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Curtain bangs are out – Chin bangs are the new hairstyle trend that is totally in for the hot summer of 2022!

Midsummer is the perfect time to experiment with new hair ideas that will still allow you to brave the high temperatures. However, these hairstyles should easily carry over into fall when the time comes. If you are looking for something new, there is a new style that can pique your interest: the chin bangs ( Chin Bangs ). As the name suggests, this hairstyle is a mix of fringe and curtain bangs hairstyle. This fringe is longer than most fringe haircuts and caresses the contour of your jaw. Try the latest haircut – Chin Bangs – for summer 2022, because curtain bangs are not the coolest anymore!

The latest hairstyle trend in summer 2022

Chin Bangs are loved by all ladies

The latest hairstyle trend in the summer of 2022 - Chin Bangs love all the ladies.

Chin Bangs offer the fun of a face-framing piece that accentuates your style. The exact length can be determined depending on your face shape and hair texture, but should fall directly along the chin line for a flattering effect. The strands are then curled or coiled as desired: Dakota Johnson and Camila Cabello have already mimicked the look. Many celebrities love the summery look and are trying out this latest hairstyle trend in 2022.

Why you should try the chin bangs

Why you should try Chin Bangs

Trimmed under the chin and then set in a scaly manner, Chin Bangs are able to frame the face. They accentuate strengths, such as the cheekbones, but especially the jaw, which in this way becomes more defined and square. On the other hand, this fringe is a soft shape that can soften the look, as well as rejuvenate it.

Chin bangs is the modern haircut this season

The chin fringe is a candidate for the perfect haircut for summer and the sea, and it can leave the hair in all its natural and wild beauty.

The fringe hairstyle is a strong competitor

The fringe is a strong competitor - haircut 2022

A chin fringe is longer than a curtain fringe and even easier to maintain. Your hairstylist may have already added face-framing layers to your look, but chin bangs stand out because they are heavier and more disjointed than layers with an impressive finish. This haircut is meant to look like you’re growing your curtain bangs.

Haircut 2022 - the new chin bangs are in

Both styles tend to take weight away from the full hair. But unlike chin bangs, the layers transition from smaller strands at the top to a longer cut at the bottom, with less visible transition between sections. Chin length bangs hairstyles are meant to be longer in the front, which makes them a bit peppy. The remaining hair length blends into adjacent strands and blends with the untouched hair for a smoother look.

Hairstyle trend 2022: how to get the look right

Curtain bangs are out - Chin Bangs are the new hairstyle trend that is totally in for the hot summer 2022

As with all fringe hairstyles, you should consider the shape of your face and the overall result you want. In addition, your natural texture and personal style should also be considered. If you naturally have an angular chin, you may want a softer finish achieved with feather or lace cuts. On the other hand, if you want your jaw to appear more prominent, a blunt, heavy line can provide a counterpoint and give the appearance of a more angular jaw.

Bangs hairstyle - new trends in summer 2022

With a chin-length fringe for any hair texture, the natural parting will prevent the hair from falling out of place as the style dries. That’s why your hairdresser should comb through all the hair that could become a fringe to find a natural parting. This haircut 2022 will provide a dramatic 90s supermodel look and also your rejuvenation!

Style your Chin Bangs right

Hairstyle trend 2022 - this is how you get the look

If you like to wear your natural texture, this look is pretty straightforward. After showering, simply apply your favorite products and treat your chin bangs the same way as the rest of your style. If you want to add a slight accent, tuck your bangs behind your ears to dry to create a slight bend without heat.

Hairstyle trend 2022 - Chin bangs are modern and stylish

Don’t forget the best way to achieve success: style your bangs while they are still wet. The hairstyle looks best when everything is combed forward towards the nose while the hair is still wet.

Haircut - current trends - Chin Bangs

The great thing about this look is that you don’t have to pay more attention to this area when you style your hair with heat. Chin bangs are easy to blow dry and style with heat and don’t require any extra tools, products or effort. Once you have brushed the bangs forward, separate the hair to make the whole process easier to manage. Then it’s all about adding some 90’s style volume to those sections. Use your hands or a brush and blow dry the entire pony section towards your cheeks. From there, work the hair out towards your chin and nose.