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Collarbone bob is the ultimate trend hairstyle for shoulder length hair!

Elongated Bob, Grungy Bob, Flippy Lob etc. – We probably don’t have to explain to you that the bob in all its variations is one of the biggest hair trends of the year. 2021 is undoubtedly unofficially the year of the epic haircut. Numerous influencers and stars have taken the plunge and had their hair cut overnight. And just when we thought the trend had finally peaked, a new hairstyle caught our attention. Neither too short, nor too long, but somewhere in between – the Collarbone Bob is THE trend hairstyle of the hour, and it suits absolutely every woman just perfectly! You want a little change, but do not want to say goodbye to your long mane completely? Then the new hairstyle trend in autumn 2021 is just the right solution for you! Stay with us and learn here what else makes the cut and how it is styled.

Elongated bob: what makes the trend hairstyle?

Collarbone hairstyle trend fall 2021 haircuts medium length hair

Translated from English, Collarbone Bob literally means collarbone bob. This is essentially a variation of the classic long bob (lob) that we all know and love. As the name suggests, the hair in the Collarbone Bob ends not at the nape of the neck, but at the collarbone. So, the hairstyle is the perfect solution for all indecisive people who want a more subtle change.

what haircut for thin hair Collarbone bob hairstyle fall

As one of the first celebrities to try the Collarbone Bob, actress Ashley Benson’s hairstyle is the definition of "hairgoals" this fall. The hairstyle trend has a relaxed vibe and gives us enough leeway for a wide variety of stylings. Whether with soft beach waves, tied in a ponytail or an elegant updo – with the Collarbone Bob it is guaranteed never boring!

Who does the Collarbone Bob suit?

Bob hairstyles trends 2021 haircuts for fine hair

And the good news first: the Collarbone Bob is a real all-rounder and really looks great on every woman. In combination with gentle steps, it gives fine and thin hair an extra portion of texture and volume. Thick hair, on the other hand, gains a touch of lightness with the Collarbone Bob. Even in duet with natural curls, the hairstyle looks really cool and chic.

Bangs hairstyles for short hair collarbone bob hairstyle fall 2021

Also in terms of face shape, every woman can wear the Collarbone Bob. However, the rule of thumb is that the rounder the face, the simpler and clearer the cut should be. More angular and square faces, on the other hand, look even softer with slight steps and curls. One of the biggest advantages of the collarbone bob is that the collarbone length opens up the face in a unique way and beautifully highlights the cheekbones. And if you have a high forehead, you can easily combine the trendy hairstyle with a trendy fringe.

How is the trend hairstyle styled?

Collarbone bob hairstyle trend fall 2021 short hair with bangs

Collarbone bob can be worn in about a dozen different ways and offers us numerous styling options. Whether straight, wavy, sleek look or pinned up – there are no limits to your imagination. The Collarbone Bob looks especially trendy when the hair is styled a little messy in the so-called Undone look. For this, it is best to let your hair air dry and then provide more texture with a little salt spray. And if it has to go really fast, then you can tie a casual ponytail or chignon. Sounds like the perfect hairstyle, right?

Hailey Bieber Hairstyles Short Hair Collarbone Bob Hairstyle Trend 2021

For a more elegant look and a dose of glamour, you can style the Collarbone Bob with a slight outer wave. The retro look, also still known as the flippy lob, looks incredibly sophisticated and elegant and can also be styled in less than 10 minutes. And if that wasn’t enough, you can wear the Collarbone Bob with any parting you can think of. Whether right, left or in the middle – anything you like is allowed.

The collarbone bob with bangs

Style short hair with bangs Collarbone Bob

Yes, even with bangs the Collarbone Bob looks really stunning! Which fringe hairstyle would suit you best depends on your hair texture and face shape in the first place. Women with angular faces should rather opt for a layered cut with a slanted or round fringe. Women with round face shapes, on the other hand, will benefit from bangs that can take away the curves of the face. For example, the classic straight-cut fringe is perfect for this.

The Collarbone Shag is in full trend

Collarbone bob trend hairstyle fall 2021 shaggy hairstyles for curly hair

The classic bob is too bravura and boring for you? Then we have the perfect alternative for you! Take the collarbone bob and combine it with a shag cut and you’ll get the perfect mix of the two biggest hairstyle trends of the season! Rebellious, wild, punky and yet ultra chic, the Collarbone Shag is definitely one of the coolest hairstyles for Fall Winter 2021. The main feature of the haircut is, of course, the many steps that give our hair a fringy and modern finish. With the Collarbone Shag, the hair is cut a bit shorter at the top of the head and the look reminds us a bit of the Mullet hairstyle, which already caused quite a stir in the summer.

Collarbone Bob: This is how cool the trend hairstyle looks in fall 2021!

Bangs hairstyles medium length hair Collarbone Bob trend 2021

In combination with beach waves, the hairstyle trend looks incredibly chic and playful

Haircuts shoulder length hair 2021 Collarbone Bob Trend Fall

The Collarbone Bob is the perfect shoulder-length hairstyle for women over 50

What haircuts for women over 50 collarbone bob hairstyle trend fall 2021.

The hairstyle trend is the ultimate hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Collarbone Bob Hairstyle Trends Fall 2021 Long Bob with Bangs

Due to the length of the hair, the Collarbone Bob is ideal for an elegant updo hairstyle

Updos shoulder length hair Collarbone Bob Hairstyle Trend Fall 2021

The stars are also obsessed with the fall 2021 trend hairstyle and show us how cool it actually is

Bangs hairstyles 2021 Collarbone Bob hairstyle trend autumn

The collarbone bob is all about lightness and texture

Hairstyle trends fall winter 2021 22 Collarbone hairstyle thin hair.

The styling possibilities are endless and constantly bring variety to your look

Clavicut haircut Collarbone Bob Hairstyle Fall 2021

The sleek Collarbone Bob with center parting for an elegant look

Collarbone Bob Hairstyle Trend Clavicut Haircuts 2021

For a soft and casual look, put the hair in light beach waves

Hairstyle trends fall winter 2021 Collarbone Bob Firusr

Also for women with natural curls the Collarbone Bob is just perfect

Haircuts for natural curls Collarbone Bob hairstyle style

Bob and beach waves: the coolest hairstyle of the year

Haircuts for fine hair Collarbone Bob Hairstyle Trend Fall 2021