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Christmas hairstyles: Find the most beautiful festive hairstyles to style here!

Maybe you don’t need us to remind you, but Christmas is just around the corner. Whether it’s for quiet Christmas dinner with our family or a Christmas party with colleagues, for us personally, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to try out a new and festive look. With the countless photos we’ll be taking, we want to look our best, right?  Maybe you’ve already found the perfect sparkly dress? Great! But what about your hair? Besides the unforgettable style, the right hairstyle also plays a very important role. And since the holidays are stressful enough with all the preparations and tasks, we’ll take this one thing off your hands. We’ve done our research for you and compiled some of the most beautiful and easiest ideas for Christmas hairstyles. Whether it’s playful braids, festive accessories, for short or long hair – with these looks you’re guaranteed to catch everyone’s eyes! Have fun reading and Merry Christmas!

Easy Christmas hairstyles to make yourself: Bubble Braids tutorial

bubble braids do it yourself quick christmas hairstyles tutorial

Playful and elegant braids are always a safe choice for a festive hairstyle. But if you’re like us and have two left hands, we have a great idea for easy Christmas hairstyles you could do yourself. Ready in 10 minutes, super practical and a great eye-catcher – bubble braids are THE trend hairstyle par excellence! At first glance, the updo seems super complicated, but with our quick tutorial, you’re guaranteed to succeed.

  • Comb the hair well and tie it into a high ponytail.
  • Then, tie the hair along the ponytail at the same distance with several small hair ties.
  • Use your fingers to gently pull the sections of hair apart.
  • Fix with plenty of hairspray and voila – you can do Christmas hairstyles yourself so easily and quickly!

Make waterfall braid yourself

Christmas hairstyles for short hair waterfall braid tutorial

You’re probably seeing the waterfall braid all over your Instagram feed lately, and for a good reason – the look is just super pretty and cute! If you ask us, we would wear the braided hairstyle 24/7 – and not just as a Christmas hairstyle. So that you attract all the attention at the Christmas party, we explain very briefly how to do the waterfall braid yourself.

  • Brush your hair well and part it – whether a side parting or a middle parting is purely a matter of taste.
  • At the front of the head on the side of your choice take a thicker strand of hair and divide it into three parts.
  • Cross the parts as in a classic braided hairstyle, but here comes the difference – leave the bottom strand hanging and instead take a new strand from the bottom to it and place it over the braid.
  • Repeat the above step until you get the desired length. It looks especially great if you braid two waterfall braids on both sides and tie them together at the back of the head.

Half-up hairstyles for a festive look

quick updos short hair christmas hairstyles do it yourself

You can’t decide whether you want to wear your hair open or tied up? Then you can’t go wrong with a half-up hairstyle! Whether as Christmas hairstyles for short hair or with a long head of hair – depending on the styling, the look works with absolutely all hair lengths and always looks stunning. And here’s a quick idea we found on TikTok and wanted to share with you right away. Ribbon, hair ties and 5 minutes of your time – that’s all you need for this festive hairstyle!

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Elegant Hollywood Waves as Christmas hairstyles

Hollywood waves do it yourself easy Christmas hairstyles tutorial

Christmas hairstyles don’t always have to be complicated braids or braided hairstyles after all. This year, we’re taking inspiration from our beloved stars and celebrities and conjuring up Hollywood Waves! The hairstyle trend for 2023 exudes a touch of glamour and is a great option to showcase your long hair. Combined with a festive outfit, the hairstyle creates an indescribably beautiful look that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. And the best part? You don’t even have to go to the hairdresser for this, because we’ll show you how to achieve Hollywood Waves.

  • Brush through the hair and slightly backcomb the roots for more volume.
  • Section off the top hair and tie it in a chignon.
  • Section off a thin strand of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. It is important that you twist the strands in away from the face, not towards it.
  • Then work all the strands like this and finish by lightly twirling them with your fingers.
  • Fix the Hollywood Waves with plenty of hairspray and your elegant Christmas hairstyle is ready!

Hair bow hairstyle tutorial

hair bow hairstyle tutorial easy christmas hairstyles do it yourself

Christmas hairstyles are a great way to experiment with our look and try something completely new. If you want a festive look and want your hair away from your face, then you will love the cute hair bow hairstyle. With our tutorial, you can easily pull off the pretty updo hairstyle.

  • Tie your hair into a high ponytail and don’t pull the last loop of hair elastic all the way through – you need to create a small loop.
  • Use your fingers to pull the two hair loops apart and secure them to the back of your head with bobby pins.
  • Finally, place the dangling hair over the center of the loop and secure with hair clips.
  • Apply hairspray and your hair bow is ready!

Simple Christmas hairstyles with hair accessories

easy christmas hairstyles do it yourself festive hair accessories

Be it for everyday use or as Christmas hairstyles – hair accessories in all imaginable variations and designs are probably the easiest way to spice up even the plainest hairstyle. Whether bows, festive hair clips, scrunchies, etc. – the selection is really huge, so there is guaranteed to be something for every taste and style. A hairband with pearls or glitter literally makes your hair shine and adds a touch of glamour. Even updos or braids look much more festive with glitter accessories and are a great eye-catcher.

The most beautiful festive hairstyles for re-styling

Half up hairstyles long hair Christmas hairstyles do it yourself

Easy Christmas hairstyles tutorial

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TikTok is THE source of inspiration for cool and quick hairstyles to recreate

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Tinsel hair is also on trend and perfect for a Christmas look

Tinsel hair hairstyles trend 2023 simple Christmas hairstyles make yourself

Perflen hair hoops give the classic ponytail a festive makeover

updos for short hair easy christmas hairstyles do it yourself tutorial

Velvet hair bows look classy and are ideal for a quick Christmas hairstyle

festive updos for long hair easy christmas hairstyles do it yourself

Even a classic braid becomes a great eye-catcher with the right accessories

festive braided hairstyles long hair simple christmas hairstyles ideas

The ponytail in sleek look for an elegant appearance

simple christmas hairstyles short hair ponytail variations pictures

You can’t go wrong with a voluminous braid either

how to make a braid more voluminous quick christmas hairstyles yourself

Playful braids as simple Christmas hairstyles to make yourself

Christmas hairstyles medium length hair festive updos tutorial.jph