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Choosing the right shampoo: Tips and tricks for hair care

Once upon a time, it was soap, lemon juice and vinegar that were responsible for keeping hair clean. Yet the passage of time has produced the most diverse formulas for the most individual care needs. Meanwhile, foaming beauty elixirs of modernity provide each mane with valuable ingredients and vitamins. Carefully selected substances take every hair structure, no matter how stressed and destroyed, into their care. Although the wide range of products on offer in beauty salons and drugstores leaves nothing to be desired, the longed-for results sometimes fail to materialize. Why, in addition to the right shampoos, the type of care also plays a role, reveal our tips and tricks around shampoo.

Choosing the right shampoo: When the hair is on the alert

das richtige Shampoo wählen Tipps

Often, we don’t notice the signals that our head of hair sends – until it’s too late. The result: broken hair. Split ends – the arch enemy number one – ensure that precious centimeters fall victim to the dreaded scissors. The usual suspects are responsible. Too little moisture, frequent friction, intensive hair styling, water containing lime, environmental influences and, ultimately, a missed visit to your favorite hairdresser. For this reason, the daily look in the mirror should be dedicated not only to makeup, but also to hair. Broken hair is noticeable even to tired eyes. This is the case at the latest when split ends have taken on any form of hair splitting.

The right shampoo for effective prevention

dasa richtige Shampoo für Vorbeugung und Haarpflege

In the advantage are the friends of hair care, who know their own hair. The choice of shampoo is based on this. Research and development ensure that several needs are covered at the same time. If there is not much time left for care, manufacturers such as the Swedish company Grazette offer 2IN1 shampoos that combine shampoo and conditioner into one beauty talent. From anti-dandruff to anti-grease to anti-yellow tinge shampoo, the range covers a wide variety of care needs. To rid hair of toxic residues, detoxifying shampoos with black charcoal from Italy’s Bio Happy and Detoxify shampoos from the Osmo brand contain effective ingredients.

Haare waschen und richtig pflegen Tipps

Users achieve the most effective results when they avoid using tap water, which contains lime. The increased concentration of magnesium and calcium ions makes the hair dull. At the same time, it passes on the legacy of its calcareous property: tangling. If you want to prevent this, wash your hair with still, lukewarm mineral water.

The optimal absorption of the care substances

Shampoo für Haarpflege so nehmen Haare Pflegesubstanzen auf

Over the course of the day, countless dirt particles accumulate in the hair. This cannot be avoided, unless the peaked cap is the head’s best friend. Hairstylists and hair lovers, however, know: The headgear is used at best on bad hair day.

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The basis for perfect styling after washing is the correct process of shampooing. The hair only absorbs the caring substances of the shampoo if all dirt has been removed in the first wash. Only during the second wash do the healthy ingredients lead to the desired effect.

The best of the best

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Only a selection of original products can guarantee ideal hair care. In this respect, the MAKEUP company works on an international level. With over 82,000 original products – including the best manufacturers for shampoos – it offers hair specialists and experts in the cosmetics industry an exclusive selection. In the online store, professionals and connoisseurs will find what makes hair presentable.