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Double Bun Hairstyles: the double chignon for a refreshing and modern hairstyle!

Whether for an official occasion, as a casual everyday look or to survive a bad hair day – updos in the most diverse variations simply always go! Banana hairstyle, messy bun, with or without bangs – the selection of great hairstyles that we could try out in everyday life seems to be endless by now and there is definitely something for everyone. And the truth is that every woman who likes to experiment with her hair should have a good command of at least one updo. Conjured in no time and still very chic – the good old chignon is the classic par excellence, when it has to go quickly. But why have just one chignon when you can have two? Double bun hairstyles already caused a stir in the 90s and are celebrating a big comeback this year! And the most beautiful thing? The trendy hairstyles can be styled in many different ways and are perfectly suitable for every hair length. From high buns to double chignon with braids – add some variety to your hair routine and try out some of the following looks!

Two Buns Hairstyles zwei Dutt Frisur für lange Haare Frisurentrends

Double buns, space buns, double chignon – many names, same hairstyle. The edgy look was first done by Carrie Fisher in the first “Star Wars” movie – hence the cute name “Space Buns”. Then it was brought back to life in the 90s by stars like Gwen Stefani, Mel B and of course the Spice Girls. Especially in terms of fashion, the 90s are making a big comeback and more and more trend are coming back. Style icons like Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry and Miley Curys have already rocked the hairstyle several times and showed us how versatile double bun hairstyles can be! From playful and casual to chic and elegant – it really does have it all! And if you like to draw attention with eye-catching creations, you can add some cool hair jewelry or even a pinch of glitter. So what are we waiting for? Here are the most beautiful hairstyles to try out!

Double bun hairstyles: the deep chignon for a playful look

niedrige Brötchen Frisur Anleitung Two Buns Hairstyles

Double bun hairstyles always have to be pinned up? Far from it! The trendy hairstyle is extremely versatile and the deep double bun is a simple yet very elegant hairstyle. And the best part? The look is styled super quickly and without much effort! Here’s how easy it is:

  • Comb the hair well and divide it into two equal sections in the middle. Tie the hair sections into a tight ponytail with an elastic band low on the nape of the neck.
  • And now it’s time for the fun part! Take the first ponytail, twist it in loosely, and then wrap it counterclockwise into a chignon around the hair elastic.
  • Secure with bobby pins and repeat on the other side.
  • To achieve the so-called messy look, you can loosen a few strands a bit.
  • Fix with plenty of hairspray and voilà – your trendy double bun hairstyle is ready!

Cute and elegant: this is how easy it is to achieve a braided chignon

Hochstekcfrisuren mit Zöpfen Dutt Frisur Anleitung Two Buns Hairstyles

Can’t decide between a chignon and a braided hairstyle? So how about combining the two to create a super trendy and modern look! One of the best ways to wear double bun hairstyles is to jazz them up with braids! The hairstyle is perfect for those who are looking for something casual yet elegant, and a great way to keep your long mane out of your face! Here’s how to conjure up the double braided chignon:

  • Take the head forward and comb the hair thoroughly.
  • To make the hair even more manageable, you can apply some hair wax to the ends of the hair.
  • Now divide the hair into two equal sections and tie them into a ponytail.
  • Divide the one ponytail into three strands and braid a classic French braid.
  • Braid the French braid to the point where you want the chignon to sit later. Then secure it with a small hair tie.
  • Lift the head and, when you are satisfied with the braid, pin the hair into a chignon.
  • Repeat on the other side and fix the hairstyle with plenty of hairspray.

Space bun hairstyles with bangs are on trend

Two Buns Hairstyles Frisurentrends Hochsteckfrisuren mti Pony lange Haare

Micro, diagonal, long or worn sideways – bangs hairstyles in the most diverse variations and lengths have been an integral part of the fashion world for years. A fringe makes the face look more interesting and makes any hairstyle a real eye-catcher. Many women think that for an updo you would have to somehow put away the bangs. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Updos with bangs are chic, trendy and look super exciting. Combined with a classic straight fringe, double bun hairstyles look very flattering and are the perfect hairstyle for a low brow! Whether it’s for a brunch with the girls, a day at the beach or for a festival – the look just goes all the time and can be worn wonderfully for any occasion.

Even with very short hair you can rock the double bun!

zwei Dutt Frisuren für kurze Haare Two Buns Hairstyles

Double buns hairstyles are very versatile and are perfect for all hair lengths! So it doesn’t matter if you have super long hair or a trendy pixie cut – every woman can try the trendy look! Singer Miley Cyrus is clear proof that the double bun can look just as cool and exciting with short hair, and you don’t need Rapunzel-long hair for it!

Hair accessories give the double bun a touch of glamour and elegance

Frisuren mit Scrunchies Two Buns Hairstyles Dutt Frisur lange Haare

Double bun hairstyles are real eye-catchers in themselves and always cause a stir. But the trendy updos can be spiced up not only with playful braids, but also with cool and modern accessories! Lean back into the casual atmosphere of the 90s by adding scrunchies or hair scarves in different patterns. These trendy pieces will add personality to your style and create a casual and unique look. It will be even more exciting if you match the colors of the hair accessories with your outfit!

Semi-open hairstyles with two chignon looks refreshing and modern

Two Buns Hairstyles Haare halboffen tragen Frisuren für lange Haare

Open hair always looks great, but it is rather impractical especially in higher temperatures. Especially in summer, we all prefer to have our hair out of our face and always resort to the classic ponytail. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Half-up hairstyles, which are currently hot anyway, offer an excellent and very stylish alternative. Half-up two buns hairstyles are therefore the perfect solution for those who love updos and still want to flaunt their hair glory! To add some volume to your hair, you can use a curling iron to add light curls or beach waves.

Double bun hairstyles with a difference: two chignon on top of each other for an interesting and quick look.

schnelle Hochsteckfrisuren für lange Haare zwei Dutt Frisuren Anleitung

You don’t have time in the morning and certainly no nerves to work on your hairstyle for hours in front of the mirror? Then you are always in the best place with the double bun hairstyles! But the original version is too playful and girly for you? We have the perfect solution for you too – simply style chignon on top of each other! Simply divide your hair into two sections, twirl the buns loosely and you’re ready to go!

Or why not add some glitter

Festival Frisuren Anleitung Two Buns Hairstyles

Hot days, long nights and good times with friends: Summer is just around the corner and for that, of course, you need the right hairstyle! You like to attract attention and are into extravagant and daring hairstyles? Don’t wait until the festival season starts again and just sprinkle some glitter over your hair. The glitter particles go well with any hair color and make the Double Bun Hairstyles even more eye-catching.

Two Buns Hairstyles: The most beautiful hairstyles to copy at a glance!

zwei Dutt Frisur mit Zöpfen Two Buns Hairstyles

Set your undercut hairstyle even better with two bun hairstyles

Undercut Frisur für Frauen Two Buns Hairstyles Haartrends

The deep chignon has a unique, elegant charm

Two Buns Hairstyles niedriger Dutt Frisur für lange Haare

Double bun hairstyles and pink hair create a dreamy and playful hairstyle

Two Buns Hairstyles Hochsteckfrisuren mit Zöpfen Anleitung

Double bun hairstyles with braids for a playful and romantic look

Space Buns Frisur Anleitung schnelle Hochsteckfrisuren mit Zöpfen

The trendy updos are very versatile and can be worn for any occasion

niedriger Dutt Frisur Anleitung Two Buns Hairstyles

Half-open hairstyles with two buns are perfect for an uncomplicated and yet very modern look

Two Buns Hairstyles Dutt Frisuren für lange Hare

Pink hair is one of the hottest hair trends of the year

Haare rosa färben Frisuren Trends Two Buns Hairstyles

Even the stars are obsessed with the two bun hairstyles

Gigi Hadid Frisuren zwei Dutt Frisur mit Pony Two Buns Hairstyles

Double bun hairstyles with bangs create a very cute look

Dutt Frisur mit Pony Two Buns Hairstyles Hochsteckfrisuren lagnge Haare