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Does hair actually need extra sun protection?

When the sun shines, most people automatically reach for sunscreen to protect their skin from UV radiation. But what about our hair? Do they need extra protection? Tikbow asked a dermatologist.

The sun is good for the soul and the body; it is only through its rays that the important vitamin D is formed, which strengthens our bones. However, too much UV radiation damages the skin sooner or later, and the question arises: Does hair also need special sun protection? Hair cannot get sunburned, but the scalp can", warns Dr. Alice Martin, dermatologist and co-founder of the telepractice Dermanostic. "Especially with light hair or at the crown of the head, one should therefore apply sun protection factor 30 to 50. " Because only if the scalp is healthy, the hair can continue to grow – a sunburn should therefore be urgently avoided.

Hair dries out from too much sun

Sunlight not only bleaches the hair, it also dries it out and can damage the hair, says Dr. Alice Martin. The consequences are hair breakage and split ends. Special sunscreen sprays are supposed to prevent just that, although the expert is skeptical about their use: "I estimate the effect rather small. The sun will still remove a lot of moisture from the hair;

Which sun protection for the hair?

Hands off also from sun creams or Ölen in the hair, which are actually intended for the skin – they usually only weigh down the hair instead of protecting it or nähren. "It is better to care for the hair after a day in the sun with a suitable hair treatment", advises the dermatologist. And of course it is even better to protect the hair from too much sun. That means not going out in the sun too often or for too long, or covering the hair with a scarf or cool hat;