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Dermatologist: “It’s no use to let your hair get greasy

Two weeks long completely without shampoo and other hair care, in order to have to wash afterwards the hair more rarely – a widespread Beauty myth, which probably few tested so far. But does the whole procedure really make sense? Tikbow checks what the temporary renunciation of hair washing really brings.

Hair becoming greasy is a completely natural process, after all, the scalp produces more sebum for moisturizing purposes in some people and less in others. It is said, however, that you can have a decisive influence on how quickly your hair becomes greasy by washing it. Washing your hair every day, for example, is supposed to accelerate the greasing process, while not washing your hair for a long time has the opposite effect. But is this true? We asked Dr. Timm Golüke, a dermatologist from Munich, how much there really is to this myth.

Does it do any good to let the hair grease out?

"No, the scalp does not think!", the dermatologist clarifies. According to him, it is a misconception that the skin gets used to being washed less frequently – and consequently regreases less. It’s like the skin on your face, which doesn’t start to produce fat if you don’t put cream on it,” explains the expert.

How often should you wash your hair?

How often you have to wash your hair depends on two factors: Hair structure and scalp type. Just the latter is quite crucial for the hair washing detox: "Particularly with a strongly nachfettenden scalp it is not recommendable to not wash the hair for two weeks", clarifies Dr. Golüke. People who are prone to this even risk scalp eczema by not washing their hair for a long time. For all others, the procedure is not dangerous, but from a dermatological point of view it is not sensible.

How hygienic is it to let your hair get greasy?

Especially with regard to hygiene, the whole thing is not sensible, according to the expert. It is better to keep a general hair washing cycle of two to three days – but that also varies from scalp to scalp, as dermatologist Tikbow explains. At least for the hair it is advisable not to reach for the shampoo bottle every day, otherwise the mane quickly becomes dry and straw-like. But it is equally inadvisable to do without hair cleansing for a long time.