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Despite drizzle! Good Hair Day at Duchess Kate

Whether it’s drizzling rain, squalls or dry summer heat – Duchess Kate’s hairstyle is just right in all weathers. Split ends or frizz? No way! At an appearance in London, Prince William’s wife once again showed off her perfectly blow-dried mane, which even the drizzle couldn’t harm. Tikbow explains the royal hairstyle tricks – and how to get the all-weather Kate look at home, too.

On the way to the Royal Foundation "Centre for Early Childhood" Kate beamed under her rainbow-colored umbrella in a light blue dress by LK Bennett with heart-shaped neckline and puffärmelchen. In addition: discreet jewelry and nude shoes by Gianvito Rossi. But Kate’s neck caught the eye directly. The typical hairdo with soft waves was as perfect as ever, despite the rainy London weather. How does Kate do it? Tikbow investigated and discovered the styling tricks behind Duchess Kate’s hairstyle.

Duchess Kate
Elegant outfit, even more elegant hair styling – Kate simply knows how to style her mane so that she always looks top groomed!Photo: Getty Images

Curls like Kate – here’s how.

Of course, Duchess Kate doesn’t do her own hair every morning; professionals are primarily responsible for her royal styling. However, her long-time hairdresser Richard Ward told People Magazine how her Chelsea Blow Dry look can also be styled at home. All you need is some volumizing spray, a round brush, a hair dryer, thick curlers, hairspray and patience.

First, the hair professional towel-dries the freshly washed hair until it is about dry. His tip: Don’t blow dry too dry, or the look will be frizzy! Then he sprays strand by strand of volumizing spray from below onto the hair roots and blow-dries the strands on a low setting and upwards with a normal brush to give the roots extra volume. Then it’s time for curl styling: Ward uses a medium round brush. He places it horizontally under the strand and curls it from top to bottom, while also moving the brush downward.

Then comes the styling trick that makes Kate’s curly look so durable. Immediately after hairdressing, the strands are wrapped tightly on a curler so they can curl out into shape. Once all the strands are wrapped and well cooled, the hair professional releases them from the curlers. He twists each strand loosely with his fingers to give it even more bounce. Then he applies a little hairspray and the Kate hairstyle is ready to defy any weather.

Duchess Kates Frisuren-Trick

Kate apparently also relies on the styling trick with curlers in her private life. Vogue Editor-in-Chief Alex Schulman reports in her book Inside Vogue that Kate showed up at one of her shoots with lots of rollers in her hair. No wonder, after all, the in-shape curling after styling ensures that the curl is fixed, remains bouncy – and thus sits even in wind and weather. If hairspray also comes into play, no drizzle can harm the curly hairstyle.