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Does a short hairstyle suit me? The 5.7 centimeter rule can help

Do I dare or do I not dare? The step from a long mane to a cool short haircut is almost always preceded by one question: Does it suit me at all? Tikbow reveals how a ruler can help with the answer.

Short hairstyles never go out of fashion. Especially pixie haircuts or bowl cuts are back in fashion. It’s no wonder: cool, creative and very special are all attributes that are often associated with casual short haircuts. If you are still unsure whether you should let your hair down, the ruler trick can help. With the so-called 5.7cm rule, you can easily find out whether short hair suits you or whether you should stay true to the long hairstyle.

The 5.7 centimeter rule for short hair

As is so often the case, it is a question of the right proportion whether short hair really suits you. The hair professionals at the John Frieda hair care brand have therefore developed the 5.7-centimeter rule. Simply place a pencil horizontally under the tip of the chin and use a ruler to measure the distance vertically from the earlobe to the chin line extended by the pencil.

Woman with tape measure and pencil
This is how the measurement works: Simply place a pen horizontally at the tip of the chin and measure vertically downwards with a ruler or measuring tape. If the ruler and pencil meet at more than 5.7cm, the short haircut is not necessarily the best idea…Photo: Tikbow

Short hair – yes or no?

If the distance is less than 5.7 centimeters, you can give the hairdresser and his scissors the go-ahead; if it’s more, hairdressing professionals tend to advise long hair.

But: In the end, with all the math, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the new look. So if you want a short haircut even though the ruler says no, just do it anyway!