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Crass type change! Billie Eilish shows off with new hairstyle

“Pinch me!” wrote Billie Eilish on her Instagram post, which shows her completely changed: instead of dark hair with a toxic green base, the multi-award-winning singer now wears a blonde mane, including a new cut. Tikbow explains her new trend style.

The photo generated üover 16 million likes on Instagram in just a few hours (as of March 17, 9:12 a.m.) and also set a record right away: Within six minutes, one million Instagram users had already pressed the Like button. No one had managed that before. Billie Eilish’s new hairstyle was not a spontaneous decision, but a week-long project.

Her hairstylist Lisa Renn revealed on Instagram that the bleaching process took six weeks so as not to damage Billie’s hair. "I am incredibly grateful that she trusted me to give her a new style and that now a new Ära begins", she wrote on Instagram with more photos of the new blonde Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish showed up a few days ago with her old hairstyle at the Grammys – a perücke, as it now turned out, to keep the blatant type change still secret. But not only the hair color is new, also the cut is fresh: Billie Eilish now wears a shag cut with curtain bangs.

Billie Eilish’s new hairstyle: a shag

For the shag cut, the hair is cut approximately to shoulder length and then stepped through. The different steps are uneven and fringed. As a result, the hairstyle always has a deliberate undone look. The traditional shag cut comes with a super-long fringe that reaches down to the eyes and goes into steps at the sides. The bangs are parted in the middle and swept to the left and right or simply undone.

So Billie Eilish’s new hairstyle is right on trend and will fuel the run on the 70s cut once again. Anyway, under her post there are thousands of comments like this: "This suits you so well", "I also have to have this hairstyle" or "Yes, I want too."