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Dirndl hairstyles for Oktoberfest 2022: These cool ideas for long & short hair you can easily style yourself

As autumn slowly but surely approaches, so does the popular Oktoberfest. After a long two years of pandemic, it will finally take place again in 2022. The Dirndl and the tickets are bought, but you are still missing the right inspiration for a hairstyle to match the costume? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have found a few ideas for Dirndl hairstyles for long hair and also for short hair, which we would like to present to you. So you will attract all eyes to the Oktoberfest 2022.

Dirndl hairstyles for long hair

Dirndl hairstyles for long hair with waves and hair wreath

If you are blessed with a long mane, you are spoilt for choice: do you present it open or half-open with an accent in your hair or do you prefer to put it up so that it doesn’t bother you?

The perfect styling to the Bavarian festival for the long mane

Our first idea for Dirndl hairstyles 2022 lets you show off your curls. Use a curling iron or curlers to style big curls that you let casually fall down. Add an accent by either braiding a side strand and then running it over the top of your head like a wreath. Or, buy a hairband that mimics a braid to make styling yourself even easier.

High plaited braids

Dirndl hairstyles pinned up with braids

Up-do hairstyles made of braided plaits are one of the classics. So, if you want your long hair out of your face and neck, this is just the right choice. This example is not only suitable for long hair. Medium length manes can also be styled in this way. Divide the hair along a middle parting into two sections and braid them both behind the ears. Then simply place them over the top of the head to the other side and pin them in place with bobby pins. This is a hairstyle that even beginners can easily pull off!

Open hairstyle with center parting

Simple Dirndl hairstyles for long hair - center parting with side strands tucked away

Leave your hair straight or straighten it and make a center parting. Then simply pin the front strands on both sides to the side. You can also twist each strand in a little for this purpose or even partially braid it.

Dirndl hairstyles – Boxer Braids

Dirndl hairstyles with cool boxer braids for a modern, sporty look

Would you rather wear something modern and sporty with the classic Dirndl and conjure up an interesting contrast? Then boxer braids are perfect! They are very trendy right now and fit to every hair length. So you can style the two braids even in short hair.

Low chignon for elegance

Dirndl hairstyles with low chignon and hairband

It doesn’t always have to be cute, just because braids usually dominate Dirndl hairstyles. Of course, those who place more emphasis on elegance may also opt for a matching hairstyle. Besides the low tied ponytail, a low chignon is also perfectly suitable, which you can also complement with any accessories. Hair clips with flowers, ribbons or even hair bands, for example, are great options. And if you still want to add a braided accent, there is of course nothing to stop you from putting a braid over the top of your head as above.

For the chignon, first tie a low ponytail, not pulling it all the way through the last time, but leaving a loop. Twist the tips hanging out in a little and tie with an elastic. Then wrap it around the chignon and pin it with clips. Ready is this variant for Oktoberfest hairstyles .

Dirndl hairstyles for short hair

Short hair hairstyle with braid plait for Oktoberfest

In principle, you can use all of the above examples even with short hair , only then just do not have long strands hanging down as in some of the examples. You can curl the hair or leave it straight and simply add a cute braid as an accent – whether placed as a wreath over the top of the head or hanging freely on the side amid the curls. And both the classic French braid and the herringbone braid or twisted strands are suitable.

Casual waves for extra short hair

Dirndl hairstyles for short hair - casual beach waves

If your hair is so short that tucking it away becomes really difficult (for example, in the case of side- or undercuts), you can simply wear your hair open normally. Or how about some nice waves like in the example above? This look goes very well not only with Dirndl, but also with leather pants for women, which are very trendy at the moment.

Half-open hairstyle for any hair length

Half open hairstyle for all hair lengths with twisted strands

A simple yet beautiful variation is this half-open hairstyle, for which you simply pin the side strands to the back. You twirl the strands in beforehand, which gives the look an interesting and cute accent that just goes best with traditional costumes. The great thing about half-open hairstyles is that it is doable even with shorter hair. In addition to that, we recommend a few waves to add the finishing touch to the styling. Instead of twirling the strands, you can of course feel free to braid them.

More pretty ideas

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Casual-elegant styling for Oktoberfest

Ideas for Oktoberfest hairstyle for shoulder length hair with waves

The side braid is also suitable for short hair

Short hair for Oktoberfest 2022 hairstyle with side braid as a crown

Braiding a hair wreath for open hair

Braid the hair on the top of the head for a wreath of hair to the costume

Instructions for a simple updo with twisted hair

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