add some silver highlights to achieve an icy look.

9. peach pink hair color

Pfirsichrosa Haare Rosa und Orange

We’ve already mentioned that peach and pink combine beautifully, but maybe you want to make the peach shade a little more intense? While pink blonde hair is a bit more subtle, peach pink is ideal for those who like to stand out. The bright color is guaranteed to get a lot of attention on Instagram.

10. raspberry pink hair + dark roots.

Himbeerpinke Haare und Dunkler Ansatz

You may have heard the saying “go all out or go home”. If you want to get a bold, vibrant pink hair color, raspberry red or raspberry pink is the perfect choice. This bright pink has red undertones, making it the most eye-catching shade for fair skin tones on our list. Combined with a grown out dark base, it will be easy to maintain the color between hair appointments. If you’re not sure you’re ready to show off your mop of hair with such an intense color, you can use a temporary hair color in raspberry red.

The best shades of pink that suit medium hair type.

If you have a medium skin tone, you should consider the following pink shades.

11. light pink hair (baby pink).

Bubblegum rosa Haare

Your skin has a natural golden glow that can be beautifully complemented by a light pink hair color. Unlike pastel pink, baby pink will not create too much contrast with your medium skin tone.

12. pink and purple hair

rosa und lila Strähnchen auf braunem Haar wie ein Sonnenuntergang

We’ve focused here on which hair colors go with which skin types, but let’s take a moment to talk about two colors that complement each other beautifully! Yes, combining pink and purple is a great way to add depth to your hair while flattering your golden skin. Have your colorist add purple balayage highlights to pink colored hair for a color reminiscent of the most beautiful sunset.

13. bubblegum pink hair

Hellrosa Haare werden den goldenen Schimmer vom mittleren Typ unterstreichen

Pink bubblegum bubbles instantly put you in a good mood, don’t they? As the name suggests, bubblegum is a fresh, vibrant pink. This pink hair color is vibrant, but not too bright for your medium skin tone. It is the ideal option for those who want a classic pink mane.

14. rose gold

Roseblonde haare für Sommertypen

Are you jealous of the peachy pink shades we presented at the beginning of the article for fair skin types? Don’t worry, there is also an ideal peachy pink shade for women with medium skin tone: rose gold! The secret of this classy hair color: copper enriches the delicate pink, making it a perfect match for your warm complexion.

15. hot pink hair

Hot Pink Hair mit dunklem Ansatz

Do you want to dare with a slightly more intense shade for her hair? Then Hot Pink is just the thing for you! This shade will make your hair shine and is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye. Just keep in mind that such a daring hair color requires some maintenance. If you think it’s worth the effort, start with a semi-permanent hair color in hot pink.

16. pink dip dye

honigblonde Haare mit pinken Spitzen

Sometimes you don’t need a complete dye job to give your hair a modern upgrade. If you are a fan of small changes that make a big difference, then you can have just your tips dyed pink. Yes, with the dip dye technique, only the ends of your hair can be dipped in a pretty pink of your choice. When you are ready to say goodbye to pink hair, just go to the hairdresser and get it cut off.

blonde Haare mit rosa Spitzen Pink Dip Dye.jpg

17. fuchsia hair color

Fuchsia Haarfarbe zwischen Pink und Violett

Fuchsia is another daring pink hair color and looks like a deep but bright pink with shades of purple. The end result is the perfect balance between hot pink and deep purple. Combined with a modern A-line bob, your hair is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

18. millenial pink

Millenial Pink Haarfarbe warmes Rosa

Millennial pink hair is trendier than ever. The shade is exactly what you imagine: a soft, warm pink with a hint of rosé. If you’re one of the Millennials (you’re between 37 and 22 years old today) and have a medium skin tone, then you should definitely try this pretty shade.

19. watermelon

Wassermelonenrot und Grün zweifarbige Haare

Do you want a new hair color for summer and have your hair dyed pink? Then you can take inspiration from one of your favorite summer treats: watermelon! This bright shade will give your mane a juicy upgrade that is guaranteed to draw envious glances. The color is also great to pair with green for a cool two-tone look.

Wassermelonenrot und Grün bei einem Pixie Haarschnitt

20. faded rose

Roségold Haarfarbe mit dunklem Ansatz

Prefer a darker shade of pink? Faded Rose is ideal for medium skin tones who want to slowly introduce themselves to the pink hair trend. The shade contains notes of dusty mauve, making it extremely wearable and flattering for medium skin tones.

Faded Rose Altrosa Haarfarbe für mittlerem Hauttyp

21 Flamingo Pink

Flamingo Pink strahlend rosa Haare

At the other end of the color spectrum is flamingo pink. Inspired by the beautiful creatures the shade is named after, this pink hair color is perfect for exotic trendsetters who want to dye their hair pink.

Dye hair pink: The best ideas for dark skin types

Do you have a dark skin? Here are 9 pink hair colors that are worth trying!

22. dark pink hair

Dunkelrosa Haare mit schwarzem Ansatz zu dunkler Haut

Can you think of a hair color that suits dark skin types better than dark pink? Dark pink hair looks gorgeous, but is unsuitable for fair skin types as it creates too much contrast and quickly makes the look look unnatural. But if you have a dark skin tone, you can wear even the darkest pink without hesitation.

23. pink ombré for afro hair

Rosa Ombré Farbverlauf für Afrohaare

Want a low-maintenance pink hair color? Our suggestion for you: ombré hair. The ombré look creates a beautiful color gradient from the natural hair color to another shade in the tips, in this case that would be pink. It’s ideal for those who want to go without touch-ups for as long as possible, because you don’t see the roots growing out.

24. blush pink / powder pink

Puder rosa Haarfarbe für Olivehaut und mittlere Hauttypen

Remember the shade “Faded Rose” that we mentioned earlier? Blush, or still called powder pink, happens to be in the same color family, but a few shades lighter. This shade has hints of subtle beige and warm orange that makes for an eye-catching smokey look.

marshmallow blush pink afrohaare

25. copper pink

Kupferpink mit lila Strähnchen

Do you love the mix of orange and pink shades? Then you’ll be thrilled with copper pink, too. Your colorist will add highlights of copper, pink and purple to your hair for a look that is full of dimension and movement.

26. Pink Lilac Hair

Pink Lavendel Farbe zu dunklem Hauttyp

If you have a medium to dark skin tone and would like to try out the pastel hair trend, opt for this gorgeous lilac and pink blend. When you think of lilac, you usually remember the ornamental shrub with flowers in a pale purple hue. However, there are also many varieties of lilacs that come in a soft pink. Purple will complement the bluish tones on cool skin and bring your dark skin to life.

27. magenta

Dunkelpinke Haare zu dunkler Haut

Want a pink mane that makes a statement? Magenta is a hot pink shade with beautiful, vibrant red-purple undertones. While this color is not for the faint of heart, it would be a great way to spice up your hair. Plus, magenta will contrast perfectly with your dark complexion!

29. neon pink

Neonpink Haarfarbe für dunkle Haartypen

If you want a dramatic hair color that is guaranteed not to go unnoticed? It doesn’t get more eye-catching than a neon pink mane. If you want to try the look for a short time, you can experiment with a temporary hair dye in neon pink.

29. coral pink hair

Korallenrosa Haare zu dunkler Haut

Do you have dark skin with a warm undertone? Then you can beautifully highlight that golden glow with coral pink. The vibrant peachy-pink hue was named Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2019 and has been conquering our homes, closets, and makeup boxes ever since. The on-trend hair color exudes warmth and cheerfulness and is a perfect match for medium to dark skin tones.

30. fruit punch

Pinke Haarfarbe für dunkle Hauttypen - Fruit punch

What could be better on a hot summer day than a glass of refreshing fruit punch? This bright pink summer drink has a distinct, fruity flavor that most of us can’t get enough of. Well, it should come as no surprise that Fruit Punch Hair has the same qualities. It’s a striking, fruity pink color that you’ll just love!

kurzhaarfrisuren afro haare in pink