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Curly bob in chin length: Here’s how you can show off your natural curls with a short hairstyle

You think you can’t wear a bob because your hair is naturally curly? We’ll show you how wrong you are. Here’s how to cut, style and perfectly showcase a curly bob at chin length. These short hairstyles will show off your natural curls well, regardless of your age.

Natural curls and short hairstyles – hot combination or no-go?

Curly bob in chin length with bangs

Short hairstyles are all the rage right now! From the versatile pixie cut to the tiered bob, sassy short hairstyles are more in than ever and are the perfect choice for the hot summer days. But does this also apply to ladies whose hair is naturally curly, wavy or frizzy?

Short bob with natural curls messy look

If you grew up with natural curls, it’s almost certain that you’ve gotten a bad bob haircut at least once. Some well-meaning stylist who didn’t know anything about cutting curly hair may have messed up your locks. Maybe the result was then a short, triangular monstrosity that was worlds away from the pretty, sleek bob with the ends pushed under that you saw on your girlfriends.

Curly hair long short new hairstyle

That may have put you off the idea of a curly bob once and for all. But we think it’s time to reconsider. Because curly bobs are all the rage now. And as long as you go to a stylist who knows how to work with curls, you’ll love the results.

What’s the one thing you should definitely consider with a short curly bob?

Short hair curly bob hairstyle chin length

Keeping your naturally curly hair short will keep your curls bouncy and light. By adding steps in the right places, you’ll give your hair a beautiful shape and can even avoid daily heat styling.

Short curly bob styling tips

As all curly heads know, you simply can’t avoid the right products when styling your curls. For beautifully defined curls, curl creams and the like are essential and ensure that the hair is full of bounce and shine every day.

A curly bob in chin length is the best haircut to care for curls easily. But not all bob hairstyles with curls are the same! We have gathered here the most beautiful examples of short curly bob hairstyles that will inspire you for a short hairstyle in time for summer.

Curly bob in chin length – these are the most beautiful looks!

Short layered bob with bangs for naturally curly hair

If you also want to try something new and wear your curls a little shorter this summer, then a curly bob in chin length is the perfect haircut for you. Find a hairdresser who knows curly hair well and make an appointment first to discuss what is and is not possible with your natural curls. This way, together you will find the best look for your curly mane.

Below, we have compiled several variations of the chin-length curly bob that can inspire you for your new haircut.

The classic chin-length Curly Bob

Curly bob with bangs example of the popular short hairstyle

A Curly or Wavy Bob is the perfect hairstyle for ladies with naturally curly hair. For a curly short haircut, steps are crucial because they tame the curls and set them off at the same time. The chin length is perfect for concealing certain facial features and can look very advantageous.

Perms are popular again! How to combine them with a short bob

Stacked bob short with curls perm

The perm is back in trend , and a chin-length, stacked, curly bob looks fantastic with this hair texture. The height of the layers leaves room for each curl to really shine.

Gentle waves and curtain bangs

Gentle waves bob hairstyle with curtain bangs

Bring out your natural texture with soft curls on shorter hair. Layers and shorter lengths enhance your waves and create volume in all the right places. Start with wet hair and work in a light, curl-defining product. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser to get a low-maintenance but gorgeous curly hairstyle.

For more great ideas, check out the image gallery below!

This asymmetrical, chin-length bob is spiced up with highlights

Curly bob with short neck

Baby bangs can perfectly complement a wavy bob haircut

Short curly bob with short bangs

This short, curly bob looks fantastic with highlights!

Natural curls style bob hairstyle chin length spice up with highlights

An asymmetrical, chin length cut and a stylish hair color make this look!

Stepped curly bob in chin length in stylish hair color

A curly bob in chin length is the perfect hairstyle for round faces

Curly bob in chin length for round face

The curly bob looks perfect on women with gray hair

Curly bob in chin length for gray hair modern

A chin length bob for gray hair looks great even without bangs

Bob without bangs curly for gray hair

Curly bob with graduation suits women of any age

Curly bob asymmetrical chin length

In Hollywood short curly bob is also very popular

Celebrities also love the chin length curly bob